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Death Walker

Want to learn more about the most notorious hauntings in America? You may be interested in watching the seriously spooky series titled Death Walker with Nick Groff. You’ll get to see some of the United States of America’s creepiest locations and gain a better understanding of all things otherworldly. Not to mention, you’ll be thoroughly entertained throughout!

Nick Groff is a well-known paranormal investigator, who has been involved in dozens of exciting projects over the years. He is pretty much a celebrity in the paranormal community and his knowledge about the spirit realm is truly expansive. There is no haunted house that he won’t explore.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Nick Groff’s new show, including what to expect, the equipment he uses, what a typical episode looks like, and where to watch the videos!

The Origin Of Death Walker With Nick Groff

Nick Groff’s Death Walker series was launched in 2020, although most of the filming and editing were mostly done in 2018 and 2019. The show is different to many of Nick’s other projects as he appears as the sole host. Not only is Nick the host of the show, but he is also the series’ executive producer.

In 2021, the second season was launched with the third season being launched in 2022. Each new season was slightly longer than the last, with the first season having just five episodes, the second season 15, and the third season 20! In November of 2023, it was announced that we’ll soon be receiving a fourth and possibly final season of Death Walker with Nick Groff.

A Typical Episode

Most Death Walker episodes follow a very similar format. Nick travels to a location that is known for its notorious hauntings. He speaks to the local residents to obtain more information about the paranormal activity in the area. He then sets to work on investigating whether or not any ghosts are present. He usually attempts to speak to the ghosts using specialised equipment.

Each episode wraps up with a satisfying conclusion and then it is on to the next creepy adventure. All episodes are between 38 and 45 minutes in length.

Nick Groff’s Other Paranormal Projects

Over the years, Nick Groff has been a part of dozens of other paranormal projects. His most famous project is probably Ghost Adventures, which is a series that has a very similar premise to Death Walker. The main difference between the two shows is that Ghost Adventures has multiple hosts, including the much-loved Aaron Goodwin.

Ghost Adventures currently has 26 seasons and several spin-off shows, including Aftershocks, Serial Killer Spirits, Where Are They Now?, and House Calls among others. In addition to Ghost Adventures and its spin-offs, Nick has starred in Paranormal Lockdown, Ghosts of Shepherdstown, and Nightline.

Where to Watch Death Walker with Nick Groff

There are plenty of streaming platforms where you can watch the TV series. Nick’s YouTube channel, which he shares with his wife Tessa, offers some, but not all, of the Death Walker videos. Alternatively, you can watch all three seasons on Amazon Prime or Apple TV. These platforms also allow you to watch the videos without ads. The episodes aren’t available in any languages other than English.

What Viewers Think About Death Walker

Nick Groff’s Death Walker series has been met with mixed reviews. One reviewer on IMBd writes, “It’s so tedious that I felt my body shutting down as a self-defence mechanism, but the strange thing was, as the darkness started closing in, I felt comfortable with it because it meant I didn’t have to watch this show anymore.

In contrast, many others seem to really love the show, with another reviewer writing, “Nick Groff continues what he started years ago in his quest for the paranormal. No big production crew, and no special effects. Just Nick and a camera with his cousin. The basics in ghost hunting. The raw emotions of the site and history are shown in Nick. Great show.

It seems as though one of the main reasons why people were disappointed by the show is that it’s quite different to Nick’s other shows. Nick doesn’t have any other co-hosts so there is perhaps a lack of banter and storytelling. Either way, it is well worth giving the series a chance and formulating your own opinion about the series.

The Equipment Nick Uses For His Investigations

Having the right equipment is a very important part of being a paranormal investigator. Some equipment is fairly simple, while other tools are complex and quite expensive. A few of the most popular pieces of equipment include:

Motion tracking pucks

Motion tracking pucks usually use infrared light sensors to detect motion of any kind, including any paranormal movement. These compact pucks, which can easily fit in your pocket, are great for exploring haunted houses. Want to communicate with a ghost? Simply ask them to trigger the puck to show that they are listening.

Spirit boxes

Spirit boxes are one of the most popular types of ghost-hunting equipment out there. They come in various types and sizes, and there is an ideal spirit box for every paranormal investigator. These modified radios scan AM and FM frequencies so that you can communicate with spirits and otherworldly entities.

Night vision cameras

When you investigate hauntings and ghostly happenings, it’s always good to have a night vision camera so that you can work under the cover of darkness. Spirits often appear in light ranges that humans cannot see with the naked eye. With a night vision camera, you can watch the video back to see if it picked up on anything you didn’t!

The Scariest Episodes

Each of the Death Walker episodes is scary in its own way and tells a unique spooky story. However, an episode that definitely stands out is Episode 3 from Season 3, titled Hospital on the Haunted Hill. In this episode, Nick speaks to patients of the Williamson Memorial Hospital who claim to have seen apparitions throughout the wards.

Another very spooky video is Episode 13 from Season 2, titled Indiana State Asylum. In this episode, Nick Groff visits a sanatorium where he attempts to communicate with deceased patients. No matter where your paranormal interests may lie, there is definitely a an episode to chill you to the bones.


Where does Nick Groff carry out his paranormal investigations on Death Walker?

Nick Groff explores the most notorious hauntings in locations all over America. His other series explore international destinations, but TV show generally sticks to locations within the USA.

What is a ‘death walker’ exactly?

The term ‘death walker’ actually refers to a person who accompanies and helps dying people at the end of their lives. Death walkers are trained individuals who make the process of dying less scary. They often have spiritual gifts and offer comfort during this often-scary time of people’s lives.

Is it safe for me to carry out paranormal investigations like the ones on Death Walker?

If Death Walker has inspired you to investigate the most notorious hauntings in your local area, you should proceed with caution. Never go ghost hunting alone and remember to carry a torch with you so that you don’t trip and fall in the dark. The most dangerous part of ghost-hunting is usually in the physical world rather than the spiritual realm.


Although Death Walker has gotten some mixed reviews online, fans of Nick Groff should still enjoy watching as he investigates haunted locations all over America. Nick is a talented host who has years of paranormal experience under his belt.

Even if you’ve never heard of Nick Groff and are new to the world of the paranormal, the show promises to be both entertaining and informative!


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