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We are keen to support ghost hunting teams and the paranormal community. We do this by giving free advice and support on ghost hunting equipment, and by providing the latest ghost hunting gadgets and tools. The paranormal community is growing like wildfire, what was once a small and close-knit group of people. Is now a global group of believers and enthusiasts.

You can view this section to see the latest articles by SpiritShack and our supporters on ghost hunting equipment. Find anything from what’s hot, what’s not, and general tips, tricks and advise on gear. With years of experience as paranormal investigators we know how to get the best results with your equipment. We are always testing the products we sell to be able to offer your the best advise. If your just starting out. Its important that you get the basic essentials first. Such as your K2 meter, voice recorder and ghost box. Once you have those you may wish to branch out with some more advanced equipment.

We don’t just manufacture our own products; we are also distributors for other major paranormal equipment shops. If have your own products we may be interested in reselling it for you. Or at the very least testing it and writing an article on it in this section. We believe in working together and making the paranormal community a better place. If you would like a review on a product, feel free to get in touch with us and we will try and arrange it.

If you believe in the paranormal and support the field you are always welcome here. By working together we can all help it grow. Everyone in this community are looking for the same thing. Proof of the existence of the afterlife. Proof that spirits exist. And many of us would like to communicate with loved ones. We all need to work together to make the community a better place.

Ghost in a home

12 Signs of Ghosts in Your Home

Encounters with ghosts are more common than you might think. In Great Britain, 28% of those polled said that they’ve felt the presence of a supernatural being, and 34% said they believe in ghosts.

In fact, people have reported …

Top 10 Ghost Hunting Gadgets

Top Must-Have Gadgets For Any Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunters are a special breed. They’re the people who spend their nights roaming around abandoned buildings, cemeteries, and other dark places with just one goal in mind: to find out if ghosts exist. It’s not an easy job, but …

The best ghost apps in 2021

Best Free Ghost Hunting Apps for Android and IOS

Whether you’re new to the world of the paranormal or an expert of preternatural detection, never has there been so many options for app-based technologies for tracking ghosts.
With a smart device and basic knowledge about ghost detection tools, we …

A Complete Guide to Spirit Boxes

A Complete Guide to Spirit Boxes

In the world of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, there are so many different tools and pieces of equipment you can if you are trying to record or become acquainted with the spirits in an area. It’s worth noting that …

Best EMF Meters and Detectors for Ghost Hunting

Best EMF Meters and Detectors for Ghost Hunting

To be a ghost hunter, you need some pieces of equipment that are must-haves. This includes an EMF meter to help you detect ghosts and spirits before you can hear or see them. Keep reading to find out what an …

P-SB7 ITC Research Device Spirit Box

What is a Spirit Box? (DUMMIES GUIDE)

Have you ever taken an interest in the world of paranormal research? If so, it can be a little confusing to figure out where to begin. There are many ways to get in touch with spirits or ghosts, the primary …

Do You Want To Become A Ghost Hunter

Do You Want To Become A Ghost Hunter?

Over the last week or so, we have seen the weather change, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the cold weather is setting in; this means one thing, Halloween is on its way. All hallows eve, the night when …