Phasmophobia Tips

Phasmophobia tips

The Aim of the Phasmophobia Game

Launched by Kinetic Games in 2020, Phasmophobia burst into the gaming world like a bat out of hell. Described as “an indie game studio focusing on immersive cooperative horror games”, Phasmophobia casts you and up to four players as paranormal investigators, equipped with an array of ghost-hunting gear.

Now, this isn’t a Ghostbuster gig. You won’t be capturing these ghosts; you’re more like supernatural sleuths. You aim to explore creepy settings, gather evidence, and, most importantly, stay alive. If you don’t unveil the ghost’s identity before the time is up, you’ll become a permanent resident of the afterlife.

Hang on a minute, though – it’s more challenging than it sounds! It would be best to have a few tricks to deal with these ghosts and ghouls.

Equipment Tips

Knowing your equipment inside-out is an absolute must in Phasmophobia.

Before heading into a nail-biting battle, ensure you’ve got the essential items. You can buy these tools from the equipment store using the money you earn in-game.

  1. EMF Reader: This nifty device helps detect electromagnetic fields left behind by ghosts. When you spot ghost activity, note it down as evidence.
  2. Torch: A no-brainer, right? This tool stops you from stumbling around in the dark while exploring haunted houses.
  3. Photo Camera: You’ll need a camera to snap photos of ghost interactions and bones for extra money and vital evidence.
  4. Video Camera: This camera helps to catch Ghost Orbs – elusive specks of dust that could be critical evidence. The night vision setting and tripod will make your life easier later on.
  5. UV Light: Shine this on surfaces to reveal ghostly fingerprints and footprints.
  6. Spirit Box: Spirit boxes allow you to talk to the ghosts – but make sure you’re in the room with the lights off. Ask questions, and the answers will help you understand the spirit better.
  7. Ghost Writing Book: Place this book in a room, and if the ghost feels chatty, it might just leave you a spooky note – essential evidence!

Without these essential items, you might as well invite the ghost to a sleepover from hell.

Essential Tips & Tricks While Ghost Hunting in Phasmophobia

There are many Phasmophobia tips and tricks to ensure your survival, ranging from clever strategies with ghost-hunting equipment to specific survival tricks tailored for different ghost types.

Armed with these tips, you’ll be better equipped to evade the chilling threats posed by the game’s terrifying ghosts.

1. Finding the ghost room.

One of your top priorities early on is finding the ghost’s hangout spot. To do that, grab your EMF Reader and start scanning each room for signs of ghostly activity. Keep an eye out for EMF spikes – they’re your ghostly clues!

Once you’ve located the haunted room, set up your equipment and listen carefully for the ghost’s footsteps, which you’ll often hear almost immediately. Be sure to have your cameras ready for the action!

2. Know your ghost types.

Each ghost has unique mechanics, movements, and behaviours that can seal your fate if you’re unprepared.

Phasmophobia currently has an impressive 24 different ghost types. The journal entries about each ghost type intentionally keep things mysterious and chilling, increasing fear. You’ll have to rely on all the tools to identify ghosts accurately.

You can find a wealth of information about the ghost on the Whiteboard in the van. This is key for building your strategy and preparing for whom – or what – you might face. Think of the truck as your own Ghostbusters Car and a safe house.

3. Surviving the hunt.

No matter how skilled you are as a ghost hunter, there will come a time when you need to hide from these spine-chilling spectres. A “hunt” is when a ghost becomes actively hostile and tries to eliminate a player.

You’ll know when a hunt begins when your torch starts flickering, the radio goes silent with static, and the van’s activity meter spikes to ten.

When hunt mode is on, you must find a hiding spot ASAP! Look for a closet, locker, or tiny room with little to no ghost action. Once hidden, shut that door tight, keep quiet, and face the floor or the corner.

4. Keep an eye on your sanity.

Your entire team starts with 100% sanity at the beginning of each mission. It starts dropping if:

  • You hang around in dark spots,
  • Catch a glimpse of the ghost,
  • Witness paranormal activity,
  • Mess with the Ouija Board,
  • Or stare at a Phantom.

You can check the sanity meter in the van. If it drops too low, you’ll be at higher risk. Most ghosts are only able to enter hunt mode after it drops below 50 average.

Remember, the ghost checks the average sanity of the entire team, not just one person. So, if the crew’s sanity is going downhill, you’re all in for a wild ride.

To keep your marbles intact, use Sanity Pills. These become available at level five, and you can bring in a maximum of four.

5. Use the ghost’s name sparingly.

Ghosts can hear you speaking – as if hearing their eerie voices wasn’t horrifying enough.

One sure way to anger a ghost is to say its name. Don’t yell out their name in a haunted room; it may lead to a confrontation or, worse, a ghost going into full-on hunting mode.

6. Capture every piece of evidence – quickly!

Searching for the ghost’s location for evidence is the core gameplay of Phasmophobia. Players have a setup time on most difficulties before the ghost turns hostile.

The sooner you start, the better.

There are six types of evidence you can collect on the ghost:

  • EMF 5
  • Fingerprints
  • Freezing Temperatures
  • Ghost Orbs
  • Spirit Box

7. Save running for when the ghost is chasing you.

It’s easy to turn into Usain Bolt with the Shift key when the ghosts start coming for you, but you should use the Sprinting option wisely!

You have a sprint that lasts about three seconds before recharging.

During a hunt, ghosts move faster, making those precious three seconds even more valuable. You don’t want to waste your sprinting early only to find the ghost still hot on your heels.

8. Focus on earning money.

Pay attention to the side missions shown on the Whiteboard. These missions dish out extra cash, which is vital for upgrading your gear.

If you bite the dust during a hunt, you’ll lose some or all your precious equipment. Taking photos of evidence in the haunted house, such as bones and voodoo dolls, is the best way to earn money.


Phasmophobia is not just a game; it’s one of the best ghost-hunting games. It’s an immersive journey into the depths of the paranormal. It will test your courage with a unique exploration of the unknown.

Since its launch in 2020, this cooperative horror game has captured the hearts of thrill-seekers and ghost story enthusiasts alike. It offers a riveting experience that blends strategy, teamwork, and sheer nerve.

It invites players to step into the shoes of paranormal investigators. Uncover the secrets hidden in the dark and experience the thrill of the hunt. So, gather your courage, assemble your team, and start a ghost-hunting adventure you’ll never forget. The shadows await – are you brave enough to explore them?


What are the difficulty levels of Phasmophobia?

Five main difficulty levels adjust the player experience based on their skill. These are Amateur, Intermediate, Professional, Nightmare, and Insanity. Each difficulty level changes the game, making it trickier or scarier, and you’ll get different rewards for each. You can even create your own custom difficulty to mix things up!

Is Phasmophobia free to play?

No, Phasmophobia is not free to play. It is a paid game which you can purchase for around £10.99.

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