Faraday Wallet Tips and Tricks to Improve Spirit Communication

What Are Faraday Wallets?

Faraday wallets block signals, electromagnetic fields, and interferences. The metallic materials of the wallet absorb the energy of these signals. In simpler terms, it means the energy cannot pass through and reach inside the wallet.

Faraday wallet with the p-sbt7 placed on top of it

Paranormal investigators use Faraday pouches, wallets, and bags with a spirit or ghost box. It can prevent external signals from interfering with the device. These great wallets provide higher-grade (almost military-grade) isolation. They come in small and compact sizes.

A Faraday wallet has many names. Some terms are radio frequency identification (RFID) wallets, RFID-blocking bags, and EMP bags. They are also useful in protecting sensitive information.

Faraday Wallet Construction and Technical Specs

Faraday wallets should be a part of your ghost-hunting equipment. One sleeve of the wallet is lined with Faraday cage material that blocks out RF. The wallet is constructed with durable synthetic PU leather. Or it may come in vinyl or metal fabric (including nickel, copper and aluminium). And radiation-limiting material made from static dissipative polythene.

Some Faraday bags, pouches, and wallets are water-resistant. These have ballistic nylon, adding extra protection for your ghost-hunting devices. A typical wallet has two separate compartments. Ones lined with signal-blocking materials and an unlined accessory sleeve.

How Does It Work?

The Faraday wallet serves many purposes in everyday life and while ghost hunting.

It prevents keyless car theft by blocking a car key fob signal. It protects and secures your credit card from radio frequency identification signals.

The scientific explanation is that metal objects are conductors containing electrons. A metal object has an equal number of negative and positive electrons. The negative and positive electrons separate when a charged object is near the conductor. Electrons with the opposite charge to the metal object will attract. And the electrons with the same charge will move away.

An electrostatic induction occurs when metal objects contact a conductor. It then separates the positive and negative particles on the other side of the conductor. This will offset the external objects’ charge. The opposing electric field inside the conductor will create a protective shield. That blocks RF and static electric charges from affecting the conductor’s interior.

How is this relevant to improving talking with ghosts?

The Faraday wallet creates a protective shield surrounded by metallic fabric. The protective shield blocks any fields and signals. It stops them from interfering with spirit boxes or EVP recorders. When an external field interacts with the Faraday wallet, the charges within the protected area are distributed to neutralize its effects.

Inside the Faraday wallet, the spirit box or EVP recorder can’t receive the signals. And it stops anything broadcasted by radio stations. Ghosts emit a vibration frequency. EVP recorders and ghost boxes pick this up without outside interference.

Ghost hunting benefits

  1. Louder responses
  2. More clear answers
  3. Less white noise
  4. Less static sounds
  5. More class A EVPs
  6. Less broadcast radio
  7. Less walkie-talkie signals
  8. Cheap ghost box upgrade
  9. Easy to use
  10. Wallet or pouch
  11. Fits spirit boxes
  12. Fits EVP recorders

Do Faraday Wallets Damage Electronics?

Faraday wallets won’t damage electronics. They are designed to protect your electronics from external electric radiation and pulses. This results in a cleaner spirit box or EVP session.

The success of a Faraday wallet may vary based on its quality and build. If a wallet is well-made, it could result in damage and may not provide adequate protection. Selecting a wallet from a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer is crucial. And it will help prevent potential damage to anything you place inside. Also, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is advised. Following them will ensure the intended level of protection.

How To Choose the Right Faraday Wallet

Not all Faraday wallets are created equal. To capture evidence of the supernatural means having high-quality equipment will help. It will ensure a successful paranormal investigation. But what should you look for in a Faraday wallet?

The effectiveness of the shield

Some RFID-blocking bags use low-grade shielding materials or need to be made better. These need to block frequencies better. To ensure proper shielding, look for the decibel or dB rating. This will measure the shielding success of the Faraday wallet. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the dB rating, the higher its shielding levels are.

Luckily, the protective shielding of Faraday materials has a 60 dB. This is viewed as a high level of protection. Anything under 30 decibels should be avoided. As you will have interference when using your EVP recorder or ghost boxes.

Durable materials

Look for metals used in Faraday wallets that are conductive. And it will help to create a protective shield to block signals and frequencies. As mentioned earlier, conductive metals include nickel, copper, and aluminium. RFID-blocking products have an interior layer made from metal mesh. And some RFID bags have a steel exterior for added protection.

There are no waterproof Faraday wallets. Yet, synthetic PU leather and ballistic nylon offer various levels of water resistance. Look for a Faraday wallet with a water-resistant exterior to ensure longevity and protection. Especially when dealing with sweaty palms as you hear the spirits speak!


Faraday wallets are made for something other than carrying a mobile phone. Generally, the size of the wallets is 4 inches x 5.5 inches, big enough to carry a spirit box. A ghost box Faraday pouch is 5.5 inches x 7 inches, perfectly fitting a PSB-7/11, SB7, SB11, or SBox.

Protection for Credit Cards

Credit card security is crucial in the age of digital theft and cyberattacks. Faraday wallets play a large role in protecting against potential risks.

RFID skimming is a method used by criminals. They can wirelessly and secretly scan and capture data from RFID-enabled credit cards. This illicit activity can happen in crowded places. Or during your daily commute or even as you walk down the street. Thieves use handheld RFID readers to steal your card details. And without ever touching your wallet!

A Faraday wallet acts as a shield against these unauthorized RFID scans. When your credit cards are tucked inside, the wallet’s metal fabric blocks any incoming radio frequencies. This means that while the cards are in the wallet, their details remain protected from potential skimmers.

By using a Faraday wallet, you’re not only ensuring the protection of your paranormal equipment. But also safeguarding your financial info from modern-day digital pickpockets.

Faraday Wallet Highlights:

  • Blocks any signals
  • Shields credit cards
  • Protects car keys
  • Aids ghost talks
  • Made of metal mesh
  • Often water-resistant
  • Fits most spirit boxes
  • Durable design
  • Thwarts data theft
  • Enhances EVP clarity
  • Safe for electronics
  • Great for ghost hunts
  • Stops car theft
  • Defends against RFID
  • Sturdy build
  • Compact size
  • Versatile use
  • Blocks Wi-Fi
  • Keeps data safe
  • Trusted by experts


Faraday wallets have a rich tapestry of applications. And they extend far beyond the world of paranormal studies. They do enhance the clarity of contact with the other side. And their protective means also resonate deeply in our daily lives. From shielding sensitive ghost-hunting tech from external electric interference. To safeguard our personal and financial info from digital threats. The importance of these wallets cannot be overstated. It doesn’t matter if you’re diving into the mysteries of the unknown. Or simply navigating the urban jungle. An RFID wallet is a crucial tool in today’s tech-savvy world.


What else is a Faraday bag used for?

Besides clearer and cleaner spirit box sessions, Faraday bags are:

  • It is a fantastic option for protecting against car key fob cloning.
  • Blocking car keys.
  • Acting as a signal blocker against would-be-thief tampering.
  • Securing your data from tracking attempts and data theft from your mobile phone.

Why do Faraday bags fail?

Investing in high-quality, durable RFID-blocking products is best to ensure their effectiveness. High-quality Faraday bags, pouches and wallets should not experience any malfunctions or cease to work. Choosing cheaper options could result in damage. It could wear through the metal mesh materials caused by frequent opening and closing of the products.

What can penetrate a Faraday cage?

Certain factors, like the distance of the cage from a receiver. Frequency radiation (RF) can penetrate a Faraday cage. High-frequency radio frequency identification (HF RFID) signals may do as well. Another example of when RFID cages can be penetrated is a compass. It will continue working since Faraday cages cannot obstruct the Earth’s magnetic field.

Do Faraday wallets and bags block Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi signals are blocked by the copper mesh inside a Faraday wallet, pouch, or bag. Making it nearly impossible to penetrate them.


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