The Best EMF Meters For Ghost-Hunting

EMF meters for ghost hunting

How an EMF Meter Works and its Paranormal Purpose

If you’ve tuned into spine-tingling shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, you might have noticed paranormal investigators using an EMF meter. In Ghostbusters, they had those flashy P.K.E. meters. But for real-life spirit hunters, it’s important to have one or two EMF meters for ghost-hunting. Brian Harnois, a seasoned investigator from The Atlantic Paranormal Society, says it best: “The prime sensory instrument of any ghost investigation is an EMF meter.”

What exactly is an EMF meter?

Short for electromagnetic fields, EMFs are invisible energy fields that surround things with electricity, like gadgets and electrical wiring. These fields can come from everyday household appliances like a toaster, outside power lines, or the Earth.

EMF meters are detectors for these electromagnetic fields. They measure the strength of these fields, usually using units called milligauss (mG) or microtesla (µT).

Paranormal uses

So, why use EMF meters? As a ghost hunter, your job is to spot, track, and record any weird and unworldly happenings in a given place. That’s where an EMF detector comes in.

Some in the paranormal world believe that ghosts or spirits might have the power to mess with these EMFs. Think of it as a spirit turning up the “energy dial” to let you know it’s lurking around. That’s the theory, at least.

But before you start getting goosebumps, not everything a detector picks up is a ghostly visitor. As mentioned earlier, everyday things, like faulty wiring or electronic devices, can also make EMF levels go haywire. You’ll need to rule out all possibilities to double-ensure you have a spectre on your hands!

Why Ghost Hunters Use Meters

Why do phantom hunters and paranormal investigators swear by EMF detectors?

In the world of paranormal enthusiasts, there are two schools of thought about how ghosts and detectors correlate.

The first theory is that spirits can disrupt the surrounding electromagnetic field. A spirit would need to generate a spike or fluctuation in this ambient field to set off an EMF meter, raising it to a level that the device can detect. The exact mechanics of how a spirit could manipulate an EM field remain a mystery.

Another theory is that ghosts have their own EM field. Think of it like our brains sending out tiny electronic signals for thinking and controlling our bodies. Some believe these signals stick around even after we shuffle off this mortal coil. Floating around as some psychic energy.

This is why ghost hunters often use EMF meters to detect ghosts. There’s a bit of science mixed with this spooky stuff. High levels of EMF might explain some strange occurrences. Like sleep disturbances or weird sensations, people feel in allegedly haunted places.

The Top-Rated EMF Meters for Ghost-Hunting

1. Standard for EMF Detectors: Mel Meter.

Regarding paranormal investigations, the Mel Meter MEL-8704R is a trusted standard in the field. The Mel Meter was crafted with the specific needs of ghost hunters. It’s been a staple in the field since 2008, a testament to its reliability and effectiveness.

What sets the Mel Meter apart is its 3-in-1 functionality. Combining an EMF meter, a temperature meter, and a light in one device. You get EMF and temperature digitally, making tracking changes and anomalies in real-time easy. It also boasts high sensitivity, even picking up electromagnetic fields in the 30 Hz range.

Investigating in the dark is par for the course in ghost-hunting. The Mel Meter’s display uses red light, a crucial feature for preserving night vision. This means you can navigate dimly lit locations. And without the meter interfering with your ability to spot potential paranormal phenomena.

2. Best for Expert Ghost Hunters: TriField EMF Meter.

The TriField EMF Meter Model TF2 is every pro apparition hunter’s dream tool. This state-of-the-art meter goes beyond just detecting electromagnetic field changes. It can even detect radio frequency and electric and magnetic fields.

False alarms can be a nuisance during ghost hunts. The TF2 EMF Meter excels at detecting minute EMF changes without constantly giving false positives. When it alerts you, there’s usually a good reason for it!

One unique feature of the TF2 is it can switch between standard and weighted modes. This is invaluable for paranormal investigators. It helps them detect subtle anomalies that other cheaper devices often miss.

3. Best for Novice Ghost Hunters: K2 Meter.

The K2 EMF Meter is the go-to choice for newbie phantom hunters. It’s budget-friendly and trusted by pros worldwide for its knack for spotting all electromagnetic fields, from weak to strong.

This ghost meter senses the electromagnetic energy in the area and displays it through different coloured lights. Each light indicates the strength of the magnetic energy it’s picking up. This feature becomes incredibly handy in dimly lit spaces. So you can spot even the subtlest blips in EM energy.

What’s cool about the K2 Meter is that it sifts through the usual background electromagnetic noise from things like cell phones and appliances. So, it only focuses on the weird, abnormal spikes.

4. The Most Feature-Packed EMF Meter: EDI+ Meter and Data Logger.

If you’re a paranormal investigator about keeping detailed records, the EDI+ Meter and Data Logger is your go-to gadget. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill meter; it’s a Swiss army knife for poltergeist hunters.

This meter doesn’t just measure electromagnetic fields at low frequencies – it goes all out. Some readings this device can give you are:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Sense vibrations
  • Record pressure
  • Humidity levels

You can then export your findings to your favourite software, which presents all this data in easy-to-graphs and spreadsheets.

There’s no doubt the EDI+ is a fantastic piece of equipment. Plus, it’s built tough for the long haul in your ghost-detecting adventures. Sure, it’s got a high price tag, but you certainly get what you pay for!


Can you record or speak to a ghost with an EMF meter?

Not really, as EMF meters aren’t designed for communicating with ghosts. While you could attempt yes/no questions using electromagnetic fields, it’s not practical. Instead, these meters are for detecting and locating the presence of spirits. You can use a spirit box or electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recorder if you want to speak with an entity.

What other ghost-hunting gear can I use to detect ghosts?

Absolutely! There’s plenty of hunting gear out there for detecting paranormal activity. RF (radio frequency) meters, PIR (passive infrared) sensors, paranormal music boxes, and temperature guns are some many available tools.

What is an EMF pump?

The EMF pump is a product ghost hunters use. It generates an electromagnetic field, so spirits can use the energy from it. Paranormal enthusiasts believe that ghosts need energy to carry out paranormal activity. And the pump is designed to give them the energy they need. You can read the full guide on EMF pumps here.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! A little about EMF meters, why paranormal investigators and apparition hunters use them, and some of the best EMF meters on the market!

While this device is not technically a “ghost detector,” it still plays a key role in paranormal investigators’ toolkits.

Ready to take on the spirit world? Then check out these tips and tricks for using EMF meters!


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