What Is The Pendulum Board?

Pendulum board

What Exactly is a Pendulum Board?

A pendulum board, usually circular, is a spiritual tool used in divination. When you pair it with a pendulum, this board features words like ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘unclear.’ Some even include ‘maybe’ or ‘rephrase’. By holding a swinging weight above it, you can seek answers to your burning questions.

As the stone swings, it gravitates towards whichever word represents the answer. While it might make some of you think of the Ouija board, pendulum boards offer a unique experience, allowing people to tap into deeper levels of intuition and subconscious guidance.

The Science and Scepticism

Once you start exploring the world of pendulum boards, you’re likely to wonder about the scientific proof behind them. Well, there isn’t concrete evidence supporting their accuracy. However, divination experts believe pendulum boards work by helping users access their intuition and delve into the subconscious.

According to spiritual guide Rachel Lang “It (the pendulum board) basically detects energy, helping you fine-tune your intuition”.

It’s a blend of the mystical and the mind. While some remain sceptical, others find genuine guidance. Remember, like many spiritual tools, it’s not just about the board but the connection you foster. So, can we say they’re scientifically proven? No. But there’s something intriguing about the answers they provide.

Pendulum Board vs. Ouija Board

Remember when we mentioned an Ouija board earlier? Well, it’s time to see how one compares to a pendulum board.

In the realm of divination, you’ll encounter both pendulum boards and Ouija boards. While they might seem similar, there are distinct differences. A pendulum board is used solo, relying on the pendulum’s swing to reveal answers to yes or no questions.

On the other hand, Ouija boards are used in groups and need a planchette to spell out messages in response to complex or nuanced questions. Both aim to connect with deeper levels of consciousness or even spirit guides.

But remember, while pendulum boards answer straightforward questions, Ouija boards can offer more complex insights. Each has its unique charm in the world of spiritual exploration.

Preparing to Use a Pendulum

Before simply jumping into your divining session, it’s important to set the right atmosphere. Start by sitting quietly, allowing yourself to enter a receptive mindset. Think of it as tuning into a unique frequency. Some enthusiasts recommend a brief meditation or even cleansing the board with crystals.

Always remember that this isn’t just about the board, it’s about your connection to it. So, take a moment, breathe deeply and ensure you’re truly present. Your board, and the answers it holds, await your focused attention.

Asking the Right Questions

When you’re ready to consult your pendulum board, the questions you pose matter immensely. Aim for clear, yes or no questions. For example, a straightforward question like “Can I pursue this career path?” or “Is this decision right for me?”. Avoid complex or nuanced questions, as they could leave you with ambiguous answers instead of the divine guidance you were seeking.

Remember, the board thrives on straightforwardness. It’s not the place for open-ended queries. Like, “What should I do next?”. Instead, you can rephrase this to “Should I take this specific action?”. By framing your questions correctly, you’ll harness the board’s potential. Ensure you ask clear questions for guidance and more accurate insights.

The Art of Using the Pendulum

Using a swinging weight with your board is a dance of intuition and focus. Here’s a step-by-step guide to mastering the art:

  • Position yourself: Begin by sitting quietly and comfortably with the swinging weight in hand, ensuring both you and the board are on a stable surface.
  • Connect: Hold the pendulum chain between your fingers, letting the stone dangle above the board’s centre. Investing in an LED pendulum is a great way to improve your focus during the session. Take a deep breath, connecting with your tool.
  • Pose your question: Clearly and calmly, ask your chosen question. Remember to keep a receptive mindset, whichever answer you receive.
  • Observe: Watch as the stone swings, gravitating towards an answer. Whichever word or direction it leans towards most is your guidance.

An important aspect here is embracing the process and not becoming impatient. Learning how to use the pendulum does take practice, so try to practice with it often.

Where to Find or Craft Your Own Board

Intrigued by the allure of pendulum boards? Whether you’re looking to buy or craft one, there are options aplenty.

  • Shopping options: Popular online platforms like Amazon, Etsy and SpiritShack offer various pendulum boards. Each board has its own unique design and charm. Have a look into their collections, you’re bound to find one that speaks to you.
  • Local treasures: Please remember local occult or spiritual shops. They often stock handcrafted boards, bringing a touch of personal energy to your divination journey.
  • DIY Route: Feeling crafty? Gather materials like wood or cardboard, design your board, and add words or symbols. It’s a personal touch that makes your board truly yours.


How accurate are pendulum boards compared to other divination tools?

Pendulum boards, like any divination method, rely on personal connection and intuition. Their accuracy can be as profound as an EVP voice recorder or any other tool. It’s essential to approach each pendulum board session with an open mind. Remember, the tool’s efficacy often hinges on the user’s belief and connection to it.

Can I use a pendulum board daily, or is it best for specific occasions?

Absolutely! While some reserve the board for special moments, it’s versatile enough for daily use. Like any other ritual, consistency can deepen your connection. However, always ensure you’re in the right mindset when consulting pendulum boards to get the most accurate insights.

Are there any precautions to take when using a pendulum board?

Yes, when using pendulum boards, always approach your session with respect and intention. Ensure you’re in a calm, focused state. It’s also wise to cleanse your board often, removing any lingering energies. Remember, like all spiritual tools, pendulum boards are a conduit, and it’s essential to use them with care and reverence.

How does the pendulum board work?

To learn how the pendulum works, think of yourself as a vessel, like a medium. The spirits can use your body to create involuntary movements in your arm to move the pendulum to pass on messages.

Final Thoughts

The realm of pendulum boards can be best described as a unique blend of introspection and guidance. Whether you’re drawn to a store-bought pendulum board or crafting your own, the experience is deeply personal.

Remember, it’s not just about asking a straightforward question, but also about being open to whichever answer the universe provides. While it’s tempting to make all sorts of wild queries, it’s best to avoid complex, open-ended questions.

Embrace the pendulum board as one spiritual tool among many in your journey, and let it illuminate your path with clarity and insight.


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