The Best Unique Ghost Gifts for Yourself or a Loved One

ghost gifts

1. An Ouija Board.

Ouija boards have been around for well over a century. And are linked to speaking with spirits and paranormal activity. They have a fascinating history that makes them a popular tool. More so for those interested in the supernatural.

The Ouija board are a great game you can play as a group. The board consists of letters, numbers, and the words “yes”, “no”, and “goodbye”. Players place their fingers on a pointing device called a planchette. And take turns asking questions to the other side. If you receive a response, the planchette will move.

Ouija boards come in a variety of cool designs. You can choose from traditional wooden boards to more modern versions. Modern versions have more intricate details and artwork.

2. A Creepy, Old-time Doll.

Want to give your gift a friend forever and ever and ever and ever…?

A creepy, old doll might send shivers down the spine of none paranormal fans. But it will undoubtedly delight the person who loves eerie playthings. Thanks to iconic dolls like Annabelle, Brahms, and Chucky. Haunted dolls have ignited a fascination.

A spooky doll could make the perfect gift for those who love haunted objects. Whether displayed on a shelf or as a collectable of bizarre items. This gift is sure to spark excitement and curiosity.

Just ensure the gift receiver doesn’t mind glass eyes staring at them while sleeping!

3. Ghost Hunting Equipment.

If you have a friend who’s into ghost hunting, you’ve heard them talking about fancy gadgets. Gadgets they want and need for their paranormal investigations.

Ghost hunting kits are perfect for those starting in ghost hunting. It’s a great way to kickstart their paranormal investigation. And add to their arsenal without spending a fortune.

There is a plethora of ghost-hunting equipment. There is more than enough to get your ghost-busting buddy. An EVP recorder is a recommended tool to have on ghost hunts. Another great pieces of gear are an infrared camera. Or a trusty torch or an EMF detector.

4. Tarot Cards.

Tarot cards make an intriguing and meaningful gift. These cards serve as a divination tool. People believe they tap into the depths of the unconscious mind. And provide valuable perspectives and advice.

There is a wide range of tarot decks to choose from. Each with its unique themes and symbolism. Whether it’s a deck with intricate artwork, a theme, or a cultural influence, you’ll find the perfect tarot deck.

Fun fact – there is a belief that you should not purchase your deck of tarot cards. But you should receive it as a gift from someone who loves you.

5. Ghost Hunt Event and Tour.

What better way to surprise your partner if you are into supernatural things? You can both join in ghost-busting crime with a ghost-hunting experience.

Gift a ghost-hunting experience or a haunted city tour. And you’re providing that special someone with a chance to delve into the supernatural first-hand. They’ll uncover the history and secrets. And they will hear famous ghost stories of the most haunted hotspots.

The great news is that ghost-hunting events and tours exist in the UK. And if you’re in cities like London, York, or Edinburgh, you’re in for a spine-chilling treat. These cities are home to some of the most haunted locations.

6. Witchcraft Accessories.

If you have a witch in your midst, the aesthetic is likely all they think about. Great news: there is a wide array of fascinating supplies. There is plenty you can gift to enhance their practice.

Altar supplies are a vital part of a witch’s practice. From candleholders and altar cloths to goblets and incense burners. There are plenty of accessories to choose from.

Crystal balls are iconic tools in divination and scrying practices. They serve as portals to other realms. Of course, you can remember the iconic cauldron for brewing potions. And for burning herbs and casting spells.

Witchcraft jewellery is another excellent gift idea. Witch jewellery has a beautiful selection of crystals and gems. They make a stunningly sentimental gift for a witchcraft enthusiast.

7. Authentic York Ghost.

In 2019, a remarkable retailer known as York Ghost Merchants emerged. They are located on the iconic Shambles Street in York. This unique shop offers a unique gift idea for paranormal enthusiasts. You can make your own York Ghost figurine!

These little ghouls, each with their personality and character, are handcrafted. And each one is treated with care and lovingly hand-painted. No two ghosts are the same, making them truly unique. They make great souvenirs for fans of the paranormal.

Even better, the York Ghost Merchants often releases rare and special edition York Ghosts. You can learn more about when these cute little phantoms are on sale through the York Ghost Merchants website.

8. Spell Book Journal.

Combe the charm of an ancient grimoire with the functionality of a personal diary. A spell book journal serves as an archive for magical knowledge.

A spell book journal is not only a practical but a profoundly personal and meaningful item. Within its pages, the giftee can explore their encounters with the supernatural. And record dreams, and experiment with different magical techniques through words.

The best part? They come in a range of designs, styles, and prices. So you’ll find the perfect spell book for your paranormal-obsessed friends.

9. Crystal Pendulum.

Used for divination, people use pendulums to allow speech with paranormal entities. It consists of a weighted crystal attached to a chain. When held in the air, it can be influenced by spirits or paranormal entities.

What makes crystal pendulums intriguing is that crystals are believed to possess their unique energies. This means a crystal pendulum can enhance the connection between the user and the paranormal realm.

Present that special supernatural-loving someone with a crystal pendulum. This will show your thoughtfulness and understanding of their fascination. Plus, it looks beautiful!

10. Spirit Box.

Spirit boxes have gained immense fame among people seeking to communicate with the realm beyond the living. It’s popular among ghost hunters.

Known as a ghost box, a spirit box operates by scanning AM and FM frequencies. It creates white noise that allows for real-time contact with paranormal energies. Through this unique technology, spirits can speak words and phrases.

The supernatural geek in your life will love this fabulous gadgety gift!


We hope you enjoyed our ghostly gift recommendations for your fellow ghost hunters. Whether for a friend’s birthday or to satisfy your own paranormal interests, these gift ideas are sure to spark excitement. Dive deeper into the world of ghosts with our articles on topics like are ghosts real?, can dogs see ghosts?, and signs of a ghost.


Are ghost gifts suitable for all age groups?

Most ghost gifts mentioned above are suitable for all ages. But some are better suited for mature people. For example, haunted dolls, Ouija boards, or an intense ghost-hunting experience. And more suitable for adults who can handle the spooky elements. Great ghost gifts for younger paranormal lovers would be tarot cards. Or a crystal pendulum or a spell book journal.

How do I choose the best ghost gift?

Consider their interests to choose the most spectacular gift for a paranormal lover. Look at what they do within the magical realm. Think about their preferences. Such as whether they enjoy ghost hunting. Or supernatural books and collecting paranormal artefacts. Be sure to consider their age and comfort level with spooky gifts.


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