Ghost Hunting Equipment – The Must Have Pieces Of Equipment

Do you love the idea of ghost hunting? Then this blog post is perfect for you! Our team here at SpiritShack are going to go over what equipment will make your next ghost hunt easier and more successful. You’ll need a camera, flashlight, EMF meter, handheld recorder, and some protective gear like gloves, boots, headlamp or hat with light attachment (if possible). These are all must-have pieces of equipment if you want to ensure that your next ghost hunt goes smoothly.

Don’t worry, we have put a little more information together for this blog than a quick list, we want to explain to you why each piece of ghost hunting equipment is needed and how it can help you with your investigations. Read on to find out all you need to know about the most important pieces of ghost hunting equipment.

Digital Voice Recorder

Any seasoned ghost hunter will understand the importance of having a digital voice recorder on hand at any investigation. There is nothing worse than not having a recording device and you hear something as clear as day. But if you have an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recorder you can listen to the sounds you heard time and time again. Your voice recorder will be perfect for documenting voices from the spirits or entities that are trying to communicate with you.

Our team here at spirit shack believe that a voice recorder is quite possibly one of the most important pieces of equipment you can take on an investigation. Why would you not want to capture any voices or sounds you can? If a voice recorder sounds like a piece of equipment you would like, you can check out our selection right here. From our 8GB digital EVP recorder through to our EVP wrist watch recorder, we have everything you could need when it comes to recorders.

Camera & Video Camera

If you are out on an investigation and you come across a high presence of spirits, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could capture it on camera? What if we told you, you can! You can use a portable SLS camera, this is perfect for capturing the spirits you meet along your investigations. Having a digital camera that works using infrared helps highlight any spirits you meet, helping you see where they are in the room and also giving you the chance to record the interactions. Please make sure if you are using a digital camera that you ask the spirit’s permission.

Take a look through the selection of cameras we have available here at Spirit Shack, our stock includes products ranging from portable SLS cameras for ghost hunting through to a SLS camera pro with tablet, rechargeable batteries and wide angle lens. The best range of every ghost hunter looking for equipment.

Electromagnetic Field Reader

An EMF reader should be part of any ghost hunters equipment or anyone who enjoys searching for paranormal activities. An EMF meter measures any obvious changes in electromagnetic fields, it is believed that ghosts create the magnetic field changes when they arrive into a room or a specific space. This allows you to use the meter to communicate with the spirit and use it as a tool to get answers to questions.

Using EMF meters is a great way to explain drops in the temperature and items moving, all things which are associated with paranormal activity. It is a must have piece of kit that you can pair with other pieces of ghost hunting equipment to retrieve some high quality data.

Motion Triggered Equipment

More often than not people associate motion triggered equipment as being a camera of some description but here at Spirit Shack we have a range of motion triggered equipment available to make your experience of searching for the paranormal a little more exciting. Using motion triggered equipment allows you to monitor a space without being there.

We have found here at Spirit Shack that the most popular motion triggered piece of equipment used is a product called ghost hunting cat bells, these are traditionally made for pet toys and have been repurposed for communicating with the spirits. This equipment is perfect for spreading multiple options around the floor and asking the spirits to touch specific ones or communicate through answers, intelligent spirits will be more than capable of this.

Ghost Hunting Box

One of most important pieces of ghost hunting equipment you can purchase on the market today, perfect for every single ghost hunter whether you are experienced or brand new to ghost hunting, this should 100% be in your equipment box, a ghost box. The term ghost box is used to describe a device that can directly communicate with spirits, one of the most comprehensive ways to try and talk to ghosts and spirits.

Spirits use radiofrequency as a way to communicate, integrating their voice with white noise so that their sound can be travelled to the explorer and translated so you can hear them, almost breaking down the barrier between the living and the dead. When you use the ghost box you can distinguish between voices of the spirits and simple white noise, it is one of the best ways you can try and communicate.

There are multiple different models and makes on the market today, here at Spirit Shack our favourite machine is the P-SB22 Spirit Box with Dual Sweep, a sophisticated piece of equipment that will help you communicate with the spirits. As one of the more expensive options on the market you can also look at machines such as the deadbox, or manual tune spirit box FM/AM, these are accessible for ghost hunters just starting out.

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You’ve probably heard of ghost hunting, but what are the must-have pieces of equipment? We hope from reading our blog about the must have pieces of equipment you feel a little more confident about what you need. A paranormal investigation is not possible without a few items like EMF meters and ghost boxes.

Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any further questions about what equipment you need for ghost hunting, whether you are experienced or new to the paranormal, we can help you. Stocking and supplying some of the best ghost hunting equipment on the market today, we can get your experiments up and running in no time. And remember, if you are new to ghost hunting read our top 6 things to know about ghost hunting blog right here.

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