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ghost hunting equipment advise and tips

Safety Tips and Advise for Beginner Ghost Hunters

The science of the paranormal phenomenon is invisible to the human eye. If you’re new to hunting ghosts. Make sure to have a number of essentials and equipment for quality spirit hunting and investigations. Including a flashlight, camera, extra batteries, …

Ghost in a home

12 Signs of Ghosts in Your Home

Encounters with ghosts are more common than you might think. In Great Britain, 28% of those polled said that they’ve felt the presence of a supernatural being, and 34% said they believe in ghosts.

In fact, people have reported …

Paratek ghost hunting app

Paratek – Our thoughts on the Ghost Hunting App

The Paratek App has many similar qualities to the Ovilus. We see this being used on many ghost hunting shows that use Artificial Intelligence Speech generators (AI).

The third-generation AI System makes the app unique as it features a built-in …

Top 10 Ghost Hunting Gadgets

Top Must-Have Gadgets For Any Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunters are a special breed. They’re the people who spend their nights roaming around abandoned buildings, cemeteries, and other dark places with just one goal in mind: to find out if ghosts exist. It’s not an easy job, but …

The best ghost apps in 2021

Best Free Ghost Hunting Apps for Android and IOS

Whether you’re new to the world of the paranormal or an expert of preternatural detection, never has there been so many options for app-based technologies for tracking ghosts.
With a smart device and basic knowledge about ghost detection tools, we …

A Complete Guide to Spirit Boxes

A Complete Guide to Spirit Boxes

In the world of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, there are so many different tools and pieces of equipment you can if you are trying to record or become acquainted with the spirits in an area. It’s worth noting that …

Scary Poltergeist Clown Doll

A Comprehensive Guide to Poltergeists

There are many different forms a ghost can take. Some of the most common depictions are the classic dark figure who vanishes from sight, or a light or shadow that flits from location to location. But what we don’t usually …

7 Things You Want to know About Poltergeists

7 Things You Want to know About Poltergeists

It’s almost Halloween, meaning it is the time of the year when the paranormal is on everyone’s minds, and people all over the world celebrate all things supernatural.

Of particular interest are always the ancient stories and takes of ghosts, …