Professional Ghost Hunting Equipment

Professional ghost-hunting equipment

Cutting-Edge Ghost-Hunting Gear for Professional

Hunting ghosts is different from your typical nine-to-five job. It’s a thrilling, sometimes hair-raising journey into the unknown. No one ever said that ghost hunting was easy. Catching their elusive presence requires more than just a curious spirit. As a seasoned paranormal investigator, you know that more than most!

Pro paranormal investigators need the right tools and equipment in their arsenal if they’re serious about unravelling the mysteries of the supernatural. And we’re not talking about ordinary gadgets here. We’re talking about top-of-the-line paranormal equipment that can take your ghost-hunting game to the next level.

Ready to kick your paranormal investigations up a notch? Then you’ll need the very best!

1. BooBuddy Interactive Bear

It sounds strange that a teddy bear, of all things, would be considered a tool for experienced ghost hunters.

But the BooBuddy isn’t for snuggles; it’s one of the latest innovations in ghost-hunting equipment! The creator of this squishy detector, Shawn Porter, says: “It’s not just a toy, it’s an investigator.”

BooBuddy actively engages in paranormal activity. And it brings a whole new level of interaction to your investigations. With its friendly voice, it will ask questions for you. And it automatically responds to fluctuations in the environment.

Some of the coolest features of this interactive bear include:

  • Tracking major temperature fluctuations
  • Detecting movement around it
  • Sensing vibrations
  • Monitoring shifts in electromagnetic fields (EMF)

BooBuddy is an all-in-one, highly intelligent ghost-hunting device and a must-have for serious ghost-hunters!

2. Full-Spectrum Camera

Ghosts aren’t known to appear during the daylight, so neither should your camera! Until recently, ghost hunters could only dream about a camera like the Phasm Camera.

What do you need when you’re sleuthing through the creepiest and darkest corners you can find? A night vision camera, of course! And not just any night vision camera, but one with full spectrum ultraviolet night vision in 4K.

This camera was tailor-made for ghost hunting. It allows spirit hunters to capture ghostly encounters in ultra-high-definition. Need we say more?

3. Thermal Imaging Camera

You’ve likely had that spine-tingling feeling that an unseen presence might lurk just out of sight. But you’ve yet to actually see it. Well, wonder no more. You can spot those weird temperature changes in dark, eerie rooms with a thermal imaging camera.

It’s widely believed that spirits may leave behind a trace of their energy as a temperature signature. And these cameras can help us spot them.

An infrared thermal imaging camera can pick up on those hot and cold spots. They’re often associated with ghosts and display them on the screen. This on-the-spot feedback is crucial during investigations.

4. EMF Meter

As a pro ghost hunter, you aim to seek out, track, and document all things weird and unworldly. In this case, you should also know the value of an EMF meter.

The EMF meter is one of the most essential tools in your ghost-hunting kit. Many spirit hunters believe that spirits have the power to mess with electromagnetic fields. An EMF meter tells when a spirit turns up the “energy dial” to make itself known.

There are many EMF meters on the market. But the best ones for seasoned paranormal investigators are the TriField EMF Meter TF2 and the EDI+ Meter and Data Logger. They’re high-quality, feature-packed and reliable.

5. Digital Voice Recorder

Want to gather compelling evidence of paranormal entities? You’re going to need a quality EVP recorder. This digital recorder is the key to capturing electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Those eerie, unexplained voices and sounds may be a spirit attempting to communicate with you.

Those disembodied voices operate at a frequency beyond the range of the human ear. But this nifty device bridges that gap. It allows you to hear and record those eerie disturbances in high-quality audio.

6. Spirit Box

Sometimes, the only way to get the answers is to ask the spectre directly. Enter the Spirit Box, also known as the Ghost Box. It rapidly sweeps through radio frequencies.

Spirit boxes are EVP goldmines. Ghosts manipulate radio signals, creating the energy spirits need to transmit their voices. This allows real-time conversations with entities from the other side. It’s like having a direct line to the supernatural.

8. REM Pod

Sometimes, we can’t consciously detect changes in a room’s energy when spirits are nearby. That’s where the REM Pod is helpful. You’ve likely seen this nifty gadget used by the experts on Ghost Adventures.

Short for Radiating Electromagnetism Pod, this device creates an electromagnetic force field around it. And it’s ready to spring into action at the slightest spectral intrusion.

When a spirit decides to make an appearance, it tends to meddle with this energy field. The REM Pod springs into action by lighting up and beeping. You’ll be able to catch even the most elusive spectres with this device!

9. Paranormal Music Box

What is the Paranormal Music Box? Paranormal Music boxes have a long history in ghost hunting as trigger objects. The paranormal music box’s recognition of Ghost Adventures speaks to its effectiveness.

When an entity triggers the paranormal music box, it plays a haunting tune and activates a red light. It will draw your attention to the paranormal hotspot.

The music box’s sensitivity and 180° coverage allow you to position it strategically during your investigations. Plus, it makes for a seriously spooky experience!

10. Laser Grid Pen

Recently, green laser pointers have soared in popularity. Thanks to shows like Ghost Hunters International and films like Paranormal Activity 4.

The grid-like pattern of dots created by the laser grid pen is a game-changer for detecting paranormal activity. Imagine these dots forming a web across walls, floors and ceilings. Any disturbance in this web, even the subtlest movement, triggers an immediate response.

What’s great about this setup is that airborne particles like dust or insects don’t interfere with it. Nor do they trigger false alarms like they usually do with other detection methods.


How do I choose the best ghost-hunting equipment?

First, consider your experience level and budget. You want to purchase equipment that aligns with your paranormal investigation goals. Whether it’s tracking paranormal energy or communicating with ghosts. Reviews are also your best friend. Read what other fellow paranormal enthusiasts have to say about the equipment before deciding.

Can beginners use professional ghost tracking equipment?

There are definitely tools that are suitable for investigators at all levels. Like EMF meters and night vision cameras, for example. However, more advanced equipment, like the BooBuddy Interactive Bear and Full-Spectrum camera, comes with a higher price tag and more expertise.

Final Thoughts

As a seasoned ghost hunter, you know it takes more than your wits and curiosity to explore the supernatural world; it takes the right tools.

From interactive plushy toys to full-featured EMF meters and ghost communicators. The exciting world of ghost-hunting equipment keeps advancing.

Trust us, your next hunt will be a different world with these gadgets in your ghost-hunting kit!

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