Budget-Friendly Ghost Hunting Supplies for Enthusiasts

Ghost-hunting supplies

The Ultimate Ghost Hunting Kit for Budget-Conscious Ghost Hunters

Are you itching to dip your toes into the exciting world of paranormal investigation? You know – chasing ghosts, communing with spirits, and creeping around in the dark with all those nifty gadgets.

Speaking of nifty gadgets, being a dedicated paranormal investigator often comes with a hefty price tag.

You’ve probably seen the TV pros on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures using flashy equipment. But you don’t need to sell your soul to get started!

You may be looking for a solid jumping-off point to being a professional. Or you want to explore the creepy basement in your nan’s house. We have some great ghost-hunting gear suggestions that will keep the bank intact.

1. Digital Voice Recorder

Regarding ghost-hunting equipment, your first purchase should be a good digital recorder. It’s key for capturing electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Those eerie, unexplained voices or sounds could be ghosts trying to communicate with you.

Audio recordings are often the most convincing evidence. So you’ll want a PC-friendly recorder with a solid battery life and plenty of memory. This 8 GB Digital EVP Recorder will do just the trick!

2. EMF Meter

An Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meter should be second on your list. This is an indispensable tool for capturing paranormal entities.

Just ask the pros on Ghost Hunters. When asked about the most important piece of equipment to get, lead investigator Grant Wilson didn’t hesitate. He notes, “a voice recorder and an EMF detector, hands down. They are affordable, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck with these two devices.”

The idea behind its use is that spirits can manipulate and interfere with electromagnetic fields. This handy gadget helps you spot changes in EMF readings that could hint at some paranormal activity. This K2 EMF meter is only £40 and can measure a solid 50 to 20,000 Hz.

3. Camcorder

A camcorder is your paranormal eyewitness. It captures what you see and experience for solid evidence of ghostly encounters. You’ll find tons on the market. You can find everything from night vision to thermal imaging to SLS cameras. But these are often pricey. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a quality camera for less than £200.

4. Infrared Thermometer

A common belief in ghost hunting is that when spirits try to manifest, the temperature in that area tends to drop. Those mysterious cold spots in a room may be a spectral visitor!

To capture this, you’ll need an infrared digital thermometer. It measures temperature fluctuations between these cold spots and their surroundings. And it also comes with laser guidance for precision. You can grab an affordable one, like this Handheld Infrared Laser Gun, for just £21.

5. Torch

It may sound like the most obvious suggestion, but you’d be surprised how many ghost hunters need to remember! After all, exploring the supernatural can lead you into the darkness, and you’ll need a trusty torch.

A game-changer for paranormal enthusiasts is the Ultraviolet LED Torch. This budget-friendly must-have can endure a solid 10,000 hours of ghostly pursuits. It’s widely believed that ghosts or spirits may only reveal themselves in ultraviolet light. So you’ll definitely want this as part of your kit.

Tip: Extra batteries are a must! You don’t want to be caught out on a hunt in the dark.

6. Motion Detector

Consider adding passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors to your ghost-hunting equipment list. A motion detector with an infrared beam will be triggered by physical movement. So you’ll instantly know when there’s spectral activity afoot.

You can position these detectors in your haunted location. And position a camera nearby to capture evidence when the alarm goes off. For a budget-friendly option, consider this PIR Motion Triggered Sensor Light.

7. Divination Pendulum

Pendulum divination is an age-old – and budget-friendly – method of spirit communication. You only need a pendant (often a crystal) attached to a chain or rope. While some ghost hunters invest in pricey gadgets like the Spirit Box for communication, these can be quite a financial commitment.

For the budget-conscious ghost hunter, a divination pendulum is a great choice. You’ll typically find them for around £5 to £15. If potentially communicating with spirits doesn’t send shivers up your spine, you should add this to your arsenal!

8. Dowsing Rods

Another popular tool that many paranormal investigators swear by is dowsing rods. They’re also known as divining rods. Originally used for divination to uncover buried treasures, precious gemstones and grave sites. These seemingly ordinary rods work on the belief that your inner awareness extends outwards.

You can purchase professional dowsing rods for a fair price but save even more by creating DIY dowsing rods. You can use wire coat hangers or some copper wire. Bend them into an L shape and hold the shorter end in your hand.

Tips for Buying Affordable Ghost Hunting Equipment

When buying affordable ghost-hunting equipment, you’ll want to ensure you get the real deal.

To help make sure you’re making a worthwhile investment for your ghost hunts, here are a few tips:

Prioritize the essentials: When you first get into ghost hunting, prioritize the essential gear. Ensure to pick up a digital recorder, torch and EMF detector.

Read reviews: Reviews and ratings are great for learning more about a product’s quality and even the seller’s customer service. If many people criticize an affordable product, it’s a red flag.

Look for sales and discounts: A great way to save bucks is to be on the lookout for ghost-hunting gear at a discounted price online.

Beware of too-good-to-be-true deals: Scammers love to tempt buyers with jaw-droppingly low prices. If a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is. Only shop from dedicated ghost-hunting equipment stores.

Compare prices: Before hitting that “buy” button, compare prices. Online stores will often have more affordable EMFs among their most expensive options.


Where can I buy affordable ghost-hunting equipment?

If you’re searching for affordable and quality paranormal equipment, check out SpiritShack. You can find an array of gear, from EMF meters to divination tools and even haunted items! You could even take a look at local thrift stores for unique finds.

Can I make my own paranormal equipment?

Certainly! If you’d like to take on a project, creating your own ghost-hunting tools can be a rewarding and cost-effective approach. You can create a DIY EMF meter, Spirit Box and other devices using basic electronic components and a little know-how. There are plenty of online tutorials and guides for help.

Final Thoughts

Jumping into the paranormal world and exploring haunted locations doesn’t need to break the bank. With affordable ghost-hunting gear and a knack for finding great bargains, you can gear up for a budget-friendly paranormal investigation.

Remember, fancy or expensive equipment doesn’t make you a paranormal investigator. It’s a passion and endless curiosity that does!

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