How To Become A Ghost Hunter?

Over the last week or so, we have seen the weather change, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the cold weather is setting in; this means one thing, Halloween is on its way. All hallows eve, the night when the veil between the spirit world and the human world is at its weakest, what will you be doing this year? Sitting in the house watching a scary film? Or maybe you think you would like to try your hand at becoming a ghost hunter? Believe it or not, you can practice ghost hunting any time of the year, and it is exhilarating!

It’s not as complicated as it seems, and in this blog post, I will tell you how you can hone in on your inner ghost hunter. The first step is to find out what exactly a ghost is. Ghosts are the souls of people who have died but can’t seem to let go of life on earth, or they’re just spirits that hang around looking for closure. Whatever the case may be, ghosts exist, and we need someone like yourself to help them cross over into the afterlife.

So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to be an up-and-coming ghost hunter? If so, keep reading our latest blog post here at SpiritShack; our team want to see you become the best ghost hunter you can be and have access to all the best ghost-hunting equipment!

Are You Scared Of The Dark?

One of the first things you need to consider before trying your hand at becoming a ghost hunter is whether you can make peace with the dark. The only way you will become a true ghost hunter is by seeing the dark as a friend. You will need to be out visiting strange and spooky places during the night; hearing sounds that you will focus on due to the dark.

One way we recommend testing yourself to see how much you can endure in the dark is simply by doing things in the dark, go for a walk, take a bike ride through the woods; take a torch, so you don’t injure yourself, but by putting yourself out of your comfort zone in the dark you can gauge how you will cope. If you reach a point you feel comfortable in the dark, you are in a better mind frame for ghost hunting; this is because when you are out in the dark, you lose part of your sight, in turn heightening all of your other senses; hearing, touch and smell. All of which can play tricks on you.

Ghost Hunting Warrants Respect

Keep in mind when you decide to go out on your first ghost hunting experience, rucksack packed with all your new ghost hunting equipment, you need to be respectful. The ghosts and entities you are hunting were once people, and you would be quick to remember that respect is something like the human world is earned and given in return. Approach a spirit with a lack of care, and we are sure you will know about it.

Depending on how much you believe and trust us, you shouldn’t dismiss anything based on the idea that you haven’t seen anything, but if you go into a ghost hunting experiment with the attitude of trying to cause trouble, you will regret it. Over the years, there have been reports of people being scratched, chased, followed home, and even thrown downstairs; spirits and ghosts are not to be messed with. If you go into a building, we recommend introducing yourself, explaining why you are there and mean no harm; this will give the spirit the chance to accept you. You will always get a better response from introducing yourself and explaining your reasoning for being there.

Preparation Is Key With Ghost Hunting

The best advice we can give you when you decide to go out on your first-ever ghost hunting experience is to make sure you have taken the time to prepare, plan, and prepare some more. It may sound dramatic, but trust us, you do not want to just turn up to a location without planning. The first thing to decide is where do you want to go? Once you have chosen a specific place, we recommend visiting during the day to establish entrances and exits, any potential hazards, and get a feel of the layout.

Once you have done that, we recommend researching whether the location has been visited by other ghost hunters before and it so what they found. At this point, you think you have finished preparing, but have you thought about equipment? For your first ghost hunting experience, you might not have bought any ghost hunting equipment, but if you did want to buy some products, we would recommend; a spirit box, full-spectrum camera and ghost detector; these will help you on your journey.

Are You Comfortable Helping Spirits?

Something you need to be aware of is that you need to be ready to meet spirits who do not want you there; they might be angry, and they will make it known, primarily by slamming doors and screaming, but they may have a reason for being so upset, and you might just need to help them. The general rule of thumb is that when a spirit awakens, they might not know they have died, and because of this, they can’t move over across the veil. As the ghost hunter, this is where you come into play; you can sometimes help them; are you comfortable doing this?

To become a true ghost hunter, your job is more than just searching for strange happenings; it is to establish a connection between the human and spirit world, it is to get the spirits the help they need, and it is to help them move across to the other side and find peace. This may take a very long time. Are you prepared to commit the time? It can take a long time for a spirit to trust you enough to move on; Ouija boards can help with communication, find out what happened to them and what they need to find peace.

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Please browse through our various pages where we discuss safety tips, equipment recommendations, and even testimonials from past clients! Contact us today if there is anything else we can help answer. Remember – just because someone has passed doesn’t mean they’re gone forever! Try your hand at ghost hunting today to reach spirits.

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