Do Spirit Boxes Work? Can Ghosts Communicate Through Radio?

It’s believed among the paranormal community that ghosts can do many things. They can transport themselves from place to place and create temperature changes. And they can move objects, but can they communicate through radio signals?

One of the most common forms of ghost-hunting equipment is called a Spirit Box. Many people refer to it as a Ghost Box. It’s a small piece of equipment that scans the radio waves for spirit voices. You can attempt to communicate through noises or other sounds. You can hear them on the radio stations being broadcast.

Painting of a ghost talking with a person using a spirit box

This theory is called the Radio Voice Phenomenon (RVP). Advocates claim they can use radio equipment to speak with ghosts and spirits. But how does this really work?

You’ll need access to a Spirit Box to hear the Radio Voice Phenomenon. And you will need to use it in a haunted place. Enthusiasts of the tool believe it is an effective way to communicate with spirits. While others believe it’s in our nature to link human traits to everything around us. Sceptics think we hear muffled noise on the radio and misinterpret it.

How do spirit boxes work?

Spirit Boxes are known as Ghost Boxes. They scan through the standard frequency ranges broadcasters use to transmit radio programs. They skip through various stations and frequencies. Furthermore, they scan through the range of the AM (535 to 1064 kHz) and FM (88 to 108 MHz) radio spectrums. As the device sweeps through the vast spectrum, it’s common to hear static, white noise. And you may hear radio broadcasts mixed in when you get to the frequency of that station.

Depending on the type of radio device you can access, there might be various buttons or knobs for settings. You may need to tweak them to get the results. You can focus on a particular frequency if it gives you better results. And it may help you pick up something paranormal. Some radios even let you record the audio while scanning through radio waves. Allowing you to access it later and play it in different ways. Replaying it may allow you to spot something you were unaware of before. You can even play it backwards or slow down.

Because of this, many paranormal investigators always choose to have a Spirit Box in hand. It’s great to have ready for if they’re on a paranormal investigation and want to try their luck at communicating with spirits.

The history of spirit boxes

In 1969, a middle-aged Latvian doctor was in Gerrards Cross with an extensive collection of tape recordings. He claimed he had conversations with the then-deceased Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and many more 20th-century statesmen. And this wasn’t just a few recordings; by then, Konstantin Raudive had 72,000 recordings containing these voices.

His technique differed from the technique of many paranormal investigators today. Rather than asking questions and seeing what answer you get. He asked a question and left the tape running, recording silence.

Gerrards Cross is the name of the home of publisher Colin Smythe. Raudive hoped that by revealing his findings to Smythe, he would publish a book on them. To convince the head of the publishing house that this was a worthy book topic and not just a hoax. The pair held a series of electronic séances in Gerrard’s Cross. Using the same set-up, Raudive had used in the past with apparent great success.

The séance went well, and luckily enough, the late pianist Artur Schnabel spoke on the line to the satisfaction of Lady Mayer (who was present and had known Schnabel). The pair had succeeded in getting the book (called Breakthrough) published. The EVP and RVP were on the paranormal investigation scene.

The process of capturing the words from these RVPs changed slightly over the years as different investigators came into play. Nowadays, the most common way is to use a Spirit Box or a Ghost Box to scan through the radio frequencies. They record the findings, so the investigator can listen to them after the investigation. And then carefully examine their findings.

There needs to be a complete understanding of how RVP works. But, there are many theories and techniques used by paranormal investigators. It rings true for many aspects of the paranormal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ghosts manipulate the ghost box?

There are two processes that ghosts can use to generate speech through a device:

  1. Transformative – Ghosts and spirits manipulate radio transmission to form their own words or phrases.
  2. Opportunistic – Ghosts and spirits affect the device to force it to select existing sounds to form words and phrases.

What is the Estes Method?

The Estes Method is a spirit communication technique with two or more people. One person, wearing headphones connected to a spirit box, listens to rapidly scanning radio frequencies. The participant, blindfolded to reduce sensory input further, verbally relays any words or sounds they hear. The other person asks questions to the spirits, aiming to receive relevant responses through this indirect contact method.

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