Are Ghosts Real? What Is The Science Behind Them?

Here at SpiritShack, we have built our belief around ghosts being real, but we understand that not everyone has the same thought process as we do; we have decided to put together a blog post on whether ghosts are real and what the science behind them is. Everyone thinks differently regarding spirits; whether you don’t believe in them or are entirely sure you have seen one, we always keep an open mind.

It does seem like most people are confident that ghosts do exist, near-death experiences and haunted houses are the most common places ghosts have been sighted, or they are reciting stories that their family members have told. But the main question is, what is the science behind it? Let’s take a look together through this blog post; we have tried to explore the theories behind ghosts and give you the information to decide whether or not you believe.

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Electromagnetic Fields

The science behind ghosts can be rather complicated, including looking into things such as electromagnetic fields. When scientists have studied the effects of electromagnetic fields, it has become apparent that it distorts peoples perceptions. For example, if an electromagnetic field occurs, it can make you feel like something or someone is nearby. Magnetic fields such as this are not associated with a conscious level of activity, and you unconsciously think emotion regarding the electromagnetic field.

It has been argued by many scientists whether or not the electromagnetic field is a sensation felt by us humans in reaction to the magnetisation or whether it is a ghost. The idea is that the electromagnetic field is caused by the spirit moving through the air, driving it and registering with us as humans that there is something else with us. The most significant fact to consider here is the properties or locations with the highest number of sightings also have an unusually high record of electromagnetic fields, but is this a coincidence?

Infrasound Bites

The definition of infrared sound is that it is so low that humans cannot hear it; this low frequency can cause a range of feelings for us, one of the main ones being high discomfort. The side effects of hearing low-frequency sounds include panic, heart rate fluctuations, blood pressure changes, and disorientation; these are all also associated with the side effects people feel when they see a ghost. It is argued that the side effects of low frequency are too similar to that those reported by ghost hunters. Still, similarly to the electromagnetic field theory, low-frequency sounds could be created by ghosts.

When it comes to infrasound and ghosts, the theories based on both are too similar for anyone to decipher, which is correct; it is a case of you believing in what you wish to think. The sightings of ghosts have all come with the exact effects of low frequency, but what do you think? Is it just our bodies reacting to sound we can’t process, or is it the eerie cries of ghosts?

Mould & Moss Growth

Believe it or not, but mould can raise questions about whether ghosts are real or simply a phenomenon of rouge mould particles. This one is purely a topic for you to think about rather than being able to say if ghosts are real. But alike to the infrared sound and the electromagnetic fields, is mould found in locations where ghosts have reported a coincidence purely?

Could it be that the mould and moss growing in these derelict locations have a poisonous property? Could this be the reason wherever there is a ghost sighting is more than likely to have both mould and moss? What do you think about this correlation?

Word Of Mouth Belief

Finally, whether a scientific argument or not, but it is thought ghosts are purely word of mouth thoughts, do we believe a house is haunted because someone we spend time with has told us? Or because we have watched a ghost hunting story on TV? It is more common for people to say they have seen a ghost or witnessed a paranormal activity if they were with someone who will correlate their story, whether this is because they don’t want to seem like they are making a story up, or they need reassurance that a ghost was seen, it is more likely to happen.

Again, what do you think? Have you seen a ghost? Or maybe something you couldn’t quite explain?

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