9 Best Roblox Ghost Hunting Games

Best Roblox ghost-hunting games

Roblox has completely revolutionised online gaming. This platform – where users can create and play games – has allowed a wide variety of new horror games to be developed and enjoyed.

But, with about 40 million games and experiences on Roblox, which are the scariest?

Join us as we uncover the 9 best scary Roblox horror games that focus on ghost hunting and finding ghouls in the dark:

  1. Dead Silence
  2. Specter
  3. Grandma
  4. It Lurks
  5. Alone in a Dark House
  6. Finders Keepers
  7. The Mimic
  8. The Haunted Imperial Hotel
  9. Paranormica

1. Dead Silence

Dead Silence is considered the single most scary Roblox game. This horror-based game is creepy and will have you breathing shallowly as you navigate the haunted world.

Dead Silence is based on the 2007 film of the same name, which focuses on ventriloquist Mary Shaw.

When Mary mysteriously disappears (read: murdered), you take on the role of a paranormal investigator who has to uncover the story behind her disappearance and the hauntings that are reported in town.

You can play this popular Roblox horror game alone or with three other players (we recommend getting a team to help out!). There aren’t a lot of jump scares, but the creepy creaking noises, whispers, and haunted atmosphere will have you at your breaking point.

One Reddit user had the following to say: “Dead Silence is long and widely considered to be one of the, if not the scariest game on Roblox.

2. Specter

Specter is one of the best scary games for those who love ghost hunting. This Roblox game puts you in the ghost hunter’s shoes.

You join a team of three other players to explore paranormal activities, or you can tackle it solo.

It all starts off innocently enough. You begin your ghost hunting adventure in a van, parked outside a haunted location. You set out to explore the location, using different equipment to find and guess which ghost is haunting the place.

Specter comes with a warning: “FLASHING LIGHTS & LOUD NOISES” so you can expect plenty of jump scares. What they fail to mention is the disembodied laughter, creaking doors, and lights switching off, leaving you in the dark.

This is truly one of the best horror games on Roblox for those seeking an authentic ghost hunting experience.

3. Grandma

The name sounds innocent enough, but Grandma isn’t your usual Red Riding Hood fairytale story. This is one of the best scary games on Roblox, which is why it is so popular.

Your grandma has gone missing, and you need to investigate her home to find out what happened. Although you’re not a ghost hunter, you do have to put on your paranormal investigator cap as you wander through her dark home.

And we don’t just mean literally dark. As you investigate, you’ll discover that objects hold dark secrets. You only begin with a candle for light, but soon you can upgrade your inventory as you step deeper into grandma’s house.

4. It Lurks

It Lurks feels like a very tame game when you first start out. It begins in your bedroom, where you see the world through the eyes of a child. You’ve been told to go to bed, but the next moment, your parents and brother are gone, and the house is completely abandoned.

But, you’re not alone.

Although you’re not exactly a ghost hunter in this horror game, you still have to investigate your home while hiding from an unknown entity that’s out to get you.

Each chapter of the game is scarier than the previous, making it one of the best scary games the longer you play.

Warning: There are plenty of jump scares! Make sure you are ready for a thrilling adventure.

5. Alone In A Dark House

Alone in a Dark House is just about as scary as it sounds.

You join forces with other players as private investigators who have to check out an abandoned building.

The storyline follows a serial killer who is looking out for his next victim, and you must decode puzzles and mysteries to track down the killer.

But, you’re not just a private investigator – you’re also a paranormal investigator. The abandoned house has many entities from lives past still hanging around, and you’ll uncover their stories (and their fate) as you try to track down the killer.

If you don’t mind scares that will have you leaping out of your seat and covering your eyes in fear, then this ghost hunting game is perfect for you.

6. Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is similar to Alone in a Dark House and is definitely not for those who are scared easily. It depends on your level of jump scare tolerance, but some have said this is one of the scariest Roblox games they’ve ever played.

This first-person game is immersive and terrifying and will have you squirming at your desk.

In the game, you play as a paranormal investigator. A family has mysteriously disappeared, and you need to figure out what happened. As you investigate their now-abandoned home, you realise you’ve become trapped by an unknown evil spirit that is possessing the house.

You need to hunt through the home, looking for disks that will dispel the energy of the demonic entity. The scariest aspect of this horror game is that you only have a flashlight at your disposal… and who knows what is hiding in the dark?

7. The Mimic

The Mimic is one of the scariest games on Roblox. This could be because it is based on an urban legend that is so realistic it might just be real. Or it could be how the storyline incorporates Japanese history, bringing a sense of reality into the horrific world of The Mimic.

This horror adventure stretches across four “books”. In each of the books, you play a different character, uncovering horrifying, mysterious realms.

Each of the worlds you discover is designed to be scary, with unexpected loud noises, flashing lights, and a sinister soundtrack that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Like many games on this list, you can play it alone. But, we recommend you bring some friends along for comfort. This is one of those scary games on Roblox that you don’t want to miss.

8. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

There’s just something about abandoned hotels that seem to attract ghost hunters. Developers of horror games understand this, which is why The Haunted Imperial Hotel is such a great game.

The story plays out in the Hotel Imperial, a hotel which has been standing empty for many years. There have always been myths around this hotel, from satanic rituals to the hotel acting as the gates to hell.

During the spooky season of Halloween 2009, the hotel was finally shut down after the earth shifted beneath the grand building, and the hotel started to collapse (with guests still in the rooms!).

In this game, you act as a ghost hunter who is exploring the crumbling hotel. There are traps around every corner, and sinister energies lurking.

On a lighthearted note, what is nice about this scary game is that it encourages you to make friends as you explore the haunted Hotel Imperial together.

9. Paranormica

Paranormica is all about investigating paranormal activity. It is very similar to Phasmophobia – one of the best horror games ever created (not on Roblox).

You have to investigate paranormal events to try and figure out what is causing the activity. You can use a Ouija board to ask questions, use your flashlight to light up dark corners (beware of what you might find there!) and team up with other ghost hunters in one of the best ghost hunting Roblox games.


Can I play Roblox horror games on mobile?

Yes, there are plenty of Roblox games that can be played on Android and Apple devices. These options include:

  • Dead Silence
  • Alone in a Dark House
  • The Mimic
  • The Apartment
  • Apeirophobia

Can I create my own ghost hunting game on Roblox?

Yes! You need to sign up to Roblox and download and load Roblox Studio. You can then select a list of templates, and create your game from there.


Roblox is a great platform, as it allows users to create their own games and let their imaginations run wild. This has resulted in some spectacularly scary Roblox horror games that allow you to take on the role of a ghost hunter and navigate the paranormal world alone or with friends.


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