Ghost-Hunting Gear for Beginners to

The Ultimate Beginner’s Ghost-Hunting Gear

If you live for the thrill of the unknown and wonder what lies beyond the veil of our world, then ghost-hunting might be your perfect hobby! But perhaps you’re here because you’re curious about how to start. Do you need all those fancy and expensive ghost-hunting gear you’ve seen on shows like Ghost Adventure? Or are there more budget-friendly options for beginners like you?

You don’t need a boot full of paranormal equipment to experience the paranormal. But, having some tools can be essential for capturing evidence of your encounters.

1. Digital camcorder with night vision

Why bother buying separate digital and video cameras when you can have both in a single device?

You don’t need a fancy, expensive camcorder to capture ghostly evidence. In fact, many great videos have been captured with smartphones! But if you want to take it up a notch, a quality digital camera with night vision is worth it.

The thrill of capturing paranormal entities will indeed send shivers down your spine! That’s why you should consider using a tripod or stabilizer to keep your camera stable.

2. EMF meter

If one piece of ghost-hunting gear could’ve been taken straight out of a Ghostbusters film, it’s the EMF meter (or electromagnetic field meter). And it ranks high on the list of must-have gear.

This device keeps a vigilant eye for disturbances and surges in electromagnetic fields. Since paranormal entities are often invisible to the naked eye (unless they have a compelling reason and energy to appear), abnormal electromagnetic radiation is one of the common telltale signs.

3. Torch

Having a trusty torch on hand is a no-brainer for ghost hunters. It’s more than just seeing where you’re going (though that’s a plus). Some paranormal investigators also use a simple torch as a nifty addition to their toolkit.

When spirits can’t play with radio waves but can tinker with electronics, a torch becomes a go-to. It’s like a ghostly yes-or-no chat with the flicker of a visible light source.

4. Digital voice recorder

Ever heard of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)? It’s those mysterious sounds and voices that investigators pick up, but you can’t hear them with your regular ears.

Audio recordings are a goldmine for paranormal investigators. They help confirm that a place is haunted. And can even offer clues about who or what is behind the spooky shenanigans.

With a digital EVP recorder, you might uncover those elusive disembodied voices hiding in the background noise.

5. Walkie-talkies

Walkie-talkies are your communication lifeline during investigations. They help keep your team in the loop, no matter where you wander in a haunted place.

Besides being practical, they’re reassuring when things start feeling too spooky. They keep you grounded in the real world.

Choose walkie-talkies with a solid range and clear signal. Oh, and remember, extra batteries!

6. First aid kit and toolbox

Now, don’t fret when we mention bringing a first aid kit along; it’s about something other than expecting the worst. But when navigating the dark (i.e. prime ghost-hunting time), it’s easy to trip and get a couple of bruises and bumps. Not to mention those pesky bug bites!

A toolbox is also essential. Technology often acts up during paranormal activity. So, having a trusty screwdriver nearby can be a lifesaver on an investigation.

7. Digital thermometer

Consider a digital thermometer if you’re on a budget and fancy an alternative to a thermal imaging camera. It’s handy for pinpointing temperature shifts in a room or specific areas.

You could also opt for an infrared thermometer. Some investigators believe that spirits can be detected by hunting for cold spots. The idea is that ghosts draw heat energy when trying to manifest, leaving a small area cooler than its surroundings.

That icy chill you feel on the back of your neck could be a spectral visitor…

8. Spirit box

Your first taste of ghost-hunting often starts with a spirit box or Ouija board. Also known as a ghost box, the spirit box is like a glitchy radio that rapidly cycles through radio frequencies. It gives spirits a way to communicate with us.

It’s basically the “ghost whisperer” of ghost-hunting gear and the easiest way to capture EVP. You can still use a digital recorder. But a quality spirit box offers the best shot at connecting with a spirit.

Now, these nifty gadgets can get pricey, but there are affordable options that won’t haunt your wallet.

9. Motion detector

Motion detectors are valuable for spotting any sneaky movements in the investigation zone. Especially when you’re not around.

Setting up motion detectors in different places of a haunted location can help alert you to potential activity. You can even use security cameras equipped with motion detection to create ghost “traps”.

10. Laser grid pen

Laser grid pens are among the latest paranormal gadgets. While they’re not essential, they are a nice-to-have tool.

They work by emitting lasers all around a room. They give you a shot at spotting a visible mass when a spirit decides to make an appearance or stroll by. These work best when you’ve got a video camera recording the action.

Quick Tips for Beginner Ghost Hunters

Being a paranormal investigator is about more than just having the right gear. It’s also about knowing how to navigate paranormal events.

According to Zak Bagans, lead investigator of Ghost Adventures and author of Ghost-Hunting for Dummies, when you venture into the paranormal, “you should always be learning and have an open mind about exploring new things and new ideas.”

So, here are a few quick tips for the novice paranormal investigators out there:

  1. Stay open to the possibility of natural explanations for unusual occurrences.
  2. Be respectful of the location and any potential spirits. Respect for both the living and the dead is paramount.
  3. Never investigate alone! Team up for safety and excitement and to corroborate any unusual events.
  4. Delve into the history of the place you’re exploring; it can help add depth to ghostly experiences.
  5. Document absolutely everything and review your evidence thoroughly, even frame by frame.


Do I need experience with ghost-hunting gear to use it?

You don’t need experience to use the ghost-hunting gear, but it’s essential to understand how it works. You would only take a new camera with you after testing it first. Imagine finishing the investigation to discover you didn’t capture any pictures!

Can I investigate haunted houses as a beginner?

Absolutely – if you dare! But before you go exploring spooky happenings and psychic phenomena, do your research on the location’s history. And come prepared with solid paranormal investigation equipment.


All these gadgets can be a hoot to play with and capture intriguing evidence. But remember that YOU are the essential tool for spotting paranormal activity.

During a ghost hunt, it’s not uncommon to feel queasy. Or experience an eerie sensation. You may encounter temperature fluctuations or eerie cold spots.

Use your intuition and wits; don’t just rely on your ghost-hunting gear. Happy hunting!


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