The Best Free Ghost Hunting Apps

Whether you’re new to the world of the paranormal or an expert of preternatural detection, never has there been so many options for app-based technologies for tracking ghosts.
With a smart device and basic knowledge about ghost detection tools, we could all try our luck with the science of apparitions.

The app market has expanded over time, this increases the probability that the app you choose is more for entertainment purposes than actual ghost detection.

Which are the best free ghost apps?

The best ghost detection apps should have high-quality paranormal technology, and be easy enough for beginners to use. Having an understanding of how ghost apps work and what to seek out when purchasing an app can make sure you get the best quality app for the best price. The good thing about apps is, it’s much more affordable than actual ghost equipment.

How do these apps work?

One of the things conventional paranormal researchers tend to use to find ghostly activity is an EMF (electromagnetic field) meter. The existence of EMF fields closely links to paranormal experiences (paranoia, the feeling of being watched, hallucinations etc.).

Once you find out that there’s unusual electrical activity in an area, researchers often tend to measure electronic voice phenomena or EVPs.
The most reliable ghost apps offer EMF, EVP, and recording equipment all for a reasonable price.

What to look for when looking for a ghost app?

Many people read the user reviews to determine if an app is worth downloading. When it comes to ghost detection apps, it could be worth delving into the technology and the app developers.

If the app cannot precisely indicate the type of technology or how the detection works, the greater the chance the app you’ve downloaded is more for pleasure than actual paranormal detection.

Looking up the app developers can provide some credible references and information about their work. This could indicate things like if they’re experienced or have worked with an experienced ghost hunter, or if they have good knowledge about it.

Apps that provide these types of background information on the developers will prove far more valuable to you.

Our Picks for the Best Free Ghost Apps:

Ghost radar legacy ghost app

Ghost Radar (Classic & Legacy Edition)

One of the original paranormal apps to ever hit the market, “Ghost Radar” by “Spud Pickles” has been providing thrills and goosebumps to seekers since 2009. The app is simple, and has an easy-to-use interface providing assessed feedback to the user through voice recognition technology.

It is also a background running app, allowing users to go back and forth between apps without missing any detection opportunities. With hundreds of ratings between the classic and legacy editions, it’s deemed one of the most popular apps in the app store.

One final thing about “Ghost Radar”. The app includes a disclosure about the verifiability of any information detected in Ghost Radar. They say it should be used for entertainment purposes only — a word of warning for anyone looking for decent paranormal technology.

Spotted Ghosts SGK1 Ghost Hunting Kit

SGK1 – Ghost Hunting Kit

Android device users might appreciate this simple use tool kit with everything needed for ghost detection. The app contains a full range of detecting tools. These include: an EMF detector, a spirit box and an EVP recorder. The spirit box contains more than 3000 different sound clips from historical detections.

The app allows its users to sort, label and save their detections for analysing later. It’s free for the basic version but does allow in-app purchases to remove adverts, and buy any additional features.

Sono X10 Spirit Box App

Sono X10 Spirit Box

Unlike the other paranormal apps that will use electromagnetic detection. Sono X10 Spirit Box uses voicebanks to pick up any spiritual activities. The app uses a voicebank loaded with thousands of sounds, speech clips and phonemes which can be accessed by the paranormal. Paranormal spirits can use the voicebank to communicate full words or sentences back to the user of the app.

It may seem as though you are ‘recording’ paranormal voices; however, this is not the case. With other spirit boxes, the spirits can manipulate your phone to generate a message.
This is a free app if you want the basics, but there are a wider range of sounds in the voicebank for a small fee.

Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder App

Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder

This app is not free but is still very affordable. We decided to include this as it was developed by the popular Swedish ghost hunters “LaxTon Ghost Sweden HB”, this is an app for apple and android users, and it offers 3-in-1 ghost hunting technology.

This app features an EMF-scanner, EVP/Voice recorder, as well as a motion detector. Newbie ghost hunters will love the easy, simple to use features and the ability to share data among others. The app has lower ratings than other paranormal detecting Apps. Many of these seem to be related to glitches in previous versions.

Paranormal Ghost EVP Radio App

Paranormal Ghost EVP Radio

The app developer Exelerus have said that Paranormal Ghost EVP radio app takes the tradition of ghost hunting to a whole new level. Although this app is not free; the app is designed for both experienced paranormal researchers and ghost hunting newbies alike, the app includes both EMF and EVP technologies, along with an easy-to-use text log to capture all of your recordings.

The App will allow any recording to be uploaded to Dropbox for easy storage and sharing. With thousands of reviews, Apple and Android users may even say it’s the best ghost apps on the market.

Ghost Hunter M2 App

Ghost Hunter M2

This is another app that is popular with ghost hunters. This app is greatly rated with more than 1000 reviews on the app store. Ghost Hunter M2 is one of the most popular with ghost hunters and is highly recommended with some of the highest ratings. The app claims to feature an EVP and EMF detectors, Geoscope detectors spatial displacement instrument, and a barometer to analyse barometric data that is collected by your phone.

The app features a Fast Fourier Transform Visualizer and also auto-detection (FFT-V) algorithms to get audio signals for analysation. It is deemed the most complex paranormal tool kit available on the app store to date.

Ghost Detect Pro App

Ghost Detect Pro

If you’re searching for a paranormal app at a seriously low cost. Ghost Detect Pro by Perfect Reality Apps could be precisely what you’re looking for. The app offers ready and easy-to-use features including EMF and EVP detectors with recording, a vibration detector and a radar.

Showing differentiation to other apps, Ghost Detect Pro has all the needed sensors on a single page, rather than having to switch through the different measurement tools. Collected data is graphed over time and each measurement is recorded in bold colours.

Things to Remember When Using App-Based Detection

If you start to experiment with one or a few of the apps listed above, there are some good pointers we can tell you, that can help improve your user experience and avoid any difficulties. As you start your own journey, here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to use any apps:

Charge your device fully. Using EMF and EVP detection can drain your device at a fast pace. A backup battery or taking a charger with you might be beneficial, especially if you have an older device that doesn’t hold battery as well. All the EVP recording technology in these apps works in the same way. You may want to bring a backup recording device too, just in case your battery dies.

Try shorter encounters. Until you’re clued-up on exactly how to analyse and read the recordings. Doing shorter sessions will be more beneficial rather than long-winded sessions. Sorting through a longer recording may prove more difficult to analyse if you are unsure of what to look for. This may also feel like a tedious task.

Be patient. Finding paranormal activity can be a long-winded task, it requires a lot of waiting and patience and may take a few tries to even get through to the paranormal. By practising again and again to get the hang of this, you will hopefully increase the probability of communicating with the spirit realm.

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