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The Ghost Hunter TV series (2000-2002)

Ghost Hunter: A Spooky Kids TV Show

The Ghost Hunter is a UK TV series aimed at younger viewers. It was created for the BBC, based on The Ghost Hunter books written by Ivan Jones. This spooky show about ghost hunters first hit British TV screens in 2000 and the last episode aired in 2002. Today, there are still repeats on both BBC and CBBC, as well as in other countries across the world.
Huff Paranormal YouTube

All About Huff Paranormal

Huff Paranormal is an extremely popular YouTube channel that is led by paranormal investigator Steve Huff. Huff has earned himself quite a reputation among paranormal enthusiasts. Ever since posting his first video in which he claimed to communicate with spirits on the other side. Of course, for as many people who think his communication sessions are genuine, there are just as many who aim to debunk his claims.
Ghost Asylum (TV series)

Ghost Asylum (TV Series)

As a ghost enthusiast, you've probably seen plenty of paranormal TV shows that have sent shivers down your spine. At the very least, they may have caused you to sleep with the lights on. One of the most bone-chilling shows (that we still haven't quite got over) is Ghost Asylum. This show explored some of the world's most haunted buildings and locations.
The Ghost Adventures crew

Is Ghost Adventures Fake? The Rumours And Facts

Ghost Adventures is a popular American TV show that premiered on the Travel Channel in 2008. It's led by ghost hunter Zak Bagans, Bagans and his crew (Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley). They roam around the world searching for different haunted places to document claimed paranormal activity.
The ghost hunters team

Ghost Hunters: Bringing The Paranormal to Our TV Screens

Ghost Hunters is an incredibly popular American docusoap that follows a team of real-life paranormal investigators. The team visits haunted locations across the country. And they deal with every type of haunting and entity imaginable. Led by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson - two plumbers-turned-ghost-hunters and founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).
person watching a ghost hunting show

What Are The Best Ghost Hunting Shows?

Let's get right to the original - the one that started it all. Ghost Hunters is most definitely one of the best ghost-hunting shows out there. It's the OG for a reason. Ghost Hunters first hit our TVs in 2004 and quickly set a standard for all ghost-hunting shows that came afterward. And honestly, it was difficult to top.
nick groff

Why Did Nick Leave Ghost Adventures?

Spooky, spine-tingling, and filled with the supernatural. The American paranormal reality television series, Ghost Adventures, has been loved by many worldwide since its debut in 2008. At the heart of this hair-raising action was the paranormal investigator and television personality Nick Groff. Nick was born on 19th April 1980 in sunny San Jose, California.
help my house is haunted

Help My House Is Haunted: Why Is It So Popular?

"Help My House is Haunted" is a UK-based television show. The team investigates real paranormal activity in people's homes. Zak Bagans created the show; he's best known for hosting Ghost Adventures. The show features a group of paranormal experts who travel the UK. And they help families reclaim their homes from paranormal activity.
Barri Ghai in black and white

Barri Ghai: A True Inspiration To Us All

If you’ve ever heard the famous line, “Help! My house is haunted,” then you’re already familiar with the iconic paranormal investigator and TV presenter, Barri Ghai. Born in Croydon, London, England, in 1979, Barri Ghai has dedicated more than 20 years to exploring the supernatural. His journey into the world of the paranormal began at a young age.
Paranormal Witness

Best Episodes Of Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness is a paranormal documentary television series, the show tells the stories of individuals’ paranormal experiences in a dramatic portrayal. Many shows in this genre can often turn out as cringe mimics, but Paranormal Witness seems to avoid this stereotype and produces some credible re-enactments of some infamous paranormal stories, such as the conjuring and the exorcist.