What Are The Best Ghost-Hunting Games?

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8 Top Ghost-Hunting Games for Thrill Seekers

If you’re eager to experience the spine-chilling world of the supernatural from the comfort of your gaming chair, we’ve got a treat (or trick) for you…

1. Phasmophobia.

If you’re a die-hard fan of paranormal investigation shows and films, Phasmophobia is the game for you. This game offers a 4-player online co-op experience. Making it perfect for those who prefer not to face the unknown alone.

Armed with an arsenal of ghost-hunting gear, you and your amateur ghost-hunters explore the most haunted locations. Your mission? Gather as much evidence as possible to sell to a ghost removal team.

Every investigation promises a new hair-raising experience with over 20 unique ghost types. Use classic ghost-hunting equipment to unearth clues and gather paranormal evidence.

To keep the excitement going, choose from a variety of haunted locations. Some locations have cursed possessions that can give you information or abilities in exchange for your sanity.

2. Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a ghostly hide-and-seek multiplayer game. Where relentless spirits stalk and lurk within cursed locations like haunted houses, abandoned theatres, and cursed pirate ships.

The aim of the game is simple: Play as armed and ready Hunters to eliminate mischievous Ghosts in a chaotic 4v4 showdown.

As a Ghost, you can conceal yourself to evade preying Hunters. When the moment is right, use supernatural powers like invisibility to outwit the nearby Hunters. Or take control with an extended possession range.

But beware, the witching hour! When the clock strikes midnight, the Hunters become the Hunted as the Ghosts harness supernatural abilities to seek revenge.

The Hunters must now act swiftly and choose their arsenal wisely. You must communicate with your team to outsmart your foes and discover the paths enemies tend to tread.

3. Ghost Exorcism INC.

Previously known as Ghost Hunters Corp, Ghost Exorcism INC is a game where you embrace your inner exorcist. Battle evil entities in haunted places like castles and mansions.

Your mission is clear: detect ghostly presences and follow the exorcism protocol using tools like EMF detectors and night vision cameras.

Choose to exorcize alone or join forces with up to 6 players for better odds in larger haunted areas. With random types like Shadows, Poltergeists, and Demons, you’ll never know what spooky surprise awaits. You can even interact with the entities using your microphone. But beware not to upset them!

Successfully completing contracts earns you money and experience. Use regards to advance your abilities and grant access to more powerful equipment.

4. Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Prepare to face the unknown and unravel dark mysteries. And save Tokyo from deadly supernatural forces in Ghostwire: Tokyo. The city’s once-bustling population has been replaced by terrifying, mischievous spirits, and it’s time for vengeance!

You’ll step into the shoes of Akito and team up with a powerful spectral ally to unveil the truth behind Tokyo’s vanishing. Wander the ultra-modern cityscape and traditional temples. You’ll explore a hauntingly beautiful city teeming with vengeful spirits known as Yokai.

The city is frozen in time since the population vanished. And you’ll journey to the surreal underworld in your desperate attempt to save your family. Equipped with various upgradeable elemental powers and ghost-hunting skills. You’ll confront the supernatural threat head-on.


A co-op game designer for 1–4 players, DEVOUR takes you on a horror survival experience like no other. The ominous atmosphere sets the stage as you confront a sinister threat – possessed cultists determined to drag you to hell!

Form a team of up to 4 members in the online co-op mode to thwart the relentless cultists. Your only hope is to evade capture at all costs.

Your mission is to break Azazel’s hold on the cultists. You must navigate eerie locations like The Farmhouse, The Asylum, The Slaughterhouse, and more to achieve this. Work against the clock to find haunted items, some of which may be alive and unwilling to cooperate.

You’ll be rewarded with XP, Cult Rank, and Ritual Tokens as you progress. Unlocking valuable perks could mean the difference between survival and a harrowing demise!

6. Labyrinthine.

Labyrinthine is a bone-chilling co-op horror game that might make you think twice before stepping into a hedge maze again. Gather up to three friends for an online co-op experience. You’ll delve into the mysteries of the abandoned Happisburg hedge maze.

Each step you take brings you closer to the unknown. Where spine-chilling monsters with their own unique AI and mechanics lie in wait.

The mazes are an ever-changing labyrinth of terror. With procedurally generated challenges that increase in intensity as you progress. Your primary goals are solving puzzles, collecting essential items, and escaping from relentless entities.

Survival depends on your wits, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Navigate the twisted paths alongside your friends. And remember, staying together isn’t always the safest option…

7. Demonologist.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Demonologist is an early-access game that boasts some of the best graphics in ghost detective games. You know what that means; you’ll see all the gore and stuff in detail!

In Demonologist, you become the master of your own terrifying destiny. Venture into spooky locations and battle evil entities. You aim to gather crucial clues and use limited equipment to exorcize evil spirits from these cursed places.

To complete each mission, you must identify the ghost’s type and gather its scattered body parts. You must then burn these pieces in the basement with a ritual to fully exorcize the spirit and conquer a level.

But here’s the twist – your words have power in the cursed places you explore. Be cautious; some words can trigger events, revealing secrets, doors or unexpected reactions.

8. Ghost Watchers.

Rounding up our list has to be the king of horror games: Ghost Watchers. Gore galore is the name of the game here. You’ll come face-to-face with 8 unique types of ghosts as you explore chilling realms. From lost souls to monstrous creatures and blood-sucking vampires!

With over 20 specialized tools, you’ll investigate mysteries and gather crucial evidence. Your goal is to summon the courage to confront these spectral beings head-on.

Each encounter becomes an exhilarating hunt, and you must work hard to catch these ghosts. That means learning to decipher the age and mood of the ghosts to understand their intentions.

In this early-access adventure, Ghost Watchers promises more thrills to come.


What ages are these ghost-hunting games appropriate for?

These games are generally geared towards older players. It may not be suitable for young children due to its realistic horror elements, themes, and content. All the above are rated 16+. Although, if you’ve got a little one who loves the spooky stuff, a tremendous ghost-hunting game for them is Luigi’s Mansion.

What devices are the games compatible with?

All the games mentioned above are compatible with PC systems running Windows 10 64-bit and higher. So, if you have a PC with this operating system, you’re all set to embark on these thrilling ghost-hunting adventures!

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