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We love to support new and upcoming Ghost Hunting Teams, if you’re looking for a new team to watch keep checking back on this page. The paranormal community is small but it continues to grow, as more and more people become interested in the field. If your ghost hunting team and have your own website your welcome to get in touch to have your group listed here. We will help with your exposure and many other teams will get to know who you are. We believe we are all working for the same goal and collaboration is key to getting the evidence out there.

All of us in the paranormal field are looking for the same things. Proof in the paranormal and the existence of the afterlife. Collecting evidence for sharing with others, and to have a fun experience whilst doing so. We believe in working together and making this field a better place to be in. We are always happy to collaborate, work with and share with other teams and groups. If you have any fun ideas, or just want to share something, feel free to get in touch with us!

There are so many ghost hunting teams around now, with many new teams popping up and a daily basis. It can be hard starting out, and go get noticed by viewers. This is one of the reasons we like to share information on newer teams. To help them get noticed and to help people who like to watch finding something new. If you would like to be listed on this page just let us know!

Paranormal Witness

The Top 5 Best Episodes Of Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness is a paranormal documentary television series, the show tells the stories of individuals’ paranormal experiences in a dramatic portrayal.

Many shows in this genre can often turn out as cringe mimics, but Paranormal Witness seems to avoid this …

Most Haunted A UK Reality TV Ghost Hunting Show

Most Haunted (TV Series)

Most Haunted is a British reality TV series, hosted by Yvette Fielding, which investigates paranormal activity across the UK. The show follows a team of professionals and their investigations as they visit famously haunted sites, they use scientific equipment to …

Ghost Adventures US TV Series

Ghost Adventures (TV Series)

Ghost Adventures is an American reality TV series that follows a crew and their paranormal investigations across the world. They use the most up to date ghost hunting technology and methods in an attempt to capture the clearest evidence of …

Do You Want To Become A Ghost Hunter

Do You Want To Become A Ghost Hunter?

Over the last week or so, we have seen the weather change, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the cold weather is setting in; this means one thing, Halloween is on its way. All hallows eve, the night when …

Ghost Walkers

Ghost Walkers: Offering fascinating Investigations

Ghost Walkers have been on some fascinating investigations. They have been to some extremely haunted places including ruins, churches, and forts. They Have been looking for new places to investigate and have already started making a list. Here are some …

Paranormal Eye UK

Paranormal Eye UK: Hunt in Britain’s most haunted locations

Paranormal Eye UK has held hundreds of ghost hunting and paranormal events over the past 8 years. They have brough thousands of guests into some of Britain’s most haunted locations. They are not your average ghost hunting event tour guides …

The Paranormal Finding Hauntings (TPFH)

The Paranormal Finding Hauntings (TPFH)

The Paranormal Finding Hauntings is a paranormal investigation team based in the UK. The group was established by Robert Murphy-Smith in 2010. They have a substantial team with a range of knowledge, skills and experience in the paranormal field. Along …