Can You Kill A Ghost?

Can you kill a ghost?

First things first: You can’t kill a ghost.

That’s because ghosts are the lingering spirits of people or beings who are already dead. And, well, technically you can’t kill a dead person or animal.

But, all hope is not lost. If you are haunted by a ghost and looking for some peace, there are some ways you can get rid of it once and for all.

This article will look at metaphorical ways to “kill” ghosts (i.e. to get rid of them) so you can live your life without that constant feeling of being watched.

Help The Ghost Cross Over

Ghosts or spirits are considered by paranormal experts to be the souls of people who are no longer with us, but who are refusing to cross over. They might be looking for something in the physical world, or have some unfinished business. Some ghosts don’t even know they’ve died, believing they’re still alive – which explains why they’ve not crossed over yet.

There can be several other reasons why a ghost has not yet crossed the veil. This could be because:

  • They suffered an untimely death
  • They committed suicide and are dealing with regret or guilt
  • People who fear they’re going to hell

To help a spirit cross over, you need to communicate with them and explain to them what happened. Answer any questions they may have, and assure them that their living loved ones will be okay.

Here’s how you can communicate with a ghost to help them cross over:

1. Set your intentions and boundaries

It is important that you set your intentions before you begin talking with the ghost. If you believe in guardian angels or spirit guides, you can call on them to assist you.

Alternatively, you can invite positive energy into the space by placing some crystals around the room, lighting incense, and kindly stating your intentions to the ghost (that you’re going to help them move on).

2. Speak with compassion

Call on the spirit to come forward. Welcome it to the space, and speak to it as if it is another person. Don’t shout, yell or raise your voice. Chances are the ghost is terrified too, which is why it’s not yet crossed into the spirit realm.

While speaking gently and with compassion, you might pick up on the emotions of the ghost – even if they’re not answering you. You may sense the temperature change or see an impression in your mind’s eye. This indicates that the ghost is hearing you.

3. Remind the ghost that they’re no longer alive

This is not a pleasant task, but some ghosts may have been around for many years without ever realising they’ve died. Reminding a spirit that they’re no longer in a physical body may help them move along their soul journey.

Remind them of people or animals waiting for them on the other side, like grandparents or a past pet, and ensure them that it is completely safe to cross over – no harm will come to them.

4. Call in the loved ones of the ghost

If the ghost has been dead for many years, odds are that their loved ones have passed on too. You can call into the spirit world and ask the loved ones to come assist the ghost to move on.

But, how do you know the process is complete?

“You usually notice a change in energy,” says Amanda Linette Meder, the author of The Spiritual Living blog.

Although you wouldn’t have “killed” the ghost with this process, you’ve helped it complete its journey after death.

Get Rid Of The Ghost

Sometimes, no matter how much you beg the ghost to cross over, it simply refuses to:

  1. Acknowledge it has died, or
  2. Leave the location it is haunting

This can be frustrating, and you’ll have to take a firmer approach to get rid of stubborn ghosts.

Here are some ways in which you can get rid of a ghost once and for all (it is the closest thing to killing a ghost you can get).

1. Cleanse the location

Cleansing a space is one of the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted ghosts.

You can do this by using sage to smudge the space. When sage is burned, the magic smoke swirls around the space, getting rid of negative energies. This includes spirits who simply don’t want to leave.

If you have a haunting, smudge each room in the house, while speaking positive intentions out loud.

You can also place salt in the corners of your home and near doorways and windows to ward off the spirit and get it to leave.

If you really want to send a message, use a religious talisman, tourmaline crystal or holy water to let the ghost know it is not welcome anymore.

2. Firmly demand the ghost leaves

It’s time to get bossy.

If cleansing didn’t get rid of the ghost, you need to be a bit more direct. Announce your arrival each time you come home, and as soon as you sense the spirit’s presence, ask it to leave.

Yes, you’ll feel like an idiot talking out loud to yourself, but this is how you can set your boundaries and let the ghost know you’re not scared of it, and you’re not leaving.

You can recite a type of prayer to let the ghost know you’re not messing about: “By the power of love, I call on the universe/my spirit guides to rid this home of negative energy and unwanted entities. You’re not welcome in my home, please go back to where you came from or move on in your journey.”

3. Destroy the ghost’s possessions

Sometimes, ghosts become attached to specific objects. If you know what these objects are, it might be time to toss them in the fire.

Sometimes the item is haunted; however, more often than not, the ghost has attached a sentimental meaning to an object before it died. These items can include:

  • Toys
  • Clothing items
  • Jewellery
  • Books, letters, or diaries
  • Pictures

By getting rid of these items, you may also get rid of the ghosts who haunt you.

4. Call in a professional

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and how strong-willed you are, the ghosts just won’t budge. That’s when it is time to call in paranormal investigators or a medium.

These professionals are experts in dealing with ghosts and will be able to sort you out in no time. Sure, they won’t be able to kill the ghost, but they should be able to communicate with them and let them know it is time to leave.


Do ghosts have any weaknesses?

Yes, ghosts have weaknesses. However, their weakness will depend on how they died, how they lived, and what their ghostly intentions are. For example, if someone drowned, the ghost may have an aversion to water.

Most ghosts have a weakness to salt, which can be sprinkled around doors and windows to keep ghosts away. Light can also be used to deter spirits.

Can ghosts harm me?

It is very unlikely that ghosts will harm humans. If ghosts still believe they’re alive, and they wouldn’t have harmed a person while living, then they also won’t harm a person as a ghost. Some types of hauntings, like a demonic haunting or a poltergeist, can be aggressive; however, ghosts and spirits that once belonged to the living are not a threat.


Although you can’t kill a ghost, since it is already dead, there are ways in which you can dispel or get rid of a ghost.

The kindest way is to gently help the ghost cross over. Sadly, this is not always possible, as the ghost may not be aware that it has died, or it might still be holding on to something in the living world.

In those instances, you need to be firmer with the ghost and let them know they’re no longer welcome and need to leave the place.


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