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Most Haunted A UK Reality TV Ghost Hunting Show

Most Haunted (TV Series)

Most Haunted is a British reality TV series, hosted by Yvette Fielding, which investigates paranormal activity across the UK. The show follows a team of professionals and their investigations as they visit famously haunted sites, they use scientific equipment to …

Photo of Tallmans Haunted Bunk Beds

Are Tallmans Bunk Beds Really Haunted?

The story of the Tallman house is so scary that it has a whole 1988 Unsolved Mysteries episode about it. The episode follows the owners of the house, Debbie and Allen Tallman, as they bought a supposedly jaunted set of …

The Hands Resist Him, Most Haunted Painting In The World

The Hands Resist Him (Most Haunted Painting)

Simply glancing in the direction of this painting ensured you’d leave thinking about it for hours, or perhaps days, on end. Those who owned it fared far worse.

The Hands Resist Him is one of the few paintings I’ve ever …

What do dreams about walking mean?

Dreams About Walking: What Do They Mean?

Dreaming is a chance for your subconscious mind to come to life. Some believe that they have dreamless nights, others will study their recurring dreams in the search for the true meaning.

A common act during dreaming is walking, this …

The Whispers Ghost Story

The Whispers (Ghost Story)

The greatest ghost stories are ones of suspense and mystery. You may not physically see the spirit in question, but its mere presence can be terrifying enough.

This is true for the story of “The Whispers”, whereby the voices of …

Ghost Adventures US TV Series

Ghost Adventures (TV Series)

Ghost Adventures is an American reality TV series that follows a crew and their paranormal investigations across the world. They use the most up to date ghost hunting technology and methods in an attempt to capture the clearest evidence of …

Paratek ghost hunting app

Paratek – Our thoughts on the Ghost Hunting App

The Paratek App has many similar qualities to the Ovilus. We see this being used on many ghost hunting shows that use Artificial Intelligence Speech generators (AI).

The third-generation AI System makes the app unique as it features a built-in …

Top 10 Ghost Hunting Gadgets

Top Must-Have Gadgets For Any Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunters are a special breed. They’re the people who spend their nights roaming around abandoned buildings, cemeteries, and other dark places with just one goal in mind: to find out if ghosts exist. It’s not an easy job, but …

The Cursed Dybbuk Box

The Haunted Tale Of The Cursed Dybbuk Box

It was 2004, an eBay delivery arrived at the home of Jason Haxton that would unexpectedly change his life forever. Soon after he opened the package, his eyes turned red, his body reacted in a breakout of a rash, and …

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