Who Are Ghosts Of Britain?

Ghosts of Britain

Key Takeaways

  • Linzi and Lee Steer were the co-hosts of Britain’s popular ghost-hunting Facebook page, The Project Reveal – Ghosts Of Britain
  • The page has been running for 12 years and has over 2.6 million followers.
  • The couple has since divorced in September 2023 but Lee’s ghost-hunting adventures continue to run every night at 9 p.m.
  • The couple had a shared interest in ghosts, aliens, and otherworldly beings.

Ghosts Of Britain: Who Were They?

The Project Reveal – Ghosts of Britain show was co-hosted by husband and wife duo Lee and Linzi Steer who have since divorced. They were from South Yorkshire and ran a popular Facebook page dedicated to ghoulish and demonic things called Ghosts Of Britain.

The Steers rose to paranormal fame thanks to their fascination with dark arts and paranormal entities. This later led to the couple opening the Haunted Objects Museum in Rotherham.

Where it began

Lee, 36, and Linzi, 53, met in 2016 on the ‘Plenty of Fish’ dating site; where they found common ground and shared interests in ghosts, aliens, angels, and all things paranormal. Linzi was concerned about their 17-year age gap, but they found love nevertheless.

Lee has had a fascination with otherworldly beings for the past 25 years, so he’s no stranger to the supernatural. It all started for him when he experienced spooky encounters with a former girlfriend – “I started looking for what’s out there and writing web reports, which is where Ghosts of Britain came from.” Lee went on to be one of the first Facebook pages to live stream macramé activity.

Linzi, on the other hand, didn’t have any supernatural “experience” under her belt but has always been interested in aliens and the solar system. Linzi said: “Before meeting Lee, I had nothing to do with the paranormal, but I’m fascinated by aliens and stars.”

The power (or should we say the paranormal) couple’s joint interests and expertise caused an internet sensation when they appeared together on The GOB page, seven years back. They quickly became the UK’s most sought-after ghost investigators, accumulating 2.6 million followers!

The Journey Of Ghosts Of Britain

Lee continues to investigate haunted locations every night. To capture the spookiness, he uses ghost-hunting equipment – such as Electromagnetic Field Meters (EMFs), Electronic Voice Phenomena recorders (EVPs), thermal cameras, and motion detectors – throughout the investigations.

For added proof, Lee live-streams his investigations each time he visits these creepy places. At around 9 p.m. every night, he uploads his ghostly adventures onto his Facebook page; inviting followers to comment about the haunted happenings; often asking for ‘666’ likes before he uploads!

A lot of his uploaded content today and in the past is based on Britain’s most haunted places, such as The Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-On-Edge Gloucestershire.

Places GOB have visited

Here is a short list of some of the frightening locations Lee and his ghost-hunting team have visited:

  • Wombwell Woods
  • Sheffield graveyard
  • Wath Woods
  • Huskar Pit
  • Convicts Tunnel
  • Abandoned orphanages
  • Stocksbridge Bypass
  • Haunted chapels

Frightening Case Studies

Since the couple’s divorce, Lee has roped in his new girlfriend Sarah Carter to join him on his ghost-hunting adventures. Recently the couple visited the haunted Witches Cave of Wookey Hole in Somerset, and I was frightened just watching the live recording! They used Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) to try to communicate with the dead… and I’m almost sure I heard a disembodied voice say “No, they’re not coming!”

Another notable case study is when the host, Lee, and his mate Nick return to the Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough, England. This location was a police station and courtroom back in the day and has had many creepy tales tied to it. In the past, the duo mentioned seeing a shadowy female figure walk down the corridor and exit through one of the walls. 

Upon their return in October 2023, they set up various motion detectors in the vicinity of where they last saw their ghostly companion. This time, Lee tries to communicate with the spirit after the motion detector is set up. He asks the spirit to “move away” from the sensor and calls out the name “Nicola” after which the detector lays motionless. It’s believed that the spirit who haunts Old Nick’s cells is indeed a female, named Nicola, and she continues to haunt its halls…

In previous episodes, Lee and Linzi were genuinely “scared for the first time” when they came across the Annabelle Raggedy Ann doll. The ‘twin doll’ was given to the couple by a beloved fan who, at first, didn’t suspect it was actually haunted.

But when the doll attacked the couple out of nowhere, flipped their Ouija board right off the table, and almost caused a car accident in October 2022, they believed the old child’s plaything was truly possessed.
The couple says that the doll, housed in their museum, is an
identical replica of the satanic toy that inspired The Conjuring horror movie and definitely has an evil entity lurking within…

On another occasion, the couple claims to have seen the “floating ghost” of a young girl who died in a mining disaster in the Huskar Pit, near Silkstone in South Yorkshire. The girl is believed to be one of the 26 children who died over 200 years ago when the mining shaft flooded in 1838.

When reviewing their “heartbreaking footage” from June 2023, the couple is convinced they saw a white apparition of a young girl standing by a tree trunk. It was this that caused them to believe that the spirits of the lost children still haunt the area to this day.

On a ghost-hunting adventure in 2022, Lee and Linzi paid the Inveraray Jail in Scotland a visit. When looking back at captured photographs of the area, a shadowy figure can distinctly be seen in multiple images standing behind a waxwork model.
Linzi said the figure was “definitely not human.” The creepiness didn’t end there… When Lee ventured into the old jail cells, he felt a “tickling sensation on his throat” that “started to get so intense to the point where he had to run outside!”


Are the co-hosts of The Project Reveal – Ghosts of Britain getting divorced?

Yes. Linzi Steer announced the couple’s divorce on their Facebook page in September 2023. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you believe in the supernatural or just enjoy watching the Steers ‘entertainment’, it does make you wonder if the entities of the show are real or not. 

Ghost stories have been around for centuries and have been a topic of debate for decades. Can the spirits that lurk on-screen be true or is it the art of trickery videos (and great acting)?

Our minds do a marvellous job at convincing us that eerie encounters are genuine, especially when the subtitles say: I captured a voice on the recorder!’


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