The Best Ghost Hunting Equipment: A Complete Guide

best ghost-hunting equipment

Sleuthing For The Supernatural: The Ultimate Ghost Hunting Kit

In the stillness of the night, hidden away from the bustle of our everyday lives, a world exists beyond our senses. It’s a world veiled in the supernatural, where whispers echo and apparitions await discovery.

Whether a seasoned investigator or a curious newcomer, every ghost hunter understands the crucial role of equipment in their pursuit of the unknown. It’s the difference between capturing an eerie EVP from a restless spirit and imagining things in the dark.

The Basics for Ghost Hunting

Let’s start with the basic essentials that every ghost hunter should have. These are general items that may not be exclusively designed for ghost hunting. But they still play a key role in your paranormal pursuits.


A torch really is an essential and basic item for any investigator. Many ghost hunters overlook bringing a torch because they only think about the most specialized equipment.

It’s only natural that many investigations occur under the cover of darkness. When the moment arrives to switch off the lights, a torch with infrared light is key for not bumping into things and being able to work with your tools!


Having handheld communication tools like walkie-talkies is an absolute must for conducting responsible and safe paranormal investigations. Especially when normal speech just won’t cut it.

Imagine your team spread out in different locations. You’ve got to keep everyone in the loop to ensure everyone’s safe and coordinate your actions effectively.

Night Vision Camcorder

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s never more true than when it’s applied to pictures of the paranormal. If you want to capture and review everything that unfolds, you’ll need a camcorder to record it.

A camcorder with night vision capabilities is a definite must. They come loaded with all the bells and whistles a paranormal investigator could wish for. And you will notice a thing when you’re documenting.

Specialized Equipment: Taking Your Paranormal Investigations Up a Notch

Moving on to the more advanced equipment for hunting ghosts. These gadgets are tailored just for paranormal investigation purposes.

Infrared Thermometer

Feeling those sudden chills and tracking temperature swings play a big role in hunting ghosts. There’s a theory that when the temperature drops in an area, something’s sucking up energy. And it’s possibly trying to make an appearance.

This is where infrared, or IR, technology comes in handy. An infrared thermometer is a handheld device with a laser pointer that helps you spot temperature fluctuations. Which could possibly be the cause of a ghostly visitor…

EMF Meter

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us, from the smartphone in your hand to the Earth itself. Now, in the paranormal realm, it’s believed that ghosts may mess with these EMFs. It’s like turning up the “energy dial” to let you know they’re lurking about.

Enter the EMF meter or K2 meter. The K2 meter has five LED lights to show different EMF levels. The readings stay steady in the green when it’s a regular human-made EMF. But when you’re in the presence of some paranormal activity, those readings can spike to the reds.

Digital EVP Recorder

Small devices that pack lots of investigative punch, digital EVP recorders can be incredibly useful for ghost hunters. In fact, it’s one of the most recommended pieces of gear from paranormal investigators worldwide.

A digital recorder is your go-to for capturing audio recordings. It’s better known as electronic voice phenomena (EVP), from the spirit world while you’re on a mission. These mysterious sounds can serve as valuable evidence of paranormal entities!

Spirit Box

The hottest thing in EVP research is the popular spirit box (known as a ghost box). This device is believed to significantly increase your chances of snagging ghostly evidence.

A spirit box scans through live radio frequencies. This allows spirits to use the words they want from broadcasts to piece together a message. What sets the spirit box apart from your run-of-the-mill EVP tools is that you can hear the response in real-time!

Motion Triggered Devices

Have you ever wondered if there’s an otherworldly presence sharing your space? Motion sensors and triggered devices can help with that! They alert us to something mysterious moving around and offer a chance to communicate with spirits.

One of the latest and most popular motion-triggered devices is the BooBuddy Interactive Bear. This is not your average stuffed bear; it’s an investigator, too! It reacts to changes in the environment and even communicates directly with spirits.

Power Bank & Extra Batteries

If there’s one thing (technically two) that many ghost hunters need to remember, it’s a power bank and extra batteries. The last thing you want is your camera or digital recorder dying on you just as you’re about to capture some spooky phenomena!

So, save yourself the hassle and bring along a fully-charged power bank. And at least three or, better yet, five sets of spare batteries for each device.

Spirits are known to drain energy from fully charged devices. And those batteries have a habit of running out at the most inconvenient times!

Bonus Equipment: Nice-to-Haves for Serious Ghost Hunters

Not every investigator in the field uses these gadgets. They’re not essential for typical hunting spooks, but pretty cool! Some of them can be handy, though they may also take a toll on your wallet.

You can catch some of this gear on the popular TV show Ghost Adventures. So, if you want to feel like a pro, it’s worth checking out!

BooBuddy Interactive Bear

This cuddle-worthy bear is anything but ordinary – it’s a paranormal hunter! The BooBuddy is a highly advanced EMF bear that poses intelligent questions and responds to environmental changes like a real pro.

Just take a look at these awesome features:

BooBuddy talks!
Asks EVP questions and reacts to surroundings.
Detects EMF, motion, temperature, and vibration changes.

Paranormal Music Box

It is an excellent tool for amping up your investigations. This nifty gadget has a motion sensor that sets off a music box melody whenever something gets close.

Regular motion sensors do the trick now, but this one’s perfect for those “curious” ghosts.

If you’re just getting started in ghost hunting, it might be a bit much, but a Paranormal Music Box could be a worthy investment as your collection grows!


Where can I buy the best ghost-hunting equipment?

You have several options when it comes to purchasing the best ghost-hunting equipment. You can browse Amazon or the numerous specialized ghost equipment online stores. However, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop that offers a comprehensive selection of ghost-hunting gear, from the essentials to advanced equipment, SpiritShack is it!

How much does ghost-hunting equipment cost?

Paranormal investigation equipment can vary widely. It all depends on what you’re looking for. For example, you could snag a basic ghost box for around £15 or a more advanced model for over £200. It’s all about prioritizing the basics and setting a budget.


Whether you’re hoping to uncover the secrets of a haunted location or document a mysterious shadow, the equipment you choose can make or break your ghost hunt!


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