The Top 5 Scariest Episodes Of Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

About Ghost Adventures

Starting as an independent film, Ghost Adventures has become one of the most-watched reality TV shows across the globe.

Following a group of ghost hunters who investigate paranormal mysteries, supernatural entities, and haunted locations across America, the series first aired in 2004.

It has since developed into a fully-fledged reality show, and in 2021, moved to Discovery+, after 13 years on the Travel Channel.

The ghost-hunting TV series has aired 269 episodes (including 52 specials) over 24 seasons. The Ghost Adventures team is also set to return to our screens in October 2023 for Season 25.

The Teams Members

Before we get to The Top 5 Scariest Episodes of Ghost Adventures, let’s introduce you to the team members:

  • Zak Bagans: Founder, executive producer and paranormal investigator
  • Aaron Goodwin: Paranormal investigator and team member since 2004
  • Billy Tolley: Paranormal investigator – joined the crew in 2009
  • Jay Wasley: Paranormal investigator – joined the crew in 2009

The Top 5 Scariest Episodes Of Ghost Adventures

5. Cecil Hotel (Season: 18, Episode 1)

Location: Los Angeles, California

This is one of the scariest episodes of Ghost Adventures.

In this episode, the ghost catching team – under the leadership of paranormal investigator Zak Bagans – visits the famed Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, known for its haunted history and said to be one of the US’s most haunted places.

During filming, the ghost hunters deal with a range of paranormal experiences and activities, including finding unexplained scratches on their bodies. While visiting the room in which the serial killer, Jack Unterweger, stayed, they also witnessed the room’s facet turn on and off by itself.

Set in this creepy and mysterious haunted hotel, this episode will give you the chills.

4. Halloween Special: Route 666

Location: Lantana, Texas

This two-part episode was filmed at two of Lantana, Texas’s most haunted locations – the DeSoto Hotel and Goatman’s Bridge.

It was, reportedly, after this episode that Jay Wasley’s wife, Ashley, quit the series.

During filming, the team records a wealth of paranormal activities – including a ceiling fan that is thrown through the air and a light turning on and off by itself – in the DeSoto Hotel, which is known for its haunted history. They also recorded some weird noises when visiting Goatman’s Bridge, situated in the middle of the woods.

This episode delivers skin tingles by the load, so do not watch it alone.

3. Hell Hole Prison (Season 11, Episode 8)

Location: Yuma, Arizona

Prisons often house supernatural entities and, if abandoned, can be some of the most haunted locations there are. Known for its haunted history, Hell Hole Prison is no exception.

In this episode, the Ghost Adventures team and Jay Wasley investigate and find a bunch of friendly ghosts. The team captured a whole group of ghosts performing on stage in this notoriously haunted place.

The supernatural entities, when questioned, respond almost intelligently, making this episode a definite must-watch.

2. Abandoned In Elko (Season 26, Episode 8)

Location: Elko, Nevada

This episode sees the crew visit and investigate Elko, Nevada’s haunted Commercial Hotel and Casino.

During filming, the team is overcome and affected by the dark energy that is said to surround this famed, abandoned hotel.

If you’re easily creeped out by the supernatural, we suggest you skip it, but do yourself a favour, and give it a go – even if you have to watch it with the lights on.

1. Demon House

Location: Gary, Indiana

And finally, dear fellow ghost-hunters, the best Ghost Adventures episode on our list!

Let’s quickly set the scene: Imagine you buy a house, known as one of America’s most haunted places. Now, imagine moving into this house and setting up camp to record all the weird happenings and paranormal activities that take place here…

That’s precisely what paranormal investigator Zak Bagans did – he bought Demon House, the site of the Ammon hauntings, in 2014, and made this full-length documentary that featured as an episode on Ghost Adventures.

During filming, the team witnessed some of the most horrifying paranormal activities they’ve ever seen – loud growling in the middle of the night, and shadows moving around in the house. The crew even reported that one of its members was possessed during filming.

Bagans was so spooked after filming this episode that he had Demon House torn down in 2016.

It still never ends… I’m serious. That’s the thing with a documentary and with the Demon House, in that it doesn’t end; it never ends… This story kept going and going and at certain times… I just wished I would have pushed it to the edge a little bit more.” – Zak Bagans

If you’re a hardcore Ghost Adventures fan, then this terrifying episode won’t disappoint.

Honourable Mentions

Though these five episodes did not make it into our top five, they deserve an honourable mention:

  1. McPike Mansion (Season 20, Episode 1): The Ghost Adventures crew visit this old, haunted Victorian mansion in Alton, Illinois, which is supposedly haunted by its former owner and a deceased domestic servant.
  2. Stone Lion Inn (Season 14, Episode 1): During filming in this bed and breakfast in Guthrie, Oklahoma, the team records plenty of paranormal mysteries, including doors moving on their own, equipment that’s knocked over, and poltergeist activity.
  3. Steinbeck House Haunting (Season 22, Episode 8): In this episode, the team visit the haunted house of the author John Steinbeck, who had, for years, said the mansion was haunted.
  4. Panic On Pine Street (Season 25, Episode 11): The crew is called in to investigate the Paso Robles saloon after the staff, who have been scared and haunted beyond measure, become too terrified to enter the building alone.
  5. Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital (Season 18, Episode 12): This hospital in Gooding, Idaho is one of America’s most haunted locations and was, unbelievably, turned into an inn. Watch as the team tries to uncover the building’s dark secrets. The highlight of this episode? An EVP recording of a blood-curdling, frustrated scream.


What equipment does the team use during their ghost-hunting expeditions?

The Ghost Adventures team uses a wide range of ghost-hunting equipment when visiting haunted places, including:

At the start of every episode, the team visit the site of the alleged hauntings and, after interviewing locals and eyewitnesses, they set up their equipment. After staying up all night to obtain physical evidence and record hours of footage, the team holds a meeting to analyse their gathered data and determine if a place is haunted.

What are the best ghost hunting TV series?

There are many spooky, ghost-busting TV shows, such as Help! My House Is Haunted, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Asylum, and Ghost Hunters.

Final Thoughts

Just in time for Halloween, we’re sure this list of the top 5 scariest episodes on Ghost Adventures will be helpful.

So, switch off the lights, grab a bag of popcorn, and join paranormal investigator Zak Bagans and his team as they try to solve some of America’s biggest paranormal mysteries.

Also, remember to check out the list of honourable mentions, if your appetite for a good scare has not been satisfied.

No matter which episode you choose as your favourite, each instalment of Ghost Adventures always promises to deliver.


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