Can Cats See Ghosts?

Can cats see ghosts

Can cats see ghosts? We believe so. But to help definitively answer this question, we surveyed 996 UK cat owners. Learn from our ghost-hunting experts, and hear what cat owners truly believe about their feline companions’ ability to see ghosts. In a recent survey conducted among cat owners, we asked a series of questions to delve into this intriguing phenomenon.

Can cats see ghosts? Our survey results

The results of our survey conducted among 996 British cat owners, each with their distinct experiences and beliefs, reveal the following key findings:

1. How long have you owned cats?

  • Less than 1 year: 150 people (15.06%)
  • 1–2 years: 225 people (22.61%)
  • 3–5 years: 375 people (37.69%)
  • More than 5 years: 246 people (24.64%)

2. How many cats do you currently own?

  • 1: 450 people (45.18%)
  • 2: 328 people (32.93%)
  • 3 or more: 218 people (21.89%)

3. Have you ever experienced unusual behaviour in your cat that you believe could be related to them seeing something paranormal?

  • Yes: 557 people (56.00%)
  • No: 439 people (44.00%)

4. Have you ever heard stories from other cat owners about their cats reacting to unseen entities?

  • Yes: 598 people (60.04%)
  • No: 398 people (39.96%)


How would you rate your belief in cats ability to see ghosts infographic


5. Do you believe that cats possess heightened senses that allow them to perceive things beyond human perception?

  • Yes: 698 people (70.08%)
  • No: 298 people (29.92%)

6. Have you ever consulted a paranormal expert or psychic regarding your cat’s behaviour?

  • Yes: 90 people (9.04%)
  • No: 906 people (90.96%)

7. Do you think cats have a unique ability to sense or detect ghosts or supernatural entities?

  • Yes: 740 people (74.30%)
  • No: 256 people (25.70%)

8. Have you ever tried to capture evidence of your cat’s reactions to potential supernatural occurrences?

  • Yes: 154 people (15.46%)
  • No: 842 people (84.54%)

9. Have you discussed your cat’s behaviour with friends, family or other cat owners to seek their opinions or experiences?

  • Yes: 250 people (25.10%)
  • No: 746 people (74.90%)

10. Do you believe that cats’ keen senses, such as hearing and night vision, make them more attuned to the spirit world?

  • Yes: 752 people (75.50%)
  • No: 244 people (24.50%)

What happens to cats when they die infographic

11. Have you ever conducted paranormal investigations in your home with your cat present?

  • Yes: 80 people (8.03%)
  • No: 920 people (91.97%)

12. Do you think there is a connection between cats and folklore surrounding their ability to see ghosts?

  • Yes: 676 people (67.87%)
  • No: 320 people (32.13%)

13. Have you noticed your cat acting differently during specific times or in specific areas of your home?

  • Yes: 496 people (49.80%)
  • No: 500 people (50.20%)

14. Have you ever felt that your cat was acting as a protective presence when unusual events occurred in your home?

  • Yes: 484 people (48.59%)
  • No: 516 people (51.81%)

15. Do you believe that cats are more sensitive to paranormal activity than other animals?

  • Yes: 712 people (71.49%)
  • No: 284 people (28.51%)

16. How would you rate your belief in cats’ ability to see ghosts?

  • Strongly believe: 450 people (45.18%)
  • Somewhat believe: 346 people (34.74%)
  • Neutral: 100 people (10.04%)
  • Somewhat sceptical: 70 people (7.03%)
  • Highly sceptical: 30 people (3.01%)


Infographic of how cat owners have investigated their cats strange behaviour


Can Your Cat Be Your Ghost Hunting Partner?

Can cats see ghosts? The cat has always been regarded as a mystical creature with heightened senses and stealth. Just consider these attributes:

  • Cats are intuitive and observant
  • They are great hunters in dim and low light
  • Their senses of sight, hearing and smell are sharpened and attuned
  • Cat behaviours often suggest they are detecting disturbances, objects and other things we can’t see

There is also the stack of lore, mystique and superstition around cats as special beings. Ancient Egyptians believed they could ward off evil spirits; a black cat crossing your path is considered bad luck; sailors travelled the seas with tabbies onboard for good luck.

It’s not difficult to imagine that cats can see ghosts. Cat owners have claimed their pet was the first to warn them about cancer growth. Many people who experienced unsuitable relationships say their cat disliked the other person from the start. Cats have even helped find scores of missing loved ones.

Our feline friends undoubtedly have an advanced sixth sense. And some people even believe ghost cats walk among us.

Cats Predatory Senses

Sensitive hearing

The typical cat can hear sounds that are too high or low for us to hear, such as ultrasounds from bats or the faint rustle of a mouse in the field 20 m away. Cats hear frequencies four to five times higher than we can.

Their ears are designed to detect sound sources very precisely. This is why they move and tilt their ears to determine where the sound is coming from. They can pinpoint both the source and the height of the sound waves really accurately.


Can you believe that cats may be able to see six times better than humans? Their field of vision is wider than ours and their sight is very sharp at the centre of their vision.

They also have a reflective layer behind their retina, which enhances their night vision and causes the glowing eyes effect when a torch is shone at them. They are effective hunters in the near dark. Cats can see things in the dark, such as shadows and movements, that we simply cannot. Does that include ghosts?


The cat’s nose has many millions more odour receptors than that of a human. By some estimates, their sense of smell is ten times better than ours.

Their whiskers also give cats a sensory advantage, helping them sense prey and judge space. They can detect the faintest change in vibrations which is a handy skill for navigating the spirit world.

A Ghost Hunter’s Perspective

It would be wonderful if cats could talk. For one thing, we’d be able to compare notes about possible ghost sightings and other paranormal activity. The way cats act reveals much about their relationship with a world we can’t always see.

Their unique behaviours support the view that our feline friends may perceive a spiritual world and other things humans aren’t aware of.

Mysterious staring

You have surely seen a cat staring intensely at an empty corner or space as if it’s seeing something invisible. It stares with unwavering focus, almost as if in a trance. This may be a sign that it is sensing a ghost or spirit.

Unexplained reactions

Tabbies are especially known for their sudden, inexplicable behaviour. Unexpectedly, they may hiss, arch their backs, act defensively or run and hide for no apparent reason. They are also known to wake very suddenly from a deep sleep.

Interactive and unusual behaviour

Cats frequently act strangely, throwing kung fu moves at invisible entities. A cat might playfully chase something that is not visible to human observers or seem to confront a foe. Some pet parents report that their furballs become unusually anxious, agitated or fearful in specific areas of their home.

Can cats see ghosts?

When we go searching for ghosts, we are armed with sound equipment, a motion sensor and night vision gear. The cat has many detection tools naturally built-in thanks to its excellent vision, hearing and ability to detect the faintest movements (energy changes).

According to Live Science, cats can see in the ultraviolet light spectrum. This ability helps some animals discern white shapes on a white background. Cats can also detect subtle light changes – like the minute flickering of a fluorescent light – that we miss. Their stealth, intuition and calm nature create the spook-hunting companion!

So, a typical cat certainly has the attributes and nature to engage the spirit world. However, that’s not to say that every time it stares intently at a wall, it is tracking a ghostly apparition. Sudden hissing may just indicate your kitty is on high alert because the neighbourhood dog is on the street.

What do pet owners say?

Cat owners have tons of ghost stories about their pets interacting with the spirit realm. Accounts range from cats communicating with deceased loved ones to felines protecting their owners during moments of perceived supernatural activity and warnings not to enter a room with a creepy presence.

Some owners even say their cat’s ability to detect evil spirits forewarned them about bad events.

Experts have also bolstered the idea that cats can see ghosts and possibly even interact with paranormal entities.

In the article ‘Can Pets See Ghosts’, Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviour expert, says his cats are always picking up energy in the house. He reckons some of this may be related to spiritual phenomena.

Katherine Bozzi, an animal communicator, says cats and “animals, in general, are more open to experiencing spiritual connections than humans… because they’re not culturally conditioned to dismiss these moments as pure imagination.”

The Spiritual Feline

Many people point to the ancient cultures that revered cats as sacred animals as evidence of their otherworldly powers.

Some Buddhists see cats as spiritual teachers who impart mindfulness and presence. Cats are often found in Buddhist temples, living with monks and frequently joining in quiet meditation.

In Ancient Egypt, cats were revered for their divine energy. They were seen as guardians of the underworld who could escort the souls of the deceased. In Egyptian mythology, cats were prized for their ability to ward off evil spirits.


Are cats nocturnal hunters?

Cats are mostly crepuscular rather than nocturnal hunters. This means that they are most likely to catch prey during the dusk evening hours and at dawn.

Can cats connect with the supernatural?

Many people claim that cats have a sixth sense that allows them to perceive the supernatural. They believe that cats can sense the presence of the dead, communicate with them, or even ward them off. Others argue that, although cats have a good sixth sense, there is a lack of strong evidence that they can interact with supernatural phenomena.

Can babies see ghosts?

Babies seeing ghosts is more a matter of personal belief rather than scientific evidence. There’s no scientific proof to support the idea that babies can see ghosts. Babies reacting to unseen stimuli often have explanations grounded in developmental psychology.

Final Thoughts

On the 18th of October 2023 we surveyed 996 at owners. While scientific evidence remains inconclusive, the survey results, coupled with expert opinions and historical beliefs, shed light on the enduring mystery of cats and their connection to the supernatural.

We wonder if cats can see ghosts because we observe their mysterious staring, inexplicable reactions and their interactions with invisible entities.

However, such things may be the result of their heightened senses, which causes cats to react differently to the world than we would. On the other hand, these same heightened senses allow for the possibility that our feline friends may be glimpsing a world beyond our own – a world where the supernatural and the ordinary coexist.


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