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Stocksbridge Bypass in Sheffield

The Unexplainable Hauntings Of Stocksbridge Bypass

The Stocksbridge bypass opened in 1988 in the city of Sheffield. The road was intended as a solution to the build-up of trans-Pennine traffic on Main Street in Sheffield. The locals welcomed the development after they had been frustratedly campaigning …

39 De Grey Street in Hull

39 De Grey Street: The Haunted Hostel

39 De Grey Street is famously known in Hull as the most haunted property in the city. The locals refer to it as The Hostel.

No one wants to live in the house, not even the owner will stay overnight …

Aokigahara Forest, Japan, Suicide Forest

8 Most Haunted Places In The World

The world is full of stunning landscapes and impressive buildings, from French palaces to Japanese forests. Many of which have a haunted history that has attracted a constant flow of paranormal seekers.

Across the globe, spooky tales of these spots …

The Tower of London

8 Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

The UK is famous for its long treacherous winters, an abundance of countryside and historical buildings. This makes it a hotspot for some of the most haunted buildings out there.

These sites are now commonly maintained as tourist attractions, which …

The Ancient Ram Inn

The Haunted History Of The Ancient Ram Inn

This British building ranks highly as one of the most haunted properties in England. The Ram Inn has located in the English village of Wotton-under-Edge, nearby Bristol. It stands out among the village town as has a particularly ancient appearance.…

Haunted at 30 East Drive in Pontefract

The Haunting at 30 East Drive in Pontefract

It all started in August 1966 on a hot summers day. The Pritchards had just moved into 30 East Drive, Pontefract. The family consisted of Jo and Jean, and children Phillip, aged 15 at the time, and Diane, aged 12. …

National Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield

Most Haunted Locations To Visit In Sheffield

If you are discussing Yorkshire with anyone, it is more than likely that you will find yourself referencing “God’s Own Country.” But if you talk to someone who lives in Sheffield, you will hear the term “god’s city”, this is …