What Is An Ovilus?

The Ovilus is a tool which will allow you to speak with the spirit world. Bill Chappell made the device. Created for paranormal use, you can find it on his website Digital Dowsing. It is a great tool, and many people report its accuracy.

What you need to know about the Ovilus!

The latest model is the 5b, also known as the 5 Rev B. It will cost you around $449.00 from his shop. It has nothing but great ratings and good reviews. Digital Dowsing builds them to order. So it may take some time if you want one.

Ovilus Alternatives

Despite the Ovilus being in short supply, SpiritShack has created HexCom, a great alternative. It’s a fraction of the price and works just as well.

Using one for Ghost Hunting

They only ship to a few countries. If you are lucky, you can find a used one online. It has unique sensors built in which measure temperature, fields and various other things.

Each of these readings is compared with a word database. A ghost can affect the built-in sensors, which allows the spirit to pick words from the database. Once chosen, it then speaks the chosen words out loud. They have displayed on the screen as well.

As seen on TV

It has been seen on TV many times. Two of the more popular times were when it appeared on “Ghost Adventures”, and “Paranormal State”. If you are into the supernatural. We do not need to explain who those ghost hunter shows are.

Version 3 vs 5

The Ovilus 3 was trendy, so much so many people still want one. Hundreds of people still look for it each day. You will be lucky to find one now, though. The odd one may pop up on shopping sites and get sold correctly.

Version 5 is newer, looks better and has more features. I would choose the latest model if you had to pick between the two. It’s well-made and is very high quality. And it works well for speaking with spirit.

It is used by for research groups to test areas for spirits. Ghost reality TV series Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State even featured it on their show.

How does it work?

The Ovilus model 5 and 3 work the same. There is a built-in database of words. It uses its temperature and magnetic field detector to cross-check its readings to match numbers. And these numbers link to words. Spirits can choose words which you can hear spoken out aloud. It resembles the spirit box.

This is a typical review for the word bank device

“We have found the device used by our team on our most recent hunts to have given accurate readings. And we have spoken with the spirit world. At least 75% of the time, the words seem very accurate. With valid responses to some of our more pointed questions. It is one of our go-to tools.”

5 Rev B tech specs
  • Weight: 0.6875 lbs
  • Size: 7 × 5 × 3 in
  • Modes: 8
  • Full Colour Touch Screen
  • Built-in battery
  • Voices: Male English, Female English, Male Spanish, Female Spanish
  • Slot for speaker or ear phones
  • Power switch
  • Powerful and loudspeaker
  • You can access the memory card from a PC
  • It does not use random words
More tips and tricks

You should only use it in a haunted location or house. And this will give you better results. If you use it in a random house, there may not be any ghosts to speak with if you get another sign, like a little knocking or seeing an orb. It is a good sign the spirits are here.

Firstly, you can use the in with other paranormal equipment. Secondly, you get real responses at the time the Rem Pod triggers. Thirdly, it further backs up your evidence, as simultaneously, two different forms of strange activity are difficult to disprove.

Ovilus 5 rev b Modes


The Home menu allows you to select which Mode to switch to. You can return to the main menu from any other screen.

Ovilus home screen


Words are chosen from the built-in dictionary mode based on readings that it picks up. Model 5 does not use any random word generation. It strictly only uses readings from the sensors. If anything, it’s similar to the spirit box

This is why it is highly accurate and works well. Once energy level changes are detected, the device will pick the linked word. The shift variation is from 1 to 2048, including words. During regular operation, it will voice many words.

Ovilus - Dictionary mode


Draw draws blocks across the screen in different colours from the readings it picks up. Furthermore, this is a new and unique method of ITC. Draw makes grey or static blocks in low-energy areas. Sometimes a high-energy spike triggers it to draw exciting and intriguing screens.

Ovilus: Draw mode


This shows the energy level readings in a sine wave. They are like energy displays. By watching the waves, it allows you to see how dynamic energy fields are.

Which is better than only showing an average number. Energy Mode may appear as though it responds to vibrations. It responds to static and magnetic fields.

You don’t need to touch the device to get a reading. Just having your energy near the device is often enough. Conditions do vary, for example. If you approached a live electrical socket, you would see a movement in the readings.

Ovilus: Energy mode


The log lists words spoken during the operation of dictionary mode. The words are in an ordered list from first to last. Suppose you want to see the most recent words. Scroll to the end of the list. You can use the arrow buttons to scroll through pages if needed. To clear the logs, return to the Home Screen and go to Settings. Selecting clear logs will permanently delete the current logs.

Log mode


It has a built-in motion sensor. It will display motion changes, enabling small movements you can see on the screen. Motion allows you to visualize vibration, a great way to watch for footsteps on a staircase. Or to ask for something to touch the device.

Motion has dedicated settings, accessible from the Motion screen in the bottom right-hand corner.

You can change the width and rate of the motion display if required. You can experiment with the settings to learn how they affect the display. Once mastered, you can set them for your preference and location.

Ovilus - Motion mode


Speech is formed using surrounding readings the Ovilus picks up. In Phonetic, there are zero fixed words. It only includes the building blocks of speech. In Phonetic, you can pick between both male and female voices.

Phonetic mode


True or False measures energy levels to provide a true or false reading. The True or False mode is designed to create a green light when energy readings increase. And a red light when they decrease. The green or red light will glow if the reading is high or low enough. Moreover, this is great for asking questions requiring yes or no answers. Such as lighting up green if you are a male.

True or false mode


It displays energy levels, shown in a radial graph. It is similar to energy mode in the data it uses. But it allows for a different viewing experience and a proximity trigger. In contrast, it may appear to respond to vibration. It is not. It responds to static and magnetic field changes.

You don’t need to touch the device to get a reading. Just being close is often enough, though conditions do vary. You will see a jump in the readings if you approach a live electrical socket. You can turn on the Proximity Trigger in the settings screen.

Proximity mode


In the Ovilus settings, you can change the Volume, Mute the speaker. You can also clear logs and change the gender and language of the voices. You can use the arrows or slide the volume setting to adjust the volume.

It does not mute the speaker when you plug in headphones or external speakers. The settings will allow you to mute the device. For use with headphones or a speaker if needed.

When you mute the speaker, a crossed-out speaker and headphone icon will appear in the top-left corner.

You can also clear Logs and permanently delete them if needed. A warning will ensure that you are aware of the consequences of these actions. Once you press the Home button, a saving option will appear in the top-left corner.

Settings mode

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