Ghost Stalkers: Is It Worth Watching?

Ghost Stalkers

If the paranormal fascinates you, and you often dream about heading out on your own ghost-hunting adventures, you’re probably an avid fan of some of the many ghost-hunting shows available today.

You’ve probably heard of John and Chad from Ghost Stalkers, and you’re wondering whether it’s worth a watch… Here’s what you need to know.

Ghost Stalkers: What to Expect

Ghost Stalkers is an American television series that was created by Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures and first aired in October 2014.

Ghost Stalkers features John Tenney and Chad Lindberg, both of whom survived their own near-death experiences.

Chad and John want to prove that there are paranormal portals scattered around the world. This is why they spend 48 hours in some of the country’s most haunted locations during every episode.

The idea is to use these paranormal portals to communicate with the other side, uncovering secrets and history as they go along.

Some of the locations that John and Chad have investigated to date include:

  • Old Taylor Memorial Hospital
  • Springfield State Hospital
  • The Wheatlands Plantation
  • Whispers Estate

Ghost Stalkers Cast

John and Chad are the two main cast members of Ghost Stalkers, and you may recognise them from some other popular movies and series.

Born on 1 November 1976, Chad Lindberg is well known for his role in the Fast and the Furious, October Sky, Sons of Anarchy and Supernatural. It was his near-death experience at 7 that sparked his interest in paranormal activity.

John E.L. Tenney was brought back to life at age 17 after legally dying for two minutes, and has been fascinated with the paranormal ever since. He has been involved in conspiratorial and occult research since the mid-1980s.

His research has led him to explore many interesting locations around the world. John has even consulted for companies such as NBC Universal, The New York Times, and Discovery Channel.

Top Ghost Stalkers Locations

Here are the top-rated Ghost Stalkers episodes from season 1 in order of preference based on viewer reviews on IMDB.

Wheatland’s Plantation (Episode 5)

Wheatland’s dark history includes death, slavery, war and even murder. Established in 1791, the plantation became the site of the Battle of Boyd’s Creek. A father was also slain by his son in this home. Chad and John travel to Wheatland’s Plantation to find out whether the reports about oppressive paranormal energy, vengeful ghosts and child spirits have any truth to them.

Old Taylor Memorial Hospital (Episode 3)

The Old Taylor Memorial Hospital is located in Hawkinsville, Georgia and was built in the 1930s. However, in 1979, it closed its doors and has since fallen into a state of disrepair. This town’s haunting leads John and Chad to this site as they revisit their own near-death experiences.

The heart of their investigation is a vortex that is said to be present within the Old Taylor Memorial Hospital walls. Using proven ghost-hunting techniques, John and Chad explore rumours of shadow people, oppressive paranormal energy and a nurse who still looks after child spirits.

Farrar School (Episode 6)

The strange thing about Farrar School is that even though there haven’t been any documented deaths on the property, there still seem to be a lot of evil entities roaming around. Perhaps the 150-year-old cemetery across the street has something to do with it?

The duo pays a visit to the highly haunted Farrar School in their sixth supernatural portal hunt. They hope to find out whether the property has some sort of sordid history that nobody knows about.

Springfield State Hospital (Episode 2)

There are a number of bone-chilling asylums scattered across America, Springfield State Hospital being one of them. As with many other mental hospitals built in the 1800s, there were reports of ill-treatment and countless deaths.

This Illinois town’s haunting led Chad and John to the Springfield State Hospital in an attempt to connect with some of the lost souls that are said to still be wandering the halls.

Holmesburg Prison (Episode 4)

Abandoned prisons are another breeding ground for paranormal activity, the Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia included. Years of assaults, riots and murder lead John and Chad to explore the oppressive paranormal energy that was left behind. This particular episode hits John quite hard as he has an experience more personal than he would like.

Whispers Estate (Episode 1)

The first episode of Ghost Stalkers sees John and Chad heading to Whispers Estate in Mitchel, Indiana. Built in 1894, Whispers Estate is also known for its sordid history and is said to be home to dozens of spirits, many of whom are patients and victims of a doctor.

Some of the other ghosts are said to include child spirits as well as a father and his special needs son, both of whom died in the house between 1966 and 1974. The strong energy of murder leads Chad and John to Whispers Estate to determine whether there’s any truth to the many tales of this property.

Is Ghost Stalkers a Worthwhile Watch?

Since Ghost Stalkers aired in 2014, there has only been one season and there has been no talk of renewing the show.

However, even though Ghost Stalkers only enjoyed one season on the air, it did receive some good reviews from a number of spooky fans.

“I really enjoyed the first season of Ghost Stalkers. John, Chad, and David did a great job. I appreciated the professionalism and respect shown by the whole team. The team investigates theories about the paranormal. In this season, the concept of portals was explored. I thought it was a unique take rather than just walking around and asking if someone is there.

Maybe at some point they can do some follow-up shows and reveal some of the cut scenes. In the meantime, I would suggest looking up John’s website, so you can read his behind the scenes comments.” – Michele Kubat (9/10)

Other paranormal fans were less than impressed though and wanted more than just a show about sordid history.

“I’ve had the misfortune of catching 3 episodes of this on TV. This is just painful to watch for any paranormal fanatic worth their salt.”

They contaminate their own video with camera-mounted flashlights, causing most of the hand-held footage to just be a massive glare with the audio of them reaction to a “spooky ghost”. Their constant talk about portals will drive anyone to switch the channel before they join the ranks of the ghosts these dorks are “hunting” out of sheer boredom.

They rarely catch any evidence on camera, which are more often aimed to capture the reaction of the investigator to a supposed haunt than anything else, and when they do, they don’t bother trying to debunk it. It’s just accepted as paranormal. – Gunslinger744 (2/10)

So, are the Ghost Stalkers, Chad and John, worth watching? Overall, this is an average paranormal series that does have the intriguing angle of a supernatural portal hunt in every episode, but some may find the series to be overacted.

On the other hand, the unique locations such as the Old Taylor Memorial Hospital and the Springfield State Hospital are always interesting to learn about, as are John and Chad’s own near-death experiences.

Where to Stream Ghost Stalkers

You can watch Chad and John chase oppressive paranormal energy on:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Vudu
  • Google Play


What ghost-hunting equipment do John and Chad use?

There are countless tools you can use when hunting for ghosts, but you will often see John and Chad using equipment such as EVP recorders, REM pods, thermal imaging cameras and motion detectors.

What is an EVP recording?

EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, was introduced nearly a century ago and is the art of using a recording device and radio frequencies to capture the voices of spirits.


In closing, if you have an afternoon or two to kill, and you love roaming the haunted halls of a prison or exploring a home with violent paranormal activity from the comfort of your couch, Ghost Stalkers is fine enough.

John and Chad are interesting hosts, but there are times when you can tell Chad has acted before, so you may want to watch the top-rated episodes, starting with Wheatland’s dark history, before you decide the series is not for you.


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