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spirit moving

7 Signs a Spirit is Trying to Warn You

spirit moving

Different types of spirits may try to contact you for many reasons. Departed loved ones might contact you to let you know they’re OK, or your spirit guides may try to warn you because they’re worried about your wellbeing. Spirits

hooded figures in a cemetery

Britons Believe in Ghosts More Than They Trust the Government

hooded figures in a cemetery

Most people are naturally curious about the paranormal and supernatural realms, and some have quite strong beliefs. According to our survey, half of Britons believe in ghosts — but belief in the paranormal doesn’t mean everyone fears supernatural beings.

To …

What do dreams about walking mean?

Dreams About Walking: What Do They Mean?

Dreaming is a chance for your subconscious mind to come to life. Some believe that they have dreamless nights, others will study their recurring dreams in the search for the true meaning.

A common act during dreaming is walking, this …

Brid feather on on the floor, sign from the dead?

Have You Been Contacting The Dead? Find Out Here

This article will teach you how to contact the dead. Many methods can be used, but before we get into that, let’s start with what it means to contact the dead. To simply put it, reaching the dead is speaking …

How to summon a ghost or spirit

How to Summon a Ghost, 5 different Methods

Have you ever wanted to summon a ghost? Or reach out to someone who’s passed? Maybe find a way to bring the paranormal closer to yourself? It’s a desire as old as humanity, and for thousands of years, people of …

Orbs caught infront of tree at night

What are Orbs? And what do Orbs mean?

Have you ever been on holiday with your family, or been with friends huddled around a campfire. To then take a photo and seen a spec of light you can’t explain in the background? Nobody knows what this is. There …