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We are keen to assist other paranormal websites and the community. As we all want the same thing, we believe in working together. All of us can collect more evidence and achieve much more if we share, collaborate and work together. If you have your own website, which is paranormal or ghost hunting related. We are happy to write an article about your site to help promote you. Or if you know of an interesting site not listed feel free to get in touch and let us know. We will at least take a look, and if it’s worth sharing, we will list it here.

We have come along way since the first televised ghost hunting shows such as Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted first aired. There are literally tens of thousands of ghost hunting teams around the world now. Many of which can be found on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Back in the year 2000, most people would laugh if you said you had seen a ghost. So, people dare not talk about things like that. Now it’s widely accepted that there is something there we can’t see, many more people are opening up about their experiences. Lets carry on supporting each other and find the answers!

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Paranormal Globe – Everything supernatural all in one place!

Paranormal Globe is a remarkable website featuring everything paranormal. Including Ghosts, Aliens, UFO’s, Cryptids or just things outright strange. The site is run by Paul is very friendly and is always happy to work with others.

It’s a great place …

Paranormal Wien – The independent platform for the paranormal is an independent, private platform for all areas of the paranormal. They offer tons of helpful information and serve as an intermediary for all those seeking help from paranormal groups. exists exclusively through self-financing, voluntary donations and advertisements.…

Paranormal Magazine

Paranormal Magazine… Age old paranormal secrets reviled!

Paranormal Magazine is the UK’s leading magazine in the paranormal world. Filled with superb content helping readers gain insight into this field. Everything from famous hauntings, ghastly ghost images, legends and myths to exposed paranormal teams. There is enough content …