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Slenderman in the Woods

The Story Of The Infamous Slenderman

Slenderman is a ghostly figure that blew up on the internet in the 2000s. If you ask any millennial if they have heard of Slenderman, they are more than likely to say yes. Slenderman is a creation of online media. …

The Whispers Ghost Story

The Whispers (Ghost Story)

The greatest ghost stories are ones of suspense and mystery. You may not physically see the spirit in question, but its mere presence can be terrifying enough.

This is true for the story of “The Whispers”, whereby the voices of …

The Hands Resist Him Haunted Painting

The Story Behind 5 Of The World’s Most Haunted Objects

Behind every monumental horror movie is a haunted object. From childhood dolls to old paintings, these cursed objects have inspired fear for decades.

Are they really as haunted as we’ve been led to believe? If so, what is the history …