How To Use A Ghost Finder

Ghost finder

Tracking down spirits can be a challenge, as they don’t always want to be seen. Luckily, there are a few devices on the market you can use to figure out which room in your house may be haunted by a lost soul.

These devices don’t just track down ghosts; they also find hard evidence. And for those still struggling to decide whether ghosts exist, being able to use technology to pick up on some unexplainable clues might convince you.

How To Find Ghosts

It’s not as easy as a game of hide-and-seek. Finding a ghost can be quite a tricky task, especially if you’re a beginner ghost hunter. There are a few signs that you can look out for that indicate there might be a ghost in your home, including:

  • Change in temperature
  • Unexplainable light (usually only picked up by full spectrum cameras)
  • Unexplainable movement
  • Electromagnetic field spikes
  • Unexplainable sounds

All the locations where you’ve recorded any of the above-mentioned phenomena are where the ghosts are hiding.

Ghost Finders

To find ghosts, you’re going to need a ghost detector. Most of the signs of paranormal activity can’t be seen with the naked eye. So, if you just go into a haunted house unequipped, you’ll be limited. Luckily, there are devices available to help pick them up.

The best devices for finding paranormal activity

  1. EMF meter
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Full spectrum camera
  4. EDI meter
  5. Ghost detecting app
  6. SpiritPod

Popular Ghost Finders: Everything You Need To Know

1. EMF meter

You can’t call yourself a ghost hunter without one of these devices. Ghost hunters believe that spirits are responsible for creating certain electromagnetic fields and can interact with the physical world through them.

EMF meters are portable devices that are handy when it comes to detecting these changes in electromagnetic energy. It can be a groundbreaking tool in your investigation to find evidence of the paranormal.

How to use it:

  1. Turn off electronics nearby (phones, walkie-talkies, etc.) to avoid false alarms.
  2. Turn on the EMF Meter.
  3. Wait 15 minutes for the energy to settle.
  4. Hold the meter or leave it on a surface.
  5. Look for spikes on the meter or listen for alarms.
  6. Move around to find areas with the most activity. The spike in energy means you’ve most likely found a ghost.

2. Motion detector

There are various types of motion sensors that you can find within your price range on SpiritShack. These devices can detect changes in temperature, lights, vibrations and physical movement across an area. All these factors are believed to be signs of spooky activity.

A motion-detecting device that all ghost hunters love is the Flux 2 Paranormal Response Device. It’s a 2-in-1 device that allows you to both detect and communicate with the entity.

How to use the Flux 2:

  1. Make sure the device is charged and power it on.
  2. Turn the knob to choose your “ghost hunting zone”. The smaller the zone, the closer you need to be for it to react. Start with Zone 3 (red light) for larger rooms.
  3. Place the Flux 2 on a flat surface like a table, facing the direction you want to investigate. It’s sensitive, so avoid placing it near draughts or where it would be disturbed by vibrations.
  4. Get your questions ready! The Flux 2 responds to yes/no questions. Keep them clear and concise.
  5. When the Flux 2 detects activity, it reacts with flashing lights and tones.

If you’re looking for something simpler (and more budget-friendly), a simple light detector will do the trick!

How to use a light detector:

  1. Set up a light source (torch or laser) aimed at the device.
  2. Turn on the device and wait for the red light that indicates it’s ready.
  3. Leave the device to detect and count the changes in light.
  4. Alerts mean there have been changes in light, like movement or flickering.
  5. The device shows the total triggers during the investigation.
  6. This device works with any continuous light, including UV and IR.

3. Full spectrum camera

Getting foolproof evidence means you’ll need to capture your demons on film. Full spectrum cameras, like the Kodak PixPro, can capture what normal cameras can’t. The ultraviolet and infrared light filters have been removed from this camera to allow it to capture ghosts moving in light that’s often invisible to the human eye.

How to use it:

  1. Minimise all other sources of light to ensure you get accurate results.
  2. Set up the camera along with a full spectrum camera light.
  3. Take pictures and videos at different angles, distances, and light settings to capture where the ghosts are.
  4. Look for unusual phenomena like orbs, mists, shadows, or figures in your pictures. This will give you an indication of when there are spirits present.

4. EDI meter

An EDI meter measures and logs five factors believed to be affected by ghosts: EMF, temperature, humidity, vibration and air pressure. This provides a more complete picture of potential paranormal activity.

Francesca C Wells said in her review of the EDI+ Meter and Data logger on SpiritShack that, “To this day most likely the best paranormal tool you will ever find!

Thanks to all the data it collects, it’s a breeze to track down a spirit in any house.

How to use it:

  1. Turn on the EDI Meter and let it settle for a few minutes to acclimate to the environment.
  2. It measures various changes in the environment. For example, the Para4ce Quad EMF-TEMP-POD-VIBRATION allows you to turn various sensors off or on, so you can adjust them accordingly to the data you want to collect.
  3. Walk around and explore the investigation area, paying close attention to any alerts or readings on the meter’s display.
  4. When a sensor spikes, note the type of sensor, the intensity of the reading, and any corresponding environmental changes. This could be a sign of paranormal activity.

5. Ghost detector app

It’s the 21st century, and there seems to be an app for everything nowadays. So, why not use your phone to find ghosts?

EMF Analytics Pro does the same job as any EMF device would. For a much lower price, you can purchase the app and start looking for ghosts right away. However, your phone does need to have a built-in magnetic sensor for it to work.

How to use it:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Check your phone’s settings for a “magnetic sensor” (or compass). No sensor? Then it won’t work.
  3. Watch for readings on magnetism, electromagnetism, and EMF.
  4. Look for places with higher readings – those might be areas of paranormal activity

6. SpiritPod

This innovative ghost-hunting tool uses a dynamic sensor to detect static electricity. It even allows you to communicate with the paranormal. The more pods you set up in multiple areas, the better your chances are of finding the ghosts.

How to use it:

  1. Turn on the SpiritPod.
  2. Position the SpiritPod near areas of suspected activity. It’s recommended to use four and place them in each corner of a room.
  3. Pay close attention to the pod’s lights and sounds, which may change in response to paranormal stimuli.
  4. You can try asking questions or making statements to see if the SpiritPod’s patterns elicit any meaningful responses.


Where can I hire a professional ghost finder?

There are a few platforms you can check out to contact professional ghost hunters to track down spirits Bark is a great platform that allows you to find a professional paranormal investigator in your postcode.

What is the ghost filter on TikTok that detects ghosts?

TikTok’s AI Manga filter isn’t a true ghost detector, but some users believe it can detect spirits. This is because the filter turns people into anime characters, and sometimes “sees” characters even when nobody’s there. While spooky, it’s not an accurate way to find ghosts.

How can I protect myself from ghosts?

The chances of a ghost harming you are extremely low, but some people believe in taking precautions. These may include using cleansing tools like sage or salt, carrying protective crystals, or avoiding areas of intense paranormal activity.

Final Thoughts

The best approach to successfully finding ghosts would be to use a combination of these devices. Remember, ghosts tend to be shy, so don’t expect a grand finale like in the movies. Analyse your findings with a sceptic’s eye, seeking natural explanations first. If things still seem spooky, share your evidence with fellow ghost hunters!

Based on your findings, you should be able to determine the locations of your ghostly friends.

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