Can Babies See Ghosts?

Can babies see ghosts?

Can babies see ghosts? Are our little ones chatting with Casper, or just cooing at the ceiling fan? There’s something inherently mysterious about the way babies gaze into empty corners with fascination, laugh into the silence, and reach out to thin air with tiny hands.

These moments are often dismissed as the whims of a young imagination. But what if it’s not just baby business as usual, but something more… paranormal.

This isn’t about eerie nursery tales or a “Rosemary’s Baby” situation. It’s about how a baby’s pure perception might be connected to things beyond our usual understanding.

Delving into facts about ghosts, it’s fascinating to consider how our understanding of the paranormal intersects with the innocence of childhood. Babies, with their unfiltered perception, might be more attuned to these spiritual phenomena than we realize.

Could Goo-Goo, Ga-Ga Mean Ghosts?

Babies, the tiny humans who giggle and gurgle all day, are quite the inquisitive explorers. But have you noticed that as we grow up, society nudges us to put limits on what we can and can’t explore? We start closing doors of wonder.

But what if babies can see something adults can’t? When they’re babbling off to a random corner, are they chatting with a ghost?

Now, whether you’re a full-on believer in all things paranormal or you’re more of a “show me the evidence” kind of person, chances are that you’ve heard some eyebrow-raising tales. Maybe you’ve even heard a fellow parent comment about their little one seeing spirits – but is it true?

Well, according to psychic medium and best-selling author Blair Roberson, it’s not that babies have some supernatural superpower. Rather, it’s their childlike innocence and “anything is possible” attitude. As Blair puts it “Because they have no limiting beliefs or blocks, they experience the connections powerfully.”

But it’s also about how they see the world around them. Diane Gremmel, a psychic medium, suggests that babies are like little philosophers, unburdened by the rules of the logical physical world. To them, a spirit isn’t a weird anomaly.

How Babies’ Senses Are Different From Adults

Babies aren’t necessarily ghost-hunting experts; they’re just blissfully unaware of the whole ‘ghosts don’t exist’ thing. Without the grown-up baggage of doubt and disbelief, they greet the world, and possibly spirits, with wide-eyed wonder.

For us grown-ups, it’s a different story. Many of us are on either side of the fence on whether ghosts are real.

Watching your baby babble at something you can’t see might send a shiver down your spine. But for a baby, a ghost could just be another playmate. They haven’t yet been schooled in the dos and don’ts of reality, so who’s to say their spectral buddy isn’t real?

Early intuition

Scientists, while not usually found debating the existence of Caspar in their tea breaks, can’t ignore the odd interactions countless babies seem to have with something (or someone) unseen.

Babies are born with what you could call ‘early intuition.’ They’re like adorable sponges, soaking up every bit of the world around them.

But as we grow up, we’re told “There’s no such thing as ghosts” or “Stop talking to your imaginary friend”. That natural curiosity suddenly disappears.

But for babies? They’re still living in a world where everything is possible. They’re not thinking about what science says about ghosts!

Super sight

It’s believed that babies have a kind of “super sight” when they’re very young. Until about five months old, they can pick up on visual details that we adults simply overlook. It’s like they have a special filter that highlights the world’s hidden wonders.

Here’s a fun fact: A baby’s brain is a whopping 130% larger in proportion compared to an adult’s. This means they’re processing the world on a totally different level.

Parents worldwide have reported their little ones giggling at empty corners or waving at thin air. Is it just a game, or is there more to it? Maybe they’re seeing something we’ve lost the ability to perceive.

Cultural Beliefs About Babies And Ghosts

Have you ever caught a baby with its eyes locked onto something you just can’t see? Around the world, every culture has its own take on this baby behaviour.

These cultural beliefs might not give us a clear-cut answer to the whole “Can babies see ghosts?” debate, but they sure do make you wonder. If babies are really that connected to the spiritual world, who’s to say they can’t see ghosts?

Mae Sue

For example, in Thailand, they have a unique perspective on this. There is a belief in a benevolent spirit watching over babies known as Mae Sue. This guardian spirit is said to keep babies safe from dangers that seem to miraculously bypass them.

El Colacho

Over in Spain, they have a superstitious tradition known as El Colacho, or ‘devil jumping.’ Picture a character dressed in a vibrant red and yellow suit, symbolising the Devil, leaping over babies lying on mattresses in the street. It sounds crazy, but this ritual is believed to cleanse the babies of original sin, offering them protection from evil spirits.

Beng babies

One particularly fascinating cultural belief comes from the Beng people in Côte d’Ivoire – a small West African country. They see babies as beings who straddle the physical and spiritual worlds. The younger the child, the closer they are to the spirit realm.

Is Your Tot Talking to a Ghost? 5 Telltale Signs

Many parents might not notice, but signs that suggest babies can see spirits are actually quite common.

Daydreaming, imaginary friends, ghosts – when you’re young, you’re open to everything that comes to you.

While we usually brush it off as ‘just baby things’, there might be something more going on. Here are five telltale signs that your baby may be seeing a ghost:

  1. The blank baby stares and babbles: Your baby gazes out into empty space, cooing and babbling as if in a deep conversation with thin air.
  2. The mesmerised look: You find your baby staring, completely absorbed in something invisible to your eyes.
  3. Laughing on their own: Ever caught a baby giggling on its own? It may sound eerie, but they could be enjoying a game with an “imaginary friend”.
  4. Suddenly smiling at nothing: You see your baby smile suddenly at something that’s not there.
  5. The ‘someone’s watching’ feeling: Ever felt like you’re not alone when it’s just you and the baby? This could be a sign that there’s another presence among you two.

Weird? A little. Unsettling? Maybe. But hey, it’s part of the wonderful, mysterious world of babies. Whether it’s a special gift or just a phase, remember that it’s all about supporting your child if they can see ghosts and understanding their unique experiences.


Why do babies stare off into corners?

No need to call in the paranormal experts just yet! This is a totally normal part of their visual development. As babies’ eyesight sharpens, they become fascinated by changes in light, movement, and contrast. However, don’t rule out the possibility that there could be a ghost lurking about…

How will a baby react to a ghost?

If your little one encounters a ghost, don’t automatically expect them to cry or scream. Babies don’t have the same fear filters as adults. They’re more curious than scared when it comes to the unknown. So, if they see a spirit, they might just be intrigued or even unfazed. But, if they find the experience unpleasant, they might cry, not really understanding what they’re seeing.

How do you know if a baby is reacting to a malevolent or benevolent spirit?

As a parent, it can be unnerving to watch your baby reacting to a potential spirit. Keep an eye on how your baby reacts. If you see your baby interacting with a smile and occasional giggle, you’ve probably got a friendly ghost on your hands. But if your tot is upset, crying, or seems uncomfortable, it might be time to firmly but politely show that not-so-nice spirit the door.


So what’s the verdict? Can babies see ghosts? Well, we can’t slap a definite yes or no answer on it. However, those long stares and giggles at seemingly nothing? They might be onto something!

Maybe it’s ‘super sight’ or maybe it’s just innocence – who’s to say they aren’t seeing spirits without all the grown-up doubts?

If you see your little boy or little girl babbling off to an empty space, don’t panic. As long as you feel a sense of positive energy, your baby will be just fine. After all, it’s not every day you have a baby who doubles as a ghost whisperer!


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