Custom Ghost Hunting Equipment

With over one decade of experience in the field, we can offer unparalleled ghost detection in modern technology. We also offer our fellow Ghostbusters’ guidance to help them on their investigations of paranormal adventures.

Tried and also examined Ghost Hunting Tools

We have an extensive understanding of what works and what does not. We don’t follow what our competitors are doing; we make certain that all of our ghost hunting devices and products are tested and evaluated before listing them on our site.

Customized Bespoke Ghost Hunting Equipment for Ghost Hunters

At Spirit Shack, we’re the best one-stop-shop for ghost-hunting tools in the field. We’re a primary supplier for a lot of the major devices. We will guarantee that you experience the very best paranormal experience using our gadgets. Furthermore, we have all the high-quality devices that you might require to prove the existence of ghosts. Including devices for audio recordings, EVP voice recorders, Mel meter, thermal imaging video cameras, spirit boxes, as well as a lot more.

Custom-built ghost-hunting equipment

We can if needed make customized items just for you, even if it’s one of our current items with your own branding and logos on. Or you may want longer or shorted LED Dowsing Rods. We do try our best to help to support our customers in any way we can. We love what we do, and we do it well. Furthermore, we have the hands-on experience, as we have been ghost hunters for many years now. Long before starting spirit shack. We know which equipment is best suited to certain situations, and how to get the best results from your kit. And we will assist you to get the evidence and answers you are looking for.

Looking for something we do not stock?

We are always working on something new. As we design our own products as well as reselling for others. If there is something you are looking for. Which you are struggling to find. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know. You can email us or give us a call. We will try our best to source the item for you, even if we have to look at building it ourselves. We enjoy being a part of the paranormal community. And want to help our fellow teams catch the evidence they are looking for.

We know our customers enjoy using our equipment as we do in creating them. And we are always working on one or two new products at a time. Many of our products can take 3–12 months to design, test and build. But once completed, they are worth the hard work. Keep checking our new product page to find our new releases. We don’t just make our own products, we also resell for many manufacturers. If you have your own products, and would like us to sell them, feel free to get in touch and let us know. Even if it’s just something unique like an Ouija board that stands out.

Why pick one of our bestsellers

Our best-selling products are bought frequently because they are either unique or popular. Many of the popular items such as the SBox and the SLS camera are tried and tested and give frequent and reliable results over and over. And other unique products such as the LED Dowsing rods and White Touch Bear you can only get from SpiritShack. As they are made by us. Ghost hunters love them, and we have had nothing but good feedback from them.

If you’re looking to get reliable and usable paranormal evidence, you do need the right equipment. And we always recommend a good range of equipment and sensors. You are more likely to get a response if you have an item that detects EMF, and one that detects static. As opposed to having two items that detect EMF. This is because some spirits may find it easier to EMF, and others may find it easier to detect static. The more types of sensors you have available, the more likely the ghosts will be able to find something to trigger.

Our best-selling products

Different types of sensors

There are so many types of sensors available. Such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, EMF, static, vibration, sound, touch and motion. Some of our paranormal items have a single sensor, and are dedicated to detecting one type of input or change. And we have some items like the EDI+ Data Logger which can detect 4 or 5 different environmental changes. The EDI+ is an outstanding piece of equipment which is very sensitive, and will detect just about anything supernatural if it is present at the time.

Advice for Beginners

We know what it’s like if you are just starting out in the paranormal field. Usually, it begins with an idea, and plenty of excitement. And there is nothing more exciting than catching your first EVP, or catching a shadow figure on a full spectrum camera. It’s catching things like this when more sceptics begin to believe. As seeing is believing. If you are unsure of which items would be most suitable to your needs, we are happy to help you. We are only a phone call or an email away!

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