Help My House Is Haunted: Why Is It So Popular?

We will explore how the show creates suspense and excitement!

help my house is haunted

What Is the Show About?

“Help My House is Haunted” is a UK-based television show. The team investigates real paranormal activity in people’s homes. Zak Bagans created the show; he’s best known for hosting Ghost Adventures. The show features a group of paranormal experts who travel the UK. And they help families reclaim their homes from paranormal activity.

The show features Barri Ghai, an experienced investigator. And Ian Lawman, a psychic medium. And Jayne Harris, a paranormal researcher. They all work as a team and use their intuition and experience. They use the latest technology to find answers for the families.

If you’re into paranormal, this show is right up your alley. It’s a blend of historical exploration and spine-chilling delve into haunted homes. They dive deep into reported hauntings. And provide possible explanations while on a quest for the truth. The families and the team offer commentary on what they see, feel, and hear.

Paranormal Experts of the Show

The team of experts on the show each plays a unique role. They have a joint task of helping families cope with their hauntings. Their expertise is put to the test as they work to uncover the history. And hauntings of seemingly ordinary homes.

Barri Ghai

Barri Ghai is a professional paranormal investigator from London. And he’s the team’s technical expert. He’s known for experimenting with specialised ghost-hunting equipment. And for testing different ghost-hunting applications. Barri believes in customising his equipment once the team understands what spirits they’re dealing with.

Jayne Harris

Jayne Harris is a historian and psychologist. She specialises in criminology, psychology and counselling. She has a good insight into the strange phenomenon of spiritual attachment. Jayne examines the haunted location’s history. She discovers the connection to families, the home, and the spirits that haunt the house.

Ian Lawman

Ian Lawman is a renowned ordained exorcist and dark art specialist. He has been featured on several top UK paranormal television shows. As a psychic medium, Ian prefers to have no prior knowledge of the families or the haunted location. He provides commentary on the energy he senses, feels, and hears as he explores each haunted home.

Why Are Ghost-hunting Shows Like Help My House Is Haunted So Popular?

Paranormal shows are in high demand as people are curious about the unexplained. The show includes top haunted locations in the country and average haunted homes. The variety offers viewers a unique and compelling experience in the unknown.

Ghost hunting shows are thrilling and provide valuable entertainment. They create a sense of suspense, mystery and excitement. Hosts use many techniques and equipment to investigate active hauntings.

It’s distinctive because paranormal researchers cover all aspects to unearth the truth. For example, Barri Ghai uses his technical knowledge to communicate with spirits. And Ian Lawson taps into the energy of the home and spirits.

So, there is a certain psychological factor that viewers find intriguing. The fear of the unknown and the anticipation makes the show immersive. And the problem-solving creates an engaging experience for viewers.

The demand for ghost-hunting shows is evident in the creation of spin-offs. Such as the popular reality show spin-off Celebrity Help My House is Haunted. The team is summoned to look into reports of activity at the homes of British celebrities. The storytelling and historical background add to the production value of ghost-hunting shows. Plus, it’s just plain thrilling to watch!

How Ghost Hunting Shows Work and The Equipment They Use

Many television shows about ghost-hunting use a similar approach. And rely on specialised equipment and psychic mediums. Let’s explore the techniques and tools used by the team on.

1. The initial consultation.

The paranormal team sit with the homeowners to discuss their experiences. The paranormal team gathers information by listening to concerns, stories, and experiences. They collect any evidence the homeowners have. And they analyse it to understand the type of paranormal haunting happening.

2. Historical research.

The paranormal experts travel across the UK to investigate the haunted homes of ordinary people. The historian Jayne Harris researches the property’s history and surrounding area. Many shows do historical background checks to identify possible reasons for the reported haunting.

Paranormal researchers will research historical events, disasters and previous occupants. Or any relevant information that may provide insight into the paranormal activity.

3. The paranormal investigation.

The experts investigate the homeowners’ property using ghost-hunting techniques and equipment. Barri Ghai is the EVP king and an Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) practitioner. Barri uses EVP recorders, the Alice Box, or other apps to speak with spirits.

We would see ghost-hunting episodes, including REM Pods, EMF detectors, SLS cameras, and ghost boxes. The equipment is used to capture evidence of paranormal activity.

When a show uses a psychic medium, like Ian Lawson, he can perceive and interact with energies. He can sense entities, other-worldly beings and the spirits of deceased people.

4. Post-investigation analysis.

Once the initial research has concluded, the hosts will analyse the evidence. This includes reviewing audio, video, or photographic evidence captured during the research. Investigators will search for the patterns, anomalies, and signs of homes haunted. To determine if paranormal activity is present.

5. The reveal and explanation.

The show’s hosts will share their possible findings and evidence with the homeowners. They will report on the historical background of the home. And on the area and on any extra paranormal factors. They may offer the homeowners suggestions on managing the situation. Including cleansing and clearing the house or offering a blessing.

6. Support and guidance.

Every episode reveals the hosts offering emotional support and guidance to homeowners. They may suggest seeking assistance from experts if needed. Most episodes portray the paranormal hauntings have come to an end.


Is it dangerous to become a paranormal investigator?

Investigators can explore dangerous or abandoned areas where there’s some threat level. But, the risks may involve not knowing what kind of entity or demonic spirit they may encounter. It is best to be well-prepared and avoid investigating exploring haunted areas alone.

What is the best ghost-hunting app?

ITC applications like Alice Box, EchoVox, and Paratek are good places to begin. These apps are designed to capture disembodied vices. And can help you hear clear voices from spirits. Some ghost-hunting apps use artificial intelligence (AI), and others use audio banks. You can download most apps to your Android or IOS mobile devices.

Why are there so many ghost-hunting shows?

Ghost-hunting shows have become more popular since people get intrigued by the unknown. There has been a rise in people purchasing equipment. And conducting paranormal studies and posting their findings online.

Where can I find real haunted houses?

There are many ways to find haunted houses. You can look for local castles and museums on sites like Tripadvisor. Or you can find abandoned houses on sites such as 28 Days Later and Derelict Places.

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