A Complete Guide to Spirit Boxes

In the world of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, there are so many different tools and pieces of equipment you can if you are trying to record or become acquainted with the spirits in an area. It’s worth noting that there is no “one size fits all” piece of equipment when it comes to identifying paranormal spirits. You may want to go with a piece of equipment that alerts you to the presence of paranormal activity with an alarm, or possibly try a motion-activated piece of equipment.

Conversing with the dead is believed by some to be as simple as purifying a space with sage and burning candles. This is as spirits are known occasionally to communicate through the elements, such as flames or fire, and sometimes even containers of water.

Some believe that the best way to contact spirits is by using a piece of equipment like a Ouija board, which is specifically designed to converse with spirits and convince a spirit to spell out any messages it may have for the people using the board. It is also believed by some people that using a medium in order to contact spirits is the best way to effectively contact and speak with the dead, and the easiest and safest way to communicate with a deceased loved one.

So where should you start? Is there one piece of equipment that gives you the ability to contact spirits?

What is a Spirit Box?

One of the best pieces of equipment currently on the market to use to contact spirits is through using technology, especially using a small device called a Spirit Box. A Spirit Box presents the spirit with a range of radio waves and frequencies that it can choose from to communicate.

How Do Spirit Boxes Work?

A Spirit Box is often also referred to as a Ghost Box and is a term for any machine that is used to pick up the communication of spirits through the verbal medium. This means noises, sounds or any other unintelligible sounds made by a spirit and captured on the device.

It is common to use a handheld AM/FM radio as a spirit box but in order to do this the part of the radio that lands on a particular frequency are disabled, leading to the radio jumping from one station to another and bouncing through different frequencies very quickly.

For best results, use a Spirit Box alongside an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Recorder. This is so that you are able to effectively record any responses from spirits after attempting to communicate for example by asking them questions.

It is commonly believed throughout the paranormal investigation community that when spirits and paranormal entities attempt to communicate with the physical world, they are unable to transmit messages using one single frequency, and instead have to transition through intermittent wavelengths to get their messages through.

An EVP Recorder gives you the freedom to playback any audio caught by the Spirit Box and experiment with it, for example slowing it down or playing it backwards, in order to see if you can identify any words or phrases spoken by the spirit.

The History of the Spirit Box

Bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical world has been attempted for centuries. Due to the recent developments in technology, it has only recently become possible to record the voices of spirits.

In the 1950s, an American photographer named Attila von Szalay believed that he captured the voices of spirits on a reel of tape. He did this by setting up a microphone in an empty cabinet and playing back the audio to see what sounds he was able to pick up. He claimed that the recording picked up small noises that you were unable to hear through the human ear, which he believed were the voices of spirits.

Spirit Boxes have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and there are different versions that are still used to this day. These versions are products of a creation made by Frank Sumption in 2002. Sumption was a paranormal researcher who believed in the power of EVP’s. He was even one of the first to hypothesize that spirits could be contacted using a modified AM radio receiver.

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