What Is A Spirit Box?

What is a spirit box?

There are many tools in the world of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. There are many pieces of equipment for recording or becoming acquainted with the spirits in an area. It’s worth noting that there is no one size fits all piece of equipment.

Each device works differently for identifying paranormal spirits. You should go with something that alerts you to the presence of paranormal activity with an alarm. Or you can try a motion-activated piece of equipment.

Conversing with the dead is believed by some to be as simple as purifying a space with sage and burning candles. This is because spirits are known to communicate through the elements. Flames or fire, and even containers of water on occasion.

Some believe the best way to contact spirits is by using equipment like an Ouija board. It’s designed to converse with spirits. It can spell out any messages it may have for the people using the board. It’s believed by some people that using a medium to contact spirits is the best way to reach and speak with the dead. And it’s the easiest and safest way to communicate with a deceased loved one.

So, where should you start? Is there one piece of equipment that allows you to contact spirits?

What is a Spirit Box?

One of the best pieces of equipment on the market to contact spirits is through using technology. One of the best tools is a small pocket-sized Spirit Box device. A Spirit Box presents the spirits with various radio waves and frequencies. They can use the white noise to communicate.

How Do Spirit Boxes Work?

A Spirit Box is referred to as a Ghost Box. It’s a term for any machine used to pick up the communication of spirits through the verbal medium. This means noises, sounds, or any other unintelligible sounds made by a spirit and captured on the device.

Using a handheld AM/FM radio as a spirit box is common. But to do this, the part of the radio that lands on a particular frequency needs disabling. The radio will then jump from one station to another and bounce through different frequencies quickly.

Use a Spirit Box alongside an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Recorder for best results. This is so that you can record any responses from spirits after attempting to communicate. You can play it back if you didn’t hear the response or want to hear it more times.

It is believed throughout the paranormal investigation community that when spirits and paranormal entities attempt to communicate with the physical world, they cannot transmit messages using a single frequency. And have to transition through intermittent wavelengths to get their messages through.

An EVP Recorder allows you to play back any audio caught by the Spirit Box. And you can experiment with it. You can slow it down or play it backwards, for example. To see if you can identify any words or phrases spoken by the spirit.

The History of the Spirit Box

Bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical world has been attempted for centuries. Due to recent technological developments, it is possible to record the voices of spirits.

In the 1950s, an American photographer named Attila von Szalay believed that he captured the voices of spirits on a reel of tape. He did this by setting up a microphone in an empty cabinet. And he played back the audio to see what sounds he could pick up. He claimed that the recording picked up small noises you could not hear through the human ear. And he believed that they were the voices of spirits.

Spirit Boxes have come a long way from their humble beginnings. And different versions are still used to this day. These versions are products of a creation made by Frank Sumption in 2002. Sumption was a paranormal researcher who believed in the power of EVPs. He was among the first to hypothesize that you can contact spirits using a modified AM radio receiver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alice Box?

The Alice Box is a piece of paranormal investigation equipment. It is a device designed to facilitate real-time communication with spirits using text-based software to generate words. The concept behind the Alice Box is similar to that of the Ovilus. Where it’s believed that spirits can manipulate the device to create words or phrases, allowing investigators to ask questions and receive answers from the other side.

What is GeoPort?

A GeoPort manipulates electromagnetic frequencies to allow a connection with the spirit world, acting like a paranormal radio. Spirits can use these frequencies to signal their presence. The GeoPort is a bridge between the physical world and the spirit realm.

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