7 Ghost Equipment You Need Before Hunting For Ghosts

Ghost equipment

Ghost hunting is an art. It requires time, patience and of course, the right ghost equipment.

If you’re just joining the world of paranormal investigators, your ghost equipment doesn’t need to be complex or contain custom-built equipment. However, there are a few devices you’re going to need to make the most of your adventures.

Essential Ghost Equipment

To get started with ghost hunting, here is some of the equipment that’s going to make it easier to record paranormal phenomena.


This may seem like one of the simpler types of ghost equipment, but torches can really come in handy. Not only will it allow you to stay safer as you make your way around in the dark, but some paranormal investigators even use torches to communicate with spirits. Entities are often asked to switch a torch on or off to indicate they’re present or answer yes or no questions.


A camera is another necessary piece of paranormal equipment for ghost hunters. Cameras are used to document your investigations and capture any paranormal phenomena on film.

Digital cameras are a good starting point for ghost hunting and will allow you to transfer any photos and footage directly to your computer. However, if you want to take your efforts to the next level, an infrared (night vision) camera is highly recommended. A night vision camera will ensure you can capture the best footage possible with minimal light during your paranormal investigation.

K2 Meter

K2 meters, also known as EMF meters, are one of the best ghost detectors. A K2 meter will alert you to changes in the electromagnetic fields in the surrounding space. A sudden high spike may indicate a presence is near. You can also use another device such as a spirit box or EVP recorder to interact with any entities.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Recorder

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recorders work with radio frequencies to generate white noise. Spirits are then able to use these frequencies to speak and make themselves known, helping you record paranormal activity.

Ghost hunters will generally note the date and time of each new recording before asking a series of questions. Playing these recordings back may produce noises and words that you can add to your paranormal research. Remember to give any spirits enough time to answer.

Spirit Box

A spirit box is another way to try and capture messages from the other side in a way that’s more clear. The box flicks between AM radio frequencies, which spirits can manipulate to form words. These words are then fed into a speaker, allowing you to hear what’s being said and respond accordingly.

You can either purchase a physical spirit box or you can download one of the many paid apps that are available. Some spirit boxes also come with automatic temperature deviation detection capabilities.

Motion Detector

Ghost hunters often use motion detectors to keep track of activity in rooms they’re not in. Motion detectors react to changes in the environment, including electromagnetic fields and light. When a change is detected, an alarm or chime will sound. Some motion detectors are even designed as characters and will speak when changes are detected.

Ghost hunters are encouraged to place a camera in any room they leave a motion detector in to ensure they don’t miss out on any valuable footage.


The final piece of equipment that’s recommended for all ghost hunters is the REM pod. Similar to motion detectors, REM pods are designed to detect energy disturbances and air temperature fluctuations. The pod uses an antenna, coloured lights and tones to alert you to changes in a room.

Again, investigators should make sure they leave a camera running in any rooms they’re not in when a REM pod is active. You never know what activity you might end up recording when you’re not around.

Remember to set the different sensitivity levels and relevant lights per level before you start using your device to gauge interference levels.

The Role of Electromagnetic Waves in Ghost Hunting

Why do so many devices mentioned above make use of electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves have long been seen as a key factor in paranormal investigations around the world.

Dr Antoniou, an electrical engineer who studied through the University of Warwick said “Electromagnetic fields are generated by moving electric charges and even by the Earth’s core itself. This connection to electromagnetic fields is at the core of many paranormal theories.

Ghosts and spirits are said to use electromagnetic waves to manifest and interact with ghost hunters, which is why equipment such as EMF meters and electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recorders are some of the most popular types of ghost equipment.

Expert Tips for Using Your Ghost Equipment

  • Lighting: Make sure you carry spare batteries with you at all times. If your torch is rechargeable, make a point of charging it ahead of time.
  • Camera: Check the microphone capabilities of your camera to ensure your video footage will have clear sound. There’s also the option of purchasing an external microphone to enhance your sound.
  • K2 meter: A sudden K2 meter spike can be caused by wiring in the floor or walls, household appliances, or even power lines, so make a point of checking your environment.
  • EVP recorder: Make sure the room is as quiet as possible before you start recording to eliminate interference. It also helps to lay your recorder flat.
  • Spirit box: Ask follow-up questions based on the responses you receive to try and form a more comprehensive story for your research. You can also pair your spirit box sessions with an EVP recorder to pick up on sounds you might miss.
  • Motion detectors: Make sure your motion detector is not placed near an open window or anything that could potentially move and trigger the device.
  • REM pods: Be careful not to place a REM pod that has temperature-detecting capabilities near any heating elements as this could provide you with false readings.


How do I distinguish between voices and radio frequencies when using a spirit box?

The biggest difference is that voices from the other side don’t come through as smoothly as a radio broadcast. You also want to listen out for complete words and phrases, some of which won’t correlate. A radio broadcast will tend to come through as regular speech.

What is the best device for asking yes or no questions?

Torches are one of the most basic tools you can use to ask yes or no questions. A paranormal response device also works really well. These devices use light and sound to indicate yes or no answers and are simple to set up.

How do paranormal music boxes work?

The average paranormal music box has a range of 5 metres and is triggered whenever a person or spirit moves within that range. Once turned on, the device will take several seconds to calibrate. From there, you can place it in any area you feel there may be paranormal activity.

Will a death whistle help me attract more ghosts?

Developed by the Aztek people, a death whistle can be a fun piece of additional equipment to have during your investigations, but it’s not a must. This is something you can add to your ghost hunting kit later on.


As you progress on your ghost hunting journey, you will learn which pieces of equipment work best for you and how you prefer to use them.

When starting out with the basics, know that there are a variety of options available to suit your budget and your preferences. There’s also no need to buy everything at once. Start with a few items and build up your kit from there.

As you become more advanced, you can start upgrading or purchasing more ghost equipment to cover larger areas and buildings.

Whatever your approach, you’re sure to have some memorable paranormal experiences.


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