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Aaron Goodwin

Born in Oregon in 1976, Aaron Goodwin has become synonymous with the world of the paranormal. The American is best known for his longstanding role on Ghost Adventures, a documentary series that explores some of the most haunted places in the world.

Goodwin started his career in the entertainment industry as a camera operator, working on various projects including sports events and red carpets, before he got his big break as a paranormal investigator. To date, Aaron Goodwin has explored hundreds of haunted houses and has over a decade’s worth of ghostly experiences under his belt.

In this article, we’ll share interesting insight into the life of Aaron Goodwin, including info about his time on the Ghost Adventures show and what he’s up to now. Let’s find out more about his successful career and what makes Goodwin such a unique and well-loved individual!

Aaron Goodwin’s Time On Ghost Adventures

The basic history of the show

According to IMDb, the first episode of Ghost Adventures came out on 17 October 2008. The original cast members included Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley. The show hosted plenty of celebrity guests over the years.

The premise of the paranormal documentary series was that the four co-hosts would explore ghostly locations around the world and carry out paranormal investigations. Along with Zak Bagans, Goodwin was one of the show’s founders, with the crew being formed back in 2004.

The series was based on an independent film of the same name and a similar theme. The first season of Ghost Adventures aired on the Travel Channel and was met with much success. Later, at the beginning of season 21, the show moved to Discovery+.

From sceptic to believer

In any ghost-hunting show, it’s important to have a team member who looks at the paranormal through a critical lens. This person can help offer logical explanations instead of simply jumping to conclusions.

In the first few seasons of the show, Goodwin was the team’s sceptic, not quite believing in ghosts. But the more he experienced haunted houses and possessed entities, the more he began to believe in the paranormal world.

His interest in the spiritual realm is apparent and it is very entertaining to watch his transformation throughout the show. Today, Goodwin is a firm believer in all things paranormal and his views are made clear through his blog page on his website.

A typical episode

Most episodes of Ghost Adventures followed a very similar format. The team would make their way to a haunted location and speak to the property owner and nearby residents about the paranormal activity in the area.

The co-hosts would discuss the possibilities and create a plan of action to determine the presence of ghostly entities or possessed spirits. Ghost-hunting equipment would be used to collect evidence and determine the presence of ghosts.

The hour-long episodes always end with a succinct conclusion, offering information about whether or not the location was truly haunted. Episodes are narrated by Zak Bagans, who is known for his engaging commentary and vast knowledge about the supernatural.

A firm fan favourite

26 seasons later, it is clear that Aaron Goodwin is a firm fan favourite. He is known for his iconic catchphrase, “Bro, did you hear that?!’, which has become one of the show’s trademarks. His humorous remarks are another reason for his popularity.

In 2015, Nick Groff left the show and this is when Goodwin’s personality really began to shine. There was great synergy between the remaining cast members, which allowed the audience to get to know each of them a bit better.

Today, Aaron Goodwin has hundreds of thousands of followers on various social media platforms. Aaron is known for engaging with his fanbase and shows his appreciation by answering questions and sharing sneak peeks into his life.

What Are Some Of Aaron Goodwin’s Scariest Paranormal Encounters?

Over the years, Aaron has had dozens of terrifying paranormal encounters. Many viewers deem the episode that took place at the Deadwood location as one of the creepiest experiences in the show’s history. In a two-hour-long Halloween special, the team explored one of the deadliest towns in America.

In his blog, Aaron writes, “I felt something that I’ve never felt before. It was a panic attack from a spirit. I was in the hallway after investigating that last room and just needed a moment to calm down. After a minute, I felt something walk up to me. I was in pitch darkness but felt as if a man was standing face to face with me.

How Aaron Goodwin Protects Himself From The Paranormal

Being exposed to the paranormal day after day can definitely be spiritually taxing. Most ghost hunters wear protection in the form of crystals or lucky charms, and co-host Zak Bagans is known for wearing his trademark mask.

During the first few years of his career as a paranormal investigator (while he was still a sceptic), Goodwin did not wear any spiritual protection. But that was until Aaron received a gift from one of his friends – a 5,600-year-old bog oak wood talisman from Ireland.

These talismans are carved and brought to what they say is the most sacred and magical place in all the land of Ireland, Tara Hill, and then blessed and charged by Adge. In Irish mythology, it is said to be the sacred place of the gods and a doorway to other worlds. Tara Hill they say is truly one of the sacred places on earth and is the centre of an enormous energy vortex,” writes Goodwin in his blog.


What does Aaron Goodwin currently do?

Aaron Goodwin still stars on Ghost Adventures, but he also has his own clothing company called “Big Steppin“, known for its unique designs. In 2019, he released a book called “Ghost Hunting for Dummies” and he also has a photography book called “Art in the Sky“.

During his spare time, Goodwin likes to help out at charity events and he speaks out as an advocate for mental health. Aaron currently lives in Las Vegas, with his wife whom he married in August 2023.

How did Aaron Goodwin collect evidence when looking for ghosts?

On Ghost Adventures, Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans, and the rest of the team would make use of professional ghost-hunting equipment to collect their evidence and prove their theories. This equipment includes:

At the end of each investigation, the footage and other data are always analysed in detail.

What other talents does Aaron Goodwin have?

Aaron Goodwin is a man of many talents. In addition to his skills as a paranormal investigator, he is known for his musical, literary, acting, and artistic capabilities.

He even sells his fascinating art, which consists of drawings, paintings, and cultures, on his website. From looking at his art, it is clear to see that Goodwin derives his inspiration from the paranormal.

What other movies and series has Aaron Goodwin starred in?

In addition to the original Ghost Adventures, Aaron Goodwin starred in the show’s many spin-off series, including The Screaming Room and Serial Killer Spirits. In terms of acting, Goodwin has featured in American Horror Story, Space Detective, and Malevolence.

Final Thoughts

Aaron Goodwin is one of the most loved celebrities in the paranormal community. He is known for his infectious laugh, genuine interest in the spiritual realm, and lovable personality that has deemed him the ‘teddy bear’ of Ghost Adventures.

From his humble beginnings as a camera operator, Aaron Goodwin is now on the list of the most famous paranormal celebrities. If you want to keep up with his antics, you can follow him on Instagram, X, and YouTube. Goodwin is known for engaging with his fanbase and posting regular, entertaining content.


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