What Are The Best Ghost Hunting Shows?

The best ghost-hunting shows

Ghost Hunters – The Original Show

Let’s get right to the original – the one that started it all. Ghost Hunters is most definitely one of the best ghost-hunting shows out there. It’s the OG for a reason. Ghost Hunters first hit our TVs in 2004 and quickly set a standard for all ghost-hunting shows that came afterward. And honestly, it was difficult to top.

The show featured a team of real-life paranormal investigators, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson (the original founders of the Atlantic Paranormal Society). They were kindred spirits and explored haunted locations armed with their trusty paranormal equipment, like:

What’s really cool about the show is that it’s pretty authentic and based on the facts. There’s no intense drama, really – just a pursuit of evidence.

Ghost Nation – The Spin-Off

Luckily, Ghost Hunters didn’t come to a solidified end. Ghost Nation came soon after in 2019, reuniting the dream team and kicking off another paranormal show. These paranormal investigators came back to answer calls from desperate local investigators and get the evidence needed to prove a paranormal state across locations in the country.

Paranormal Investigators: Phasmophobia

Paranormal Investigators: Phasmophobia hit screens in 2020, so it’s still pretty new. They stepped up paranormal reality shows to a whole new level! In fact, the scare factor is chilling to both spectators and participants. That’s right, participants.

There’s a psychic, Andrea Kaldy, who checks out famous haunted spots to find evidence of paranormal activity, from ghosts to demons. When she’s done, she invites three people to go to the site alone and finish a challenge before they’re allowed to leave. Don’t worry, they can leave if they get too scared, but then they lose!

This series is definitely a lot more dramatic and spooky to watch, making it walk a balanced line between drama, the supernatural, and investigation. Either way, it’s a ball to watch, especially late at night! You can even check out the first episode on YouTube.

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures has been putting the “fun” in after-funeral paranormal activity since 2008! Zak Bagans takes the lead with Aaron Goodwin and Jay Wasley. These ghost hunters use EVP recorders, motion detectors, infrared cameras and more to capture ghosts on film. The fact that the show is still going after so many years is pretty impressive, too – its popularity shows us its authenticity.

Halloween Special

Even better, Zac hosts an annual Ghost Adventures Halloween Special to keep things interesting. The team tackles even more terrifying locations and ramps up the scares for viewers on the spookiest day of the year.

As Zac Bagans says, “What most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cosy, and home.” We must be kindred spirits because we love cosying up for paranormal TV shows like theirs!

Paranormal Nightmare

Okay, get ready to get really creepy. In 2019, Paranormal Nightmare was launched, and it really lives up to its name. It’s a documentary/reality series that is bound to creep out even the most sceptical viewers. This show stars three hosts, the Fourman brothers, who have a personal connection to their show.

These brothers all endured real paranormal trauma during their childhood and now have a noble mission. They travel across the US, trying to help as many people as possible who have had spooky encounters. It’s emotional. It’s real. And it’s raw. And it gets down to the bottom of spine-chilling, supernatural experiences.

Ghost Asylum

Now, let’s dive into shows that are more specifically focused on certain topics.

Ghost Asylum aired in 2014 and sadly came to its end in 2016. After rewatching some episodes, we don’t really understand why it had to end!

What makes Ghost Asylum so different from other supernatural shows is its super-focus on haunted asylums. And what’s creepier than an old asylum, right?

It’s right down to business, in the heart of the supernatural and creepy occurrences. Every episode is filled with real, horrific stories that will creep you out even more than the footage of the ghosts! There’s mistreatment of patients, violent outbursts, murders, suicides, and more. And the ghosts that stem from these awful tales are not exactly at peace.

Tennessee Wraith Chasers

The show is also pretty special because it introduced us to the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. They’re a fantastic group of ghost hunters and investigators, passionate about finding evidence of ghosts, sharing real stories, and making the experience more fun for everyone.

Even though it didn’t air for very long, it left its mark on us. It can get emotional at times, with so many terrifying true stories of mistreatment, but it also gives us closure.

Paranormal State

Paranormal State leaves a hint right there in the title – i.e., Pennsylvania State University. The ghost-hunting show ran from 2007 to 2011 and featured – you guessed it – a student doing paranormal research. The student in question is Ryan Buell, plus some of his classmates, who go on ghost-hunting trips across America. In fact, it’s one of the few ghost-hunting shows featuring students!

The show is down-to-earth and interesting – it features the in’s and outs of the lives of college students, adding an authentic touch.

Watch them balance cramming for tests, getting ready for lectures, hunting ghosts, and writing their findings down! It’s a popular ghost-hunting show because of the interesting personalities and conflicts at play in student life.

But there’s more to the story. You’ll find out that Ryan Buell apparently was followed by a demon for most of his life, giving him a personal motivation to continue his investigations. Do you think it’s possible for evil spirits to follow you throughout your life?

Paranormal Lockdown

Brought to us by former cast mate of Ghost Adventures, Nick Groff, Paranormal Lockdown lasted from 2016 to 2019. And honestly, you couldn’t pay us to do what these brave investigators did for three years!

Most paranormal shows pack up and head home at night, but our ghost hunters here spent 72 hours at each spot, from haunted houses to asylums. Trust us, it ramps up the level of spookiness when you can’t exactly step away after your shift!

With this level of dedication and time commitment and nowhere to run, they really have all the time and space to collect as much evidence as possible. It makes the show realistic, authentic, and that much scarier! They not only record ghosts and other supernatural beings, but interact and communicate with them for long periods of time. This isn’t a quick record-and-dash; this is dedication.


Are the ghosts in ghost-hunting shows real?

The shows claim to offer real evidence of spirits. However, it’s up to you to assess the evidence and come to your own conclusions. Join the debates online and investigate the details. Remember, though – these shows aim to entertain, so it’s really all about having a good time.

Are ghost-hunting shows family-friendly?

Most ghost-hunting shows are aimed at mature audiences because they can get scary! So, they might not be the best choice for kids. Try films like Ghostbusters for the whole family instead.


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