39 De Grey Street: The Haunted Hostel

39 De Grey Street is famously known in Hull as the most haunted property in the city. The locals refer to it as The Hostel.

No one wants to live in the house, not even the owner will stay overnight anymore. The most recent tenant lasted a total of 4 days before they had to flee from the evil presence.

Those who have been unlucky enough to have a paranormal experience at The Hostel, are so traumatised it has taken the time to be able to share their story. The individuals who have plucked up the courage, have described being strangled, dragged across the room, and hearing hissing noises in their ear.

One particular report was of a woman, who was staying at The Hostel at the time, being dragged out of her bed by her feet with great force during the night. She called the police for help, however when they came and heard her story, they overlooked her and thought she must have been mad. Even though they wouldn’t admit it to the woman, the police got out of the house as quickly as possible when they heard a loud bang coming from upstairs.

Further instances of ghostly activity include many children being spotted in The Hostel. The spirits of children often appear sad and lonely. The cupboard underneath the stairs is the main area where it is thought that the children surround. One visitor saw a young boy within the fireplace, before running out of the house screaming.

The Hostel has been visited by many psychic mediums in the hope to clarify what is going on inside the house and detecting any evil energies. One psychic was left particularly disturbed after she felt a very strong dark presence, she also claimed to experience a drugged lady spirit being thrown down the stairs.

Whilst there are many reports of paranormal happenings, there is not much physical evidence to back up these claims. The Hostel is open to visitors, you can join in on a ghost hunt and explore the entire property. If you are ever in Hull, we encourage you to visit The Hostel and find out for yourself just how haunted this house is.

Ghost Hunting at 39 De Grey Street

If you dare to enter The Hostel and go looking for a paranormal activity you should do so with caution, as it is not guaranteed that you will return. The spirits that wander the halls are not at all friendly or harmless, they are in fact demonic and angry spirits who are seeking revenge. The power held by the ghosts is incredibly strong, together they are a force to be reckoned with. It is advised that any ghost hunting is carried out responsibly.

The workers at The Hostel who run the ghost hunts ensure that you are fully prepared for the night ahead, they are not afraid to intervene if and when things do get out of control. The overnight ghost hunt is strategically planned to increase the chances of finding any paranormal evidence, and ultimately coming into contact with a spirit.

It can be overwhelming with the number of reports of hauntings surrounding The Hostel. The team will help you decide which claims to look into and which to overlook if necessary.

The Ghosts That Haunt The Hostel

Generally, within haunted houses, there are either one or a group of ghosts that are famously known for haunting the premises, at 39 De Grey Street this is not the case. There are so many spiritual presences that have been reported that it is hard to narrow down the evidence.

We know for sure that there have been claims of both male and female spirits at The Hostel, also various reports of a child’s presence have come to light. The ghostly presence supposedly has a very controlling and manipulative character.

The hot spot for paranormal activity inside 39 De Grey Street is in the kitchen. This is not a typical area for ghost sightings, in most haunted houses you would expect the bedroom to be the room with the highest level of activity. Despite this, it is the kitchen that has collected the most reports of hauntings over time. This means that the kitchen must be kept in order and safety measures put in place specifically in this area.

We all must be careful when embarking on a ghost hunt, it is uncertain what you will experience, and with so many evil spirits lurking at 39 De Grey Street, you can never be too careful.

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