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Shop for the USB Power Banks at SpiritShack! USB Power Banks are essential for ghost hunters, as they keep your ghost-hunting equipment going much longer. There is nothing worse than batteries going flat before your investigation ends. Our high-capacity USB battery bank has 2 ports, so you can plug 2 devices in simultaneously. And it has a built-in solar panel to trickle-charge itself when it's not in use. USB battery packs work great with camera lights and ghost-hunting products like the HexCom and Flux 2.




What is a USB power bank?

A portable USB charger is basically a portable charger for USB devices. Which can store electrical energy which can be used to power and charge other devices.


How do you use a USB battery bank?

First, you need to charge your power bank using the supplied charger. There will usually be an LED indicator to let you know once it's fully unplugged and charged. When you are ready to use it, please turn it on and plug in your USB devices to power them.


Why do I use a USB power bank for ghost hunting?

A portable USB charger pack is a portable device which can charge your electronic devices on the go. Ghost hunters often use various electronic gadgets, such as EMF meters, digital voice recorders, and infrared cameras, which require power. The power bank provides a convenient way to charge these devices in the field.


How long does it take to charge a USB battery bank?

The charging time of a USB power bank can vary depending on its capacity and the power source you're using to charge it. It may take several hours to fully charge a high-capacity power bank.


How long can a USB battery pack hold its charge?

The time a portable USB charger pack can hold its charge depends on its capacity and the devices you're using it to charge. A higher-capacity power bank will hold its charge longer than a lower-capacity one. The number of devices you charge and the charging speed will also affect how long the power bank can retain its charge.