Ghost Adventures (TV Series)

Ghost Adventures is an American reality TV series that follows a crew and their paranormal investigations across the world. They use the most up to date ghost hunting technology and methods in an attempt to capture the clearest evidence of any paranormal activity. The show began in 2008, airing on the Travel Channel, and in 2021 has now moved over to Discovery+. There have been an epic 21 series made so far, and counting.

The Ghost Adventures crew is led by the legendary Zak Bagan and four more ghost hunters are Nick Groff, Billey Tolley, Jay Wasley and Aaron Goodwin. The group travel around together investigating famously haunted locations in the hope to uncover the paranormal world.

What Happens In The Show?

The premise of the show is a crew of passionate and experienced ghost hunters investigating locations around the world that are known to be haunted, the goal is to obtain evidence that testifies to the hauntings. The show generally begins with an introduction to the haunted location as they are shown around by the on-site managers and informed of its history. Lead investigator Bagan narrates the show throughout. Then, the team will interview individuals who supposedly have personally experienced hauntings at the location, as a chance to tell their story and for the crew to gain an insight into the history of the site.

Having been fully briefed on the hauntings, the crew then mark out the claimed most active spots for paranormal happenings. These are the places that will be put under heavy surveillance throughout the visit, to increase the chance of capturing evidence.

To avoid any obstruction of the evidence of audio and movements, the crew stay at the location overnight and document it throughout. As well as audio recorders and cameras, they use specialist equipment including thermometers and electromagnetic field meters. Whilst the show is made for entertainment, there is a sense of professionalism as the crew fully believe in what they are doing and are keen investigators. During the night, they often attempt to lure in the spirits, shouting commands that are known to provoke a response.

Following the investigation, the evidence is summarised and delivered to the audience, as they explain what they have witnessed during their visit. This is backed up by changes in patterns of electromagnetic fields, voltage peaks, unexplained noises and more ghostly activity.

Over the years, the show has also had many celebrity appearances. This includes Brendan Schaub, Mimi Page and Post Malone.

Where Did It All Begin?

Before the show, Ghost Adventures started out as a documentary made in 2007. It starred most of the same cast; Bagan, Groff and Goodwin. The movie aired on the Sci-Fi Channel and saw the hunters doing what they do best, exploring haunted locations. The trio travelled across Virginia City, Nevada.

The movie was inspired by Bagan’s personal paranormal experience back in 2002, which ignited his hobby for hunting down ghosts as he searched for an explanation to what he had experienced.

The independent film was a success and led to the Ghost Adventures series that is now followed by many.

Interesting Facts

Lead investigator, Zak Bagan, has spoken about having paranormal experiences since his childhood. He believes that spirits have always surrounded him and looked over him when he was growing up. This is meant in a positive way, he sees them as being protective, not at all threatening. Aside from the show, Bagan claims the presence of the paranormal never stops. Even after the camera’s are switched off, he is made aware of surrounding spirits.

The Ghost Adventures crew are certainly not amateurs. Over the years, they each have developed and tailored their ghost hunting skills. Bagan has spoken of his abilities to detect energies, both good and bad. This is a key skill for an investigator, it is essential to know when to push on in the investigation and when to take a step back and protect yourself.

Taking the jump to Discovery+ in 2021, the show now looks quite different. It is not unrecognisable, but the format has been tailored to the new channel. Viewers can expect more extreme investigations which push the paranormal boundaries. The crew are thought to have more creative control over the content in the show, they take their investigations in many different directions throughout the series.

If you enjoy Ghost Adventures, there are similar paranormal shows which have followed its release. Paranormal Challenge and Deadly Possessions, both aired on the Travel Channel, are also worth a watch.

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