Ghost Hunting Equipment for Paranormal Investigators

Do you hear strange, eerie noises in your house at night? Do you suspect the presence of a ghostly guest? It might be time for you to consider some ghost hunting equipment.

At Spirit Shack’s online shop, we offer all the needed tech equipment that paranormal investigators and ghost hunters, the expert ghost hunter and ghost hunting groups need on their expeditions, from quality infrared night vision lights to EMF meters.

Whether you’re a new or experienced ghost hunter, you’re guaranteed to find every technology piece you need and more within our vast selection of ghost hunting equipment and investigation equipment.

The Largest Supplier of Paranormal Equipment in the UK

Having helped hundreds of national and international ghost investigators and ghost hunters, we at Spirit Shack can confidently say that we’re the largest provider and shop of quality paranormal hunting equipment and ghost hunting equipment in the entirety of the UK.

With over 10 years of research experience, the type of help we offer isn’t curtailed to the retailing of ghost detection technology; we also offer fellow ghostbusters advice to help them on their investigations of paranormal activity and the phenomena.

Not to mention, we have a profound understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We don’t follow trends blindly; we make sure that all of our ghost hunting equipment and products are tried and tested before we list them on our website because we wouldn’t lose our credibility for the world.

Custom Built Equipment for Ghost Hunters and Investigators

At Spirit Shack, we’re the ultimate one-stop-shop for ghost hunting equipment in the field. We’re actually the distributors for many of the equipment stores and places in the UK area, which speaks volumes already. We will help ensure that you experience the best paranormal experience.

We have everything and all of the quality equipment that you may need to investigate the presence of ghosts, including devices for audio recordings, EVP voice recorders, Mel meter, thermal imaging cameras, spirit boxes, and more. We also have our line of detection and recording devices, including our Rem Pod Bears, Light Up Dowsing Rods, EMF Pumps, Ghost Detectors, SpiritPod device, and more.

Our large selection of products grows even larger every day, as we always make sure to add new and updated products for more efficient evidence collection and analysis. You can at our online shop here.

Are You A Ghost Hunter?

We Ship Both Nationally and Internationally

Hunting ghosts seems to be growing in popularity each day, which is why our services aren’t just limited to the UK. We ship to investigators far and wide. Whether you live in a neighbouring country or on the edge of the world, all of our international orders have the same shipping flat rate.

If you live in the UK area, you won’t have to pay a single pence in shipping expenses, as we provide and offer free shipping nationwide.

Contact us today to learn more about our quality products and shipping policy. For ghost hunting equipment friendly and professional customer service representatives and investigators will be more than happy to help you, our fellow ghost hunters or ghost investigator, with whatever you need,  call today. At Spirt Shack we have everything you need to help you get all of the answers that you are looking for.

Would You Like to See Our Equipment in Action?

As some of our ghost hunting equipment and products are custom-built and aren’t sold anywhere else, we have a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing our products in action while detecting the phenomena. Make sure you speak to our team of ghostbusters, we aim to provide the best products as well as have a range of knowledge, we will make sure you experience a paranormal investigation that is to the highest standards,

Please note that our YouTube channel is one mainly centred around showcasing your products. We assure you that all of the products or items on our website and shop are tried and tested.

Spirit Shack Safety Tips for Paranormal Investigation and Electromagnetic Fields

Always Be Prepared

The science of the paranormal phenomenon is invisible to the human eye, so make sure you have all of the needed accessories before embarking on an expedition or similar events to detect the frequency.

If you’re new to hunting ghosts, make sure to have a number of essentials and equipment for quality ghost hunting and investigators, including a flashlight, camera, extra batteries, and mobile phone to trigger objects. Also, be sure to keep a pen and paper handy to write down your observations for later reading, even if they’re merely temperature changes, temperature fluctuations, or voices.

Besides, you need to make sure you’ve dressed appropriately. There’s nothing worse than exploring a haunted house in uncomfortable clothes.

Also, as an experienced paranormal investigator, you’re going to need more than just the essentials to implement your techniques; you’ll need a full kit. You may need items such as audio recorder, ghost meter, night vision lights, magnetic field and ghost detector, video camera, and more ghost hunting equipment.

Never Ghost Hunt Alone

Whether you’re a new or experienced investigator at ghost hunting, we don’t recommend embarking on a paranormal investigation alone. Take a friend or be in a group when you explore the paranormal. Having one or more extra pairs of eyes and ears will help validate or disprove any suspicion of ghostly manifestation you may have.

Speaking of extra pairs of eyes and ears, you need to keep in mind that some seemingly abandoned areas serve as shelters or encampments for homeless people. So, be sure you’re entering a space that’s abandoned not to cause a problem.

Choose Accessible Spaces

Before heading somewhere based on activity claims, you need to ensure that the place is accessible to the public not to run the risk of trespassing. Ideally, you should acquire written consent from the owner of the property or group of properties you’re about to inspect. This is all just to ensure the best paranormal experience.

If you’re going to inspect a private property, always ask for permission from the owner. We also recommend checking out the property you plan on inspection beforehand.

Leave the Space Unaltered

When you enter a haunted space, be sure not to alter or move anything. Messing with the scene in any way can upset the realm. You wouldn’t want something following you home, do you?

As a ghost hunting researcher or investigator, you should always be respectful of both the dead and the living people. You can touch and get your hands on the objects within the haunted scene, but you can’t move a single one of them; it’s even good for the research events.

Introduce Yourself to the Spirits

When you enter a haunted space, make sure to introduce yourself to all the scene’s invisible inhabitants through radio waves or a radio frequency.

Also, if you’re going to take pictures or use your recorder, ask them for permission and give them strength. If you have advanced gadgets like an EMF meter, reader or box, explain to the ghosts what kind of tools or ghost hunting equipment they are and how they work to ensure a smooth experience. For more information on the quality ghost hunting equipment and items that we provide and offer here at our online shop to investigators, get in touch today.

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