Which is the best ghost box?

So you want to communicate with ghosts… the number one tool for doing so is a Ghost Box. It’s a modified radio that scans through all the radio stations without stopping. You will hear odd radio stations, music and white noise. But what you are really looking out for is replies from the spirits hidden in the white noise.

Which is the best spirit box

Which one do I need?

There are many ghost boxes to choose from, all ranging in price and functionality. The SBox ghost box, for example, has a record feature. Which none of the others have. You can record your spirit box session or use it to record EVP’s.

The P-SB range can cancel out music and talking from radio stations, ensuring the majority of the responses you do get are genuine. The manual tune is a cheaper alternative, but you need to manually scroll the tuner wheel to use it. And the Para4ce allows you to turn off the antenna to cut out broadcast stations, which is quite handy.

Which is the best Box?

There and many to choose from, we recommend the SBox and the P-SB7T if you are just starting out. They are both a good solid and reliable units

Record your session

Many times you will get replies to your questions but will not hear it at the moment. That’s why it’s a good idea to record with a voice recorder or film it, so you can listen back and hear the things you missed. It’s best to record it even if you don’t think you will need it. Just in case you get that class A response!

Ghost Box vs Spirit Box?

They are literally the same thing! Over the years, the device has picked up a few different names. Some other common terms are Ghost Box’s and Spirit Box’s.

What features does a Spirit Box have?

The majority of the ones on the market all have the same basic features. Scanning forwards or backwards through the stations. Ability to change the scan speed, and volume adjustment. And being able to scan on AM and FM radio. They just about all have a digital display screen as well.

Want to Record your session?

Many paranormal investigators like to record the session, so you can listen back later. The SBox has a built-in feature which will also you to do so, it’s one of the few boxes which does. You can record it using an EVP recorder or by filming your investigation as well.

How much does a Ghost Box cost?

Prices start at around £15.00, this will only get you a manual tune one, though. You will have to scroll through the radio stations manually using the scroll wheel.

For a decent ghost scanner radio with automatic scanning, prices start at around £100.00. We are always adding new models, so feel free to keep checking the page.

Ghost box features

Tips for Getting the Best Results

It’s best to use it in a known haunted area. This is because your communicated with spirits and the paranormal, and if it’s not a haunted place, you will not receive any responses.

Be polite to the spirits, as they were living once upon a time and will be more likely to speak if they like you. If you don’t get any intelligent responses in one area, you can search around and try a different area.

  • Designed specifically for communication
  • Scans through all radio stations without stopping
  • Can be used on the AM and FM band
  • Scans forward and backwards through stations
  • Scanning speed can be increased and decreased

What about phone apps?

There are many free apps on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, all claiming to do the same. They don’t actually scan through radio stations, they usually play snippets of pre-recorded music, audio and sound. So it’s not technically the same, there is no harm trying them if they are free to download.

Can spirits interfere?

Yes, they can! They can interfere with digital or electronics devices. Regardless of what version or model it is. They can affect the display, drain the batteries, affect its services, stop the radio scan search. As well as communicate with you through it.

Ghost box white noise interference

What about a dual scan search?

The majority just have a single scanner, it’s only the SB11 which has the dual scan. If you’re new to paranormal, we would recommend a single scan mode, as it’s simpler to use.

The dual scan can be challenging to hear as you have two sets of white noise, musical and radio coming through. The majority of people with the SB11 use it in single mode once they have tried the dual scan.

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