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Theories on how ghosts are made

How are ghosts made? Ghost stories exist in just about every culture. Often about vindictive spirits, or spirits that are dwelling on past events that occurred when they were alive. There are also stories about friendly ghosts, however most societies

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Ghost Hunting

There are loads of misconceptions about ghost hunting. It’s not all dark, spooky forests and abandoned houses. There are lots of fun things to do like visiting museums, libraries, and other popular tourist attractions while you’re on the hunt for …

Ghost Hunting and Beaumaris Gaol Adventure


Ghost hunt additionally called paranormal examination, is the procedure of checking out areas that are supposedly haunted by ghosts.

Most ghost hunters try to accumulate proof of paranormal activity by taking pictures or using devices that may have the …

Paranormal Investigation

It appears that like me, many Prestononians like a good horror film, a paranormal examination on TV or a walk around a scary old building.
It’s enjoyable when it’s just a story, or concerning a place away from us. Yet …

Bernice Davies Phychic Medium

Phychics are more than what might satisfy the eye. They have many more capabilities to connect with the spirits around them and do more than just tell your future. Reserve with an appointment with Bernice and also I am certain …

Sharon Phychic Medium

Phychic mediums are more than what may meet the eye. They have many more abilities to connect with the spirits around them and do more than just tell your future. Book with Sharon and I am sure you will see …

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