Do Ghost Hunting Apps Work?

Do Ghost Hunting Apps Really Work? Most ghost hunting apps are just designed to be fun and creepy, and do not work. EVP recorder apps can work just as well as using an EVP recorder. And any app which uses your device’s compass to detect EMF as input may work too.

EMF Detectors Apps

EMF detector apps will only work if your device has a built-in compass. As your devices compass is essentially an EMF meter, which picks up magnetism the planet creates.

This doesn’t mean all EMF detector apps work, you should test yourself before using it for ghost hunting purposes. Move a magnet past your phone to see if the app detects it.

Spirit Box for your phone

The classic spirit box style, which scans through radio stations will work, as spirits can use the white noise to respond. This type of application with help you get better responses and stuff.

EVP Recorder Apps: Electronic voice recording tools will also work as they use your phone’s microphone. And microphones can pick up the responses from ghosts. Which is also known as the electronic voice phenomenon.

EMF Detector Ghost Hunting App

Which Applications Do We Recommend?

If you want to be able to SEE ghosts, we recommend the SLS Camera Pro app.
To detect the presence of spirits and the EMF readings in the area we recommend the EMF Meter Pro app.
And finally, to be able to speak to ghosts, we would recommend using our EVP Recorder Pro app.

Top 10 recommended Ghost Apps

  1. DeadBox
  2. Paratek
  3. Necrophonic
  4. Deadwave
  5. GhostTube SLS Camera
  6. The Portal
  7. Spirit Board Simulator
  8. EVP Recorder – Spotted Ghosts
  9. SGK1
  10. SGK2


Looking For A Scary And Spooky App?

The Ouija Board one will scare the life out of you. Ages ago, when I first used it at home in my living room, bands and knocks started happening around me whilst using it. I could not turn the app off quickly enough! In any case, it was a worthwhile experience.

Can a Ghost App cause Paranormal activity?

They certainly can. If you download an app and ask ghosts and spirits to communicate with you through it, you invite them to come to us.

This is similar to using an Ouija board. It’s the action of attempting to communicate with the other side that invites them.

What is the best free one?

The best free ghost hunting app is the Ghost Hunting Kit by SGK1, available on Google Play Store. It features a built-in spirit box, EMF meter and EVP recorder. It’s a great app to begin with. But, there are many more free ghost hunting apps.

What is the best-paid app?

The best paid ghost hunting app is the SLS Camera Pro app, by SpiritShack. Using structured light, and 3D mapping of the environment, it allows you to see ghosts in real time.

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