What Is A GeoPort?


What is a GeoPort?

What Is A GeoPort? Strange things happen when a curious mind becomes interested in the paranormal world. That includes the invention of new ghost hunting devices! And one such device is the GeoPort.

GeoPort technology emerged as a key to unlocking communication with the other side. In this article, we’ll discuss what a GeoPort is, how it works, and where to use it.

GeoPort Technology

We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves. And it’s these waves that lie at the heart of a GeoPort.

A GeoPort’s purpose is to create an environment, so a spirit can reach out. The electromagnetic waves create a portal. And it’s this portal that acts as a channel, so the spirits can show themselves.

But, what sets GeoPorts apart from other paranormal devices?

It’s the idea that only intelligent spirits can interact through them!

For spirits to manifest through a GeoPort device, they require a specific energy level and awareness. This is how they navigate through the portal.

Expert paranormal investigators appreciate this more selective form of communication. It creates intention behind the communication. Why? Because the spirits chose to show themselves.

So, What Exactly Is A GeoPort?

These devices can manipulate electromagnetic frequencies to connect with the spirit world. Ghosts use these frequencies to make their presence known.

It’s like spirits dialling into a chat using the energy in the air.

The GeoPort acts like paranormal radio. It is tuned into channels, so ghosts can tell us they’re there. It’s a dynamic blend of science and spookiness.

A GeoPort provides a broader way for ghosts to connect and convey messages. Ghosts can answer any question you ask them – if they choose to.

And, all this technology and spooky communication takes place inside wooden boxes. It’s like modern meets traditional. You’ve got vintage on the outside and high-tech ghost hunting equipment on the inside.

GeoPorts are not really beginner-friendly. They’re also not the easiest to take them along with you, as they have complicated wires and set-ups. Usually, these devices are only used by the paranormal pros.

Choosing The Right GeoPort

There are lots of different GeoPort models on the market. Each of these caters to different needs and budgets.

If you’re new to ghost hunting, starting with a less expensive one will be the best. Entry-level ghost hunting GeoPorts have great functionalities, but you won’t be spending all your savings on them.

If you’re much more experienced (or have a bigger budget), you can consider a premium model. These come with extra features that might be useful during the ghost hunt.

Premium GeoPorts have:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Signal processing
  • Sturdier build

Your choice depends on your skill level, preferences, and level of engagement.

GeoPort versions:

  • Entry-level GeoPort
    • Very affordable devices
    • Basic functions
    • Suitable for beginner ghost hunters
  • Compact GeoPort
    • Very easy to carry, and portable
    • Basic features for convenience
  • Professional GeoPort
    • Designed for professional paranormal investigators
    • Advanced features
    • Higher price
  • Wireless GeoPort
    • Uses wireless equipment
    • Portable, so you can take it to different locations
    • Needs a power source or battery
  • Vintage-style GeoPort
    • Replaced the radio in classic radio cabinets
    • Has modern technology with an old-school feel
  • Pro-plus GeoPort
    • Top-of-the-range model
    • Cutting-edge technology
    • Amazing features for serious ghost hunting
    • Higher cost for premium performance

Where To Use A GeoPort

GeoPorts do work better in certain locations compared to others. Here are a few locations that might work better when trying to reach spirits.

  • Areas with a lot of paranormal activity: GeoPorts give the best results in haunted locations. Sites of war, tragedy, or any place where there were once a lot of emotions are popular sites for spirits to linger
  • Areas with a lot of natural energy: Ever heard of ley lines or geomagnetic hotspots? These areas have a lot of natural energy. And GeoPorts are much more sensitive when there’s a lot of energy. That’s because these areas are linked with spiritual energy too – which means better interactions! The weather also has a huge impact on how well a GeoPort works.
  • Quiet spaces: A GeoPort works best in a quiet environment. It will be even better if you can use it where it is slightly isolated. Outside forces, like electronics and background noise, should be reduced. If there’s a lot of interference, your GeoPort might not pick up signals from the spirits.
  • Peaceful places: GeoPorts will work best in calm spaces. Although these areas are often linked to tragic pasts, the ghost hunter also needs to be calm and respectful. The best way to communicate is to have an open mindset. This will allow you to have a positive session with a ghost or spirit.
  • Experimental settings: If you want to test how your GeoPort works, you can create a controlled environment. You can change the environmental conditions to check how sensitive your device is.

Inventor Of The GeoPort

The GeoPort was invented by an electrical engineer called George Brown. Even though he had an engineering job, he also had a lifelong passion for all things paranormal. He was especially interested in talking with ghosts.

George wanted to use his skills and his passion, to create technology that would let us communicate with the spirit world. And so he created the GeoPort!

George’s GeoPorts are different from all other ghost communicators. Yes, this device serves a purpose, but it is also very beautiful.

The first GeoPorts were placed within vintage wooden radio cabinets. It celebrated the rich history of ghost hunting, while also being a very functional device. Modern GeoPorts today have fun LEDs and modern casings.

Cost And Artistry

GeoPorts are unique paranormal communicators. Many of these devices are hand-made, which contributes to their high prices.

On George’s website, their prices start at $2,000 (~£1,570), and that’s not for the custom-builds!

But, you pay for value. The premium costs indicate the dedication that is poured into each GeoPort.

When it comes to paranormal tools, GeoPorts are one of the few that have a focus on what the device looks like. According to George, each port is a vision of his creativity and passion.


What other ghost-hunting equipment is similar to GeoPort technology?

You get different technology for ghost hunting such as spirit boxes, ghost boxes, as well as EVP recorders. These are all ghost communicators that can be used during ghost hunting. Each of these devices has different mechanisms, but they can all help you reach out to ghosts and spirits.

Do weather conditions affect how GeoPorts work?

Weather conditions, such as storms or hurricanes, can increase paranormal activity. Using GeoPorts during these conditions may increase the chances of making contact with an entity. You might even hear voices from a ghost or a spirit!

What are common misconceptions about GeoPorts?

There are some common myths surrounding GeoPorts’ capabilities. Addressing these myths can provide a better understanding of what to expect when using this device.

  1. Instant communication: GeoPorts won’t always immediately put you in contact with a spirit. The connection depends on a couple of factors such as the energy in the environment and how eager a spirit is to make contact.
  2. Guaranteed answers: While GeoPorts enhance the chances of spirit communication, there are no guarantees! You can’t predict the nature or content of the spirit messages received. Spirits may choose not to respond or communicate at all.
  3. Ending a GeopPort session properly: GeoPort sessions are very intense, and the idea of ending one can seem daunting, but it’s quite simple. George Brown has a YouTube channel where he demonstrates how to use GeoPorts. In one of his videos, he tests out a GeoPort and demonstrates how to close the session simply by saying, “Thank you for speaking to me, I have to go home now.”


If you have a ghost problem or wish to communicate with entities from a different realm, why not invest in a ghost communicator? One good option is a GeoPort. With a wide range of GeoPorts – from beginner to advanced – you might find answers to age-old questions that are waiting to be answered.

GeoPorts are more than just instruments; they play the biggest role in unlocking the secrets that lie beyond the veil.


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