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Do you hear strange noises in your house at night? Do you suspect the presence of something supernatural? Or do you have your own paranormal team? Then it might be time for you to consider some ghost hunting equipment and paranormal equipment. At our SpiritShack online shop, we offer all the needed items that paranormal investigators and ghost hunters need. Unlike the rest, we have the expert knowledge and experience to help advise you. We have over 10 years of experience in the paranormal field. From quality night vision lights to EMF meters.

What Makes SpiritShack Unique?

Our experience, expertise and knowledge
Sam and Kelly both have over 10 years experience as paranormal investigators and researchers. Between them they have investigated over 200 haunted locations throughout the UK. They are always happy to share their knowledge and expertise with customers.

The Largest Supplier of Hunting Equipment in the UK

Having helped over 20,000 ghost investigators and spirit hunters in the UK and internationally. We at SpiritShack can confidently say that we are the largest shop of quality ghost hunting items and hunting kits in the entire UK.
The type of help and advise we offer can’t be matched. And our ghost detection technology is very effective. We also offer fellow ghost catchers advice to help them on their investigations.

Unique, bespoke and custom built for our customers

Custom Built Hunting tools for Ghost Hunters

We manufacture many of our own products, which can’t be found elsewhere. As paranormal investigators ourselves, and through experience, we have many of our own ideas for new and unique products.
We have everything, including all of the quality items that you may need. To investigate the presence of ghosts, including devices for audio recordings, voice recorders, meters, thermal imaging cameras, Spirit Box, and more. This includes our line of detection and recording devices, including our Bears, Light Up Dowsing Rods, Pumps, Ghost Detectors, Spirit Pod device, and more. EVP recorders are great for picking up electronic voices. We have ghost hunting equipment in stock ready at a competitive price.

Our Feedback, customer service and reviews

Unmatched Customer Service

Our average positive feedback is 98%, across our website, eBay and Amazon. This shows how committed we are to keeping our customers happy.

Are You A Ghost Hunter? Do you need Equipment?

Hunting ghosts seems to be growing in popularity each day. This is why our services are not just limited to the UK. We ship to investigators far and wide. Whether you live in a different country or on the edge of the world. All of our orders have the same shipping flat rate.
If you live in the UK area, you won’t have to pay a penny in shipping expenses. As we provide and offer free shipping nationwide.

Our Most Popular Products

S-BOX spirit box AM FM radio ghost hunting equipment
SBOX SpiritBox FM/AM Scanner

A staple for any would be investigator! The SBOX is a modified radio which scans through all of the radio stations without stopping. Designed specifically for Spirit Communication.

S-BOX spirit box AM FM radio ghost hunting equipment
SpiritPod X1

The SpiritShack SpiritPod generates its own static field. And notifies you of any disturbances to it. The quantity of lights and volume changes to level of disturbance.

S-BOX spirit box AM FM radio ghost hunting equipment
Touch Activated Bear

The SpiritShack touch activated teddy bear is extremely sensitive. The slightest little touch or vibration will set of one its 4 independent sensors.

Portable SLS Camera with tablet for ghost hunting
Portable SLS Camera with Tablet

Our SpiritShack Portable SLS Camera allows you to visually see everything on the Windows tablet screen. Using advanced infrared 3D mapping technology.

Your trusted Ghost Hunting Source since 2019!

We are the ultimate one-stop-shop for tools in the field. We are actually the suppliers for many of the stores and places in the UK area. Which speaks volumes already. We will help ensure that you have the best experience you can. We have been featured on numerous TV shows such as The Paranormal Files, Ghosts Of Britain, Proving Demons and Exploring With Fighters.

Would You Like to See Our Hunt Kit in Action?

As some of our products are custom built and are not sold anywhere else. We have a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing our products in action while detecting the phenomena. Make sure you speak to our team of ghost finders.

Please note that our YouTube channel is one for showcasing your products. We assure you that all of the products and items on our website shop are tried and tested.

Contact us today to learn more about our quality products and shipping policy. For friendly and professional paranormal equipment contact our customer service team on 0114 553 9007, or drop us an email.

Our Reviews and Testimonials

5 Star Review
Mike J – Review on Trifield TF2 Meter
Best Buy! Must have tool for going to open houses or apartment hunting to find an EMF free home. Also helpful for optimal bed placement. Safe levels are less than 1mG in the Magnetic mode. Make sure your bedroom, nursery, are safe. I’ve seen homes with regular power lines (non high voltage) in front with 5mG+ in all areas. I also own the cheaper Orange coloured Chinese brand which is not accurate, avoid. This unit is worth the money.
5 Star Review
Anabel – Review on the Para4ce Poltertune
Packing was great, shipping was fast! This is a neat little device I added to my collection and just put it to use this week with positive results. Something about music seems just attractive and universal in the spirit realm! Recommend!
5 Star Review
Linda Miller – Review on the Para4ce REM MASTER
Read my other review, I just forgot to give these 5 stars for being so awesome and working. Let me say also, that when this device went off, so did my K2 meter, and I also heard some evp’s on the audio when I played back the footage. All of this combined to verify the REM pod going off. I love this machine! Thanks for making a great device!
5 Star Review
Sam F – Review on the Para4ce Quad EMF-TEMP-POD-VIBRATION
My son and I have used it several times and absolutely love it. We used it in my parents old house, which we know is haunted, and got some great results with it. We tried it in our house and happily got nothing LOL. Looking forward to many exciting adventures with it.
5 Star Review
Adil Lynch – Review on the Para4ce Spirit Vibes Vibration Sensor
It’s that sensitive it can pick up sounds and vibrations you can’t hear and feel. Works well for communication when asking yes or no questions 🙂
5 Star Review
Authentic paranormal society (A.P.S) – Review on the Professional Green Laser Grid Pen
Received the professional green laser pen today along with a few other accessories and I’m well and truly impressed. Thank you so much and definitely 10/10 .. really amazed as well with the different choices of ends you receive with the pen ?% happy

Safety Tips and Advise for Beginners

The science of the paranormal phenomenon is invisible to the human eye. If you’re new to hunting ghosts. Make sure to have a number of essentials and equipment for quality spirit hunting and investigations. Including a flashlight, camera, extra batteries, and mobile phone to trigger objects. Also, be sure to keep a pen and paper handy to write down your observations for later reading. Even if they are merely temperature changes, or voices. Also, if you are an experienced paranormal team, you are going to need more than just the basics to use your techniques. You’ll need a full kit. You may need items such as an audio recorder, ghost meter, night vision lights, magnetic field and ghost detector, video camera, and more hunting tech.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Tips and Advise

Leave the place as it was

When you enter a haunted place, be sure not to alter or move anything. Messing with the scene in any way can upset the realm. You wouldn’t want something following you home, would you? As a ghost hunter, you should always be respectful of both the dead and the living people. You can touch and get your hands on the objects within the haunted scene. But you can’t move a single one of them.

Choose Accessible Spaces

Before heading somewhere based on activity claims. You need to check that the place is open to the public, so as not to run the risk of trespassing. Ideally, you should acquire written consent from the owner of the property or group of properties you’re about to inspect. This is all just to ensure the best experience.
If you are going to inspect a private property, always ask for permission from the owner. We also recommend you check out the property you plan to go in during the day.

Never Ghost Hunt Alone

Whether you’re a new or experienced investigator at ghost hunting. We do not recommend starting on a paranormal investigation alone. Take a friend or be in a group when you explore. Having one or more extra pairs of eyes and ears will help. To validate or disprove any suspicion of a manifestation you may have.

Introduce Yourself to the Spirits before using your Ghost Hunting Equipment

Soon as you enter a haunted space, make sure to introduce yourself by name to the spirits living there.
Also, if you’re going to take pictures or use your recorder. Ask them for permission and give them strength. If you have advanced gadgets like an EMF meter, reader or box, explain to the ghosts what kind of tools or paranormal equipment they are and how they work to ensure a smooth experience.

Meet the SpiritShack Team

Our team is what makes us stand out from our competitors. Their knowledge and experience is second to none, and the team works hard to offer excellent service from start to finnish. Feel free to give us a call us on 0114 553 9007 for free advise, or email us at [email protected].

Sam Ashford

Sam Ashford

Owner and Founder

Kelly Woodcock

Kelly Woodcock

Operations Manager

Gerald Urey

Gerald Urey

Sales and Marketing

Leigh Ashford

Leigh Ashford

Purchasing and Manufacturing

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