What Are Aura Glasses?

Aura glasses

What Are Aura Glasses?

Aura glasses have, over recent years, gained a lot of popularity across the globe, becoming a “must-have” for fans of the unseen and mystical.

People use them to “see” the auras of people and other living beings, such as animals and plants. Also known as aura goggles, these specialised eyeglasses give users a glimpse into the energies that emanate from living beings.

Aura glasses have specially made lenses that reveal the colours and patterns of the auras. You can also use the glasses to enhance your spiritual journey. You can also use it to heal, and help others address any issues related to their energy footprint.

What Is An Aura?

When talking about one’s aura, we refer to the energy field that surrounds your body. This energy field emanates from a living being’s body and is interpreted according to its colours and patterns.

The colours and patterns of your aura indicate your current awareness, feelings, and emotional state. It can also indicate the levels of your physical health, energy and vitality.

Peoples or animal’s auras may be only one colour. But auras can manifest in a mix of different colours or hues. These colour combinations are unique to each person and change from situation to situation. Therefore, your aura’s patterns and colours can change and shape according to your state of mind and energy levels.

Physical and mental illnesses and diseases can also affect and alter auras.

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What Are The Different Aura Colours?

Let’s have a look at the different colours you might observe when reading someone’s aura…

A person’s aura can consist of only one colour, but it can also be a combination of many colours. With multicoloured auras, consider all the different colours present. As each colour points to a different aspect of your subject’s current state of mind or physical health.

Below, we discuss the most common colours one would see in auras. We also provide some fun details used to interpret the colours you see in your friend or pet’s aura:


The colour red is linked to the person’s heart, blood flow and physical condition.

Red is related to passion and vitality. It is believed that a person with a red aura has a strong will and ego, and a solid sense of self.


Orange refers to one’s sexual organs and relates to the emotional response they elicit.

This is seen as a vibrant, energetic colour. The brighter the orange hue in your aura, the more outgoing, confident and creative you are. Orange also indicates good health and vitality and is mostly seen in people who enjoy being active.


The colour green is said to be directly linked to the lungs and chest area.

It is known as the colour of harmony, healing and growth. And it’s a dominant colour in the auras of those who are close to nature. People with green in their aura are very empathic and have a realistic outlook on life.


The colour blue is linked with the neck, throat and thyroid area.

Blue is related to calmness and intuition. People whose auras are primarily blue tend to be very composed in their nature. And are really nurturing and can easily relate to others.


People with a primarily brown auras are down-to-heart people who, most often, enjoy doing work that involves a lot of physical labour.

These are very realistic and rational people, who are very focused on planning for the future.

So, How Do Aura Glasses Work?

Essentially, aura glasses allow the wearer to “see” the energy fields, or aura, that surround the body of another person. It can also be used to perceive the details of a plant or animal’s aura.

These glasses are designed to enhance or amplify the subtle energies or electromagnetic fields that envelop the living body. These amplified energies can then be better “seen” and allow the user – depending on the colour of the auras – to interpret their subject’s aura.

Aura glasses have special coatings on their lenses that filter or amplify very specific wavelengths of light. This makes it easier to identify the different colours present in the aura. Some aura goggles are sold with prescription lenses, designed to enhance one’s aura-reading abilities.

How To Interpret Aura Colours During A Reading

It’s advised that you get the necessary training and guidance to properly interpret aura colours.

To make sense of the different colours when doing an aura reading with your aura goggles, keep the following in mind:

  • The dominant colour in the aura
  • The intensity of the different colours you observe
  • Any changes or fluctuations in the aura’s overall appearance

Knowing what to look for and what each colour represents can greatly help to do an accurate reading.


What are the benefits of using aura glasses?

Customers can use their glasses for the following purposes:

  1. Personal development: Use your glasses to learn more about yourself and your energy field. Interpreting your aura’s colours can provide valuable insights into your personality. And your spiritual awareness and your emotions.
  2. Healing: Understanding the meaning of your aura’s specific colours can help you identify underlying issues and problems that you need to work on and heal.
  3. Spiritual growth: Regularly using a pair of glasses can help you with spiritual growth and help you become more aware of your spirituality. This can help you connect with your higher self and help grow your intuition. Knowing how to read and interpret other peoples’ auras can help you gain a more in-depth understanding of their emotions and motivations. And it may help you to you form a deeper connection.

Where can I buy aura glasses?

Many businesses sell aura glasses online. Do a quick internet browser search to discover and find a business website that sells this specialised eyewear. On these sites, you’ll find all the details you need, including the price, shipping and packaging options that are offered. Most of these sites also offer secure checkout, ensuring added security when making your purchase.


If you’ve always wanted to understand yourself or those around you better, getting your hands on a pair of aura glasses might just be what you need.

These eyeglasses will help you see and read the various colours and patterns present in your loved one or pet’s auras.

A pair of aura glasses can also help you deepen and improve your spiritual awareness.

“The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh.” – Lucian Freud

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